The fanfiction site refused to post this to my previous entry, so I had to make a new entry. Here are some 100 word drabbles (title doesn't count) based on some of my posted stories. Check out my earlier drabbles as well. Reviews please!

#11 - Honor (Deciding One's Fate)

He was pinned down again by the tiger's body. He bit his lip to keep from sobbing aloud as the tiger plunged hard into his female sheath, leaving his seed in hope of begetting heirs.

In the darkness of his mind, he thought of a million ways to make the tiger pay for his treatment of him despite the fact his rapist was always gentle and considerate.

His beleaguered spirit was battered, crushed under the weight of his honor to the agreement to accept this humiliating treatment time after time.

This must be what it's like to live in hell.

#12 - Playtime (Hell is like This, Part III)

"Ohhh...yes...please...Jaren" He gasped in mindless pleasure.

"Hmm, you are so hot and tight...I love how you burn for me!" Jaren panted as he began a punishing pace making Ulysses moan louder.

"Ahhh...deeper...harder..." Came the groaning commands from his lover as he was pounded into the floor of the solarium.

Joint screams of completion echoed around the room.

"We should return to the party." Ulysses murmured softly.

"Hmm, I've done my duty. Let them entertain themselves for a while. I much prefer lying here with you!" Jaren murmured nuzzling Ulysses' face.

"Hmm, me too." He whispered.

#13 - Wrapped Up (Werekats)

"Well Crud! How did this manage to happen?" T-Bone grunted, parachute wrapped around them in a tree several feet in the air.

"Wind hit us just right!" Razor grumbled struggling to free a paw.

"It's no use." T-Bone snarled.

"Hey Commander! We need help!" Razor shouted to the Werekat standing nearby.

Feral snapped his head up. "Got a little 'wrapped up' in your work?" He smirked.

"Aw come on Feral! Get us down." T-Bone snapped.

Snickering, Feral climbed the tree and using his long claws, freed them.

"We're never going to live this down." T-Bone muttered as they climbed down.

#14 - A Quickie! (A Christmas Surprise)

"Hmm you smell nice" He murmured as he nuzzled her neck.

"Don't! This isn't the place." She whispered unable to stop the shiver of pleasure running down her spine.

"Why? Everyone is a bit preoccupied at the moment. Won't know we're gone." He whispered seductively.

"Well, maybe a quickie!" She capitulated writhing against him.

"I can do that. You're hot enough!" He snickered grasping her by the waist and lifting her up against the wall. In moments she was biting her lip to prevent crying out as he sent them spirally out of control, coming abruptly, and shivering with aftershocks.

#15 - Happy Birthday! (Life Goes On)

"Push honey...push...!" The tabby urged his mate.

"You push...ahhhh...if you say that one more time...ohhhh...you aren't touching me again...I'm not doing this again...owwww..." His mate screeched in pain as he labored.

"Almost here...love...just one more push!" T-Bone urged again.

"Push yourself...ahhh..." Feral screamed at his mate, his face red with effort.

"Oh yes! You did it...ohh love...he's beautiful...a son..." T-Bone said ecstatically.

"You're welcome..." His mate moaned exhaustedly.

T-Bone leaned down and gave Ulysses a kiss of joy as they watched their new son being weighed and cleaned.