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Beings of myth and religion. Fanatsy and Fables alike. Dreams and Nightmares. Real and Un-real.
Angels are said to be good sprites, who have gone to Heaven. Prue and un-tainted souls.
Fallen angels.
Angels, who have fallen from Heaven and grace. They have lost their wings and pruity.
But not angels, who have lost thier wings, are bad.
Some were chosen to lose, but in the end they gained something else.
But angels, you must know this now, are not just fanasty and dreams.
They are real as you and me.
They live in their own world, by their own rules.
Their kingdom is prue and happy.
Some humans were granted a home there.
But not all who are granted safty are good.
Some turn.
But that is a story that is untold...until now.
This story is the story of angels, friends, doors, and the greatest power of all...love.

Angels in flight
There's a new land,
In you and I!

-"Sanctuary" by Utada Hikaru

Chapter 1
The Lost Day

As the sun was setting in the west, its golden, orange rays shown through the trees. Those rays were then reflected off a pool, in which a young, teenage, dark brown-haired girl was doing laps in. She stopped at the far end of the pool and stared at the sun as it was setting behind the trees. She let out a sigh and began again more laps.

"Hey, if you stay in the pool any longer, you'll turn pruny!" yelled the girl from the porch. She then moved a strand of light brown hair out of her face and placed that strand behind her ear.

The girl, in the pool, was rudely interrupted in middle of a lap. She looked at the girl with her dark brown eyes and sighed.

She then replied "Ok, but wait a sec.!"

"Whatever!" answered the girl and sighed. She waited a couple of seconds then went inside of the blue-grey house.

The dark brown-haired girl trailed in after her, while wearing a towel. She made it inside and passed her two friends, the light brown and blonde highlights girl, and her other friend, who had black hair. She then walked up the spiraling staircase and into her room. She noticed that someone played her PS2, and they played her Kingdom Hearts 2. She shook it off and began to get dress.

She began by putting on a pair of blue jeans (nothing special) with her two hole-paired belt and black shirt, who's sleeves, grabbed the edge of her shoulder blade, and red stripes on the end of the selves and on the bottom on the shirt. She then put on her silver angel necklace that she had since she could remember. Her shoes were black ankle cut Converses.

She then looked into her mirror and looked into her eyes; they were dark brown, like her hair. Freckles adorned the top part of her checks and ran across her nose. She stood at five feet, seven inches, which was tall for her age, 15. She then combed her wet hair out and turned around and, being the klutz that she was, she tripped on something and started to fall. She put her hands up to cover her face, but she didn't hit the carpeted floor.

It was dark and eerie place. There was no sound, no nothing.

She looked down and noticed that she was on a stain glass platform. It looked strangely like the one from the Kingdom Hearts series. It had two angels, backs together, on it. The white-winged one, which looked like her, was holding two weapons across her chest. The black-winged one had its weapon pointed down...

"Use your weapons!" said an unknown voice.

"What?!" she questioned as she looked around for the speaker.

Then a swarm of heartless surrounded her. One attacked her, so she put up her arms in defense. Then there was a blinding light.

Placed, in her hands, were two weapons. One looked to be made of diamonds and the other had the sun and moon placed together at the top.

'They looked very similar to Keyblades, but yet they aren't...' she thought.

Then she ran and attacked the enemies. They all disappeared from sight. Then there was rumbling, and the platform shattered. She was now falling.

"Help!" she screamed in terror.

Then, out of amazement, she realized that she not falling anymore and was really flying instead.

She woke up and thought "What happened?!" It felt like ten minutes, but it was two. "Well, I better go." She then walked to the edge of the staircase and began down it.

"Hey, after Scooby Doo, Naruto is on. Then tonight we are watching Bleach, Full Metal, and Inu Yasha" said the light brown, with blonde highlights, hair and blue eyed girl. She was sitting on the couch, while reading her manga. Her name is Amber.

"Yea, and tomorrow we watch Star Wars" said black hair and green eyed girl. Her name is Laura. She was siting in the other recliner.

"No" mumbled Amber.

"What was that?!" said Laura as she glared at Amber.

"Nothing" said Amber in a high, please-don't-kill-me voice, and then went back reading her manga.

"Hey Keyana, come watch the Scooby Doo marathon!" said Laura.

"Rcooby Rooby Roo" mimicked Amber.

