Title: All in the Family

Author: Tareena Langford (Renegade87)

Chapters: 8

Rating: M…Winchester Sandwich….nuff said

Pairing: Dean/Rayne/Sam

Spoilers: Not a damn thing

Feedback: Hell yea! I didn't post this thing for my health.

Disclaimer: do not own Dean or Sam ::damnit:: or anything else from the Supernatural universe. But I own Rayne, and damn I wish I was her.

Author's Note: See...I had this crazy idea I started almost a year ago about a Winchester sandwich...which is soo far away from anything else I've ever written, but I mean come on, like any of you would turn that down::gives look:: Anyways the little plot bunny that originally sank his fangs into me decided to grow claws and balls and turned this into this crazy 30 page multi-chaptered fic when my original intentions were just a shameless PWP...


Chapter 1

The trio picked their way up the steps, lines of LED's lighting their way.

"I can't believe we're actually goin' to a friggin' movie," Dean groused.

Sam smiled as he shuffled past a couple fellow movie goers and made his way to the empty middle section where they could sit comfortably.

Rayne shot an amused look behind her and Dean threw a piece of popcorn at her with a grin, she ducked just in time for the kernel to go flying over her head to hit Sam in the back his.

Sam stopped dead and turned around glaring at Dean.

Dean just fixed him with his 'I'm-just-havin'-fun-like-a-kid-you-can't-hate-me' look…Sam's face was deadpanned before he launched his own handful at Dean who was caught completely off guard and was pelted with the corn.


"Jerk," Sam grinned.

Dean just laughed and shook his head as he took his seat next to Rayne.

The previews had just started playing when Rayne jumped as a red streak went flying across her face to smack Dean in the cheek.

"What the…oh hell no!"

Sam laughed as he popped another gummy bear in his mouth.

Next thing she knew a yellow streak went flying across her face to pelt Sam in the eye.


"Oh my god! Will you two just grow up?!" she laughed.

Dean grinned. "I don't wanna."

"Yea, we're Toys-R-Us kids," Sam smiled.

She rolled her eyes but couldn't help but laugh. Damn, she loved these guys.

Dean smiled as he extended his arm behind her shoulders.

After a couple minutes of silence he glanced to the side with a mischievous glint and flicked Sam in the ear.

He jumped and Dean laughed, pulling his arm back quick before Sam could retaliate.

Sam couldn't help but grin. Despite Dean being a pain in the ass, they hadn't had this much fun in a long time, or we're able to relax like this.

He'd never admit it but he kinda enjoyed Dean's little pesterings.

About halfway through the movie Rayne lifted up the arm rests between her and the boys on either side and stretched out across them.

She laid her head in Dean's lap who proceeded to ask her what the hell she was doing.

"Getting comfortable," was her reply, complete with a grin and wink.

Sam shifted slightly as Rayne laid her legs across his lap, and he glanced to the side and smiled at her before laying his huge hand on her shin and rubbing lightly.

In another few minutes Rayne caught some whispers coming from behind them.

Something about a lucky bitch and two hot guys. She stifled a grin and glanced around the theatre, taking note of all the jealous and evil glares that were coming from the other girls.

She beamed. Damn right, these two hot muthers are mine!

"What are you grinning about?" Dean's harsh whisper broke through the sound of the movie.

She smiled, "I'll tell you later."

Sam and Dean exchanged smirks and quirked eyebrows before shrugging their shoulders and returning to the movie.

As the lights were being turned up to allow the patrons to leave, Dean took Rayne's hand and began walking towards the exit, Rayne turned slightly and held out her other hand for Sam to take. Sam looked awkwardly at it for a moment before shaking his head with a grin and lacing his fingers through hers. Dean smiled at Rayne and rolled his eyes.

As they made their way out into the parking lot the boys' hands were still firmly grasped in hers and she was watching the death glares she was getting from all the women. If looks could kill she would have been dead at least a hundred times over. Hell, as far as they knew she had the best of both worlds, the bad boy they all craved was on her left, and the sweet romantic they all needed was on her right, she smiled again as they made it to the Impala.

"What the hell are you smiling about?"

"Nothin,'" she grinned as Dean hopped up on the hood of the Impala and let her lean back against him, nestled between his knees.

Sam shoved his hands in his pockets and kicked a leftover popcorn container on the ground, his hair curtaining his eyes.


He looked up to see Rayne holding her hand out.

Dean had his arms wrapped around her shoulders and looked at her sideways wondering what she was up to.

Sam slowly took a step forward wondering what exactly it was she wanted. When he was close enough she took his hand and pulled him closer.

Dean stiffened slightly but was oddly okay with letting this play out.

Sam stiffened significantly, completely lost.

Rayne wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him even closer so he was up against her, and in between Dean's knees.

"Wha…what are you…"

"Shhh," she hissed, reaching up to run her fingers through his bangs pushing them out of his eyes.

Dean leaned down burying his nose in the crook of her neck and looked up at Sam.

Sam's deep eyes shot to Dean's, half expecting a hand to come over her shoulder and slap him upside the head.

But Dean did nothing.

Rayne again took Sam's hand and wrapped it around behind her. As his palm felt the heat from her back and the slight caress of Dean's t-shirt against his fingers he tried to pull back but she gripped his hand harder and made him stop his retreat.

"Just relax," she breathed.

Sam stayed still but refused to meet her eyes.

Rayne's tongue snaked out slowly wetting her bottom lip before she drug it through her teeth.

Dean watched in fascination.

"Don't make it noticeable..." she whispered, making Sam finally look at her. "But start looking at the girls around us."

Both his and Dean's brows furrowed slightly as they both started glancing nonchalantly around them.

Dean tried hard to stifle a full out laugh that ended up as some sort of chuckle and snort before he buried his face in Rayne's hair.

Sam's eyes darted nervously before he caught what Rayne's meaning was. Every girl, teenager, woman or old lady was glaring daggers at the three of them. He broke out into a grin and tried to hide his laughter.

Rayne smiled, "Every thing with two legs and estrogen has been plotting to kill me since I walked into that joint with the two of you."

Dean shook his head and grinned a mile wide, still trying in vain not to laugh.

Sam wasn't much different.

Rayne grinned a little wider, "So, I thought we'd have some fun," she winked.

Sam looked over at Dean who just grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

Sam sighed; he couldn't believe he was going along with this. "You've corrupted me," he laughed as he took a small step forward and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Dean smiled, "'Bout damn time somebody did!"

"Shut up."

Rayne reached up and wrapped her arms around Sam's neck and submerged her fingers into his long hair.

Dean watched the gesture and let his arms slide down from her shoulders before his hands curved up under her arms and grabbed her breasts in a not so subtle gesture before he leaned over and kissed her neck.

Sam swallowed hard as he felt Rayne's hand apply the slightest amount of pressure to the back of his neck as her eyes held his.

"It's okay…" she breathed.

Sam once again shot a look to Dean, sure he was gonna receive a beating for even letting it get this far. Rayne was Dean's girl. Period.


Dean just looked at him and quirked his eyebrow.

Sam's brow furrowed. Was that a 'what are you waiting for?' quirk or was it a 'you lean in and I'm gonna castrate you' quirk?

Rayne again tugged slightly and Sam let her pull him closer to her, she tilted her head up ever so slightly and rose of her toes to let her lips graze across his.

Dean leaned back slightly. He felt like he should be wringing Sam's neck right now…but oddly, he was content with watching this. Oddly fascinated. Oddly liking it.

What the hell?

Sam shuddered slightly and Rayne stilled and opened her eyes to stare into his.

Finally his gaze lowered to her lips and he kissed her back. Hesitantly at first, barely more than just a peck, but gradually turning into something more.

She felt his long fingers grasp her t-shirt a little tighter and her tongue slipped out to stroke across his lips quickly, her thigh finding its way between his legs.

Sam shifted his hips forward, seeking out the pressure before his consciousness slammed back in place and he pulled back and licked his lips, swallowing hard and relinquishing his hold on her shirt, he was just about to take a step back and…and do what exactly? What are you gonna do Sammy boy?

Dean reached up and grasped Sam's hands before they could retreat from Rayne's back.

Sam immediately felt the difference between the soft cotton that had been wrapped around his fingers and the rough