She walked down the stairs that lead up to her room and plopped down into the recliner.

The girl called Keyana chuckled a bit and said, "Hey why do you keep calling me Keyana? My name is Ryan, duh! I guess then, if you called me Keyana, then I will keep calling you Ambrelya (pointing to Amber) and you Laratia(pointing to Laura)."

"Hey, we are Amber and Laura!" said both said at the same time.

"Hey, aren't those names from your book that you said you were writing?" asked Laura.

"Yea and you said they reminded you of you" answered Ryan.

"Um...never mind!" said Amber, who was obliviously confused.

"Hey, what happened to the pizza that was out?" asked Ryan, as she looked around for the pizza box. "Please tell me that you did not eat it all" she said, and then slapped her forehead.

"No, there are some still in the kitchen fridge" answered Amber, as she pointed to the kitchen without looking up from her book. "And hey, while you are in there, can you please get me a Coke"

"No!" snapped Laura and Ryan. "Only diet for you" said Laura. "Remember what happened last time you drank Coke...

"Cokes" Ryan corrected.

...at night" finished Laura.

Two weeks ago

"Hey, can you get me a coke please?" asked Amber as she whined.

"Ok, if it will stop you from begging here" said Ryan as she dropped one into Amber's lap.

"Only one, Amber" said Laura in a motherly tone.

"Ok, mom!" said Amber.

Well, she drank it all in one slip. She then got up to doing something, but that changed big time. Ryan and Laura did not notice that Amber had drunk four more cokes.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Ryan asked suspiciously.

"Nothing..." Amber answered with an evil grin. Then she ate two king size chocolate bars.

"Amber, what are you getting into?" she asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"Oh, just a little snack" answered Amber.


Four Hours later

"Hey guys watch this! Hey watch this! Look at that! What'cha doing Laura?"

Throwing a pillow over her head she answered by yelling "I AM TRYING TO SLEEP!"

"Why?! We got at least four hours till dawn!" (dawn is around 6:00o'clock)

"Well can you at least let Laura and me sleep till then?!" yelled Ryan.

"Yes! No! Maybe! Why!"

"SHUT UP AMBER!" her two friends screamed.

End Flashback

"So, that is why no more cokes for you missy!" said Laura.

"You guys always hold a grudge" said Amber as she pouted.

Laura and Ryan both sighed.

"Hey, did it get dark really fast?" asked Laura as she looked out the front window.

"Yea it did and does anyone have a watch? Well, I guess I will just have to go and see then." As Ryan got up from the chair and went to go check, Amber and Laura went outside to see something.

There was a tall, young, teenage standing in a dark room. He had his eyes closed for the moment. Then, all of a sudden, his eyes flashed open. "Hey, her world is getting attack!"

"How do you know Riku?" asked Kairi to the silver hair youth.

"The darkness, I can sense it!" replied Riku to the red haired youth named Kairi.

"Well..." Kairi was cut short as Riku opened a portal and left before she could say anything.

"Hey Kairi, where did Riku go?" asked the brown haired youth, who had just walked in.

"He went to save the girl from the darkness" replied Kairi to the brown haired youth named Sora.

"Oh great, he is...never mind" began Sora.

"Hey Sora"


"You should grow your hair out" said Kairi as she smiled.

-sweat drop from Sora-"Kairi, you are so random" he replied.

"Well..."giggles softly.

"Well any way, I will go and tell the king about the girl, ok" said Sora.

"Ok" answered Kairi as she nodded.

Ryan came into the room and found her friends missing. She then spotted them outside by her pool. She walked outside.

"Hey guys it is a quarter till five..."

"Look!" said Amber and Laura, who were by the edge looking into the watery depths.

Then Ryan walked over and saw that her pool was glowing. "What the...hey!" Suddenly someone pushed Ryan in! Trying to swim up something caught her and dragged her down.

"Hebloplpblop" Then suddenly someone or something dived in, slashed the thing, and pulled her up. "What, who..."

"Shh! don't worry" Then Ryan passed out.

"Hey, the light angel is coming!"

"How do you know, Utoeke?" asked the brown-haired girl.

"I can feel her power coming! Hey Kieko! Sckkena! Go be on a look out!" ordered Utoeke.

"Ok" they both said.

"What are you going to do, Utoeke?" asked Sckkena.

"I am going to get her sister!"

Diaey, where are you?

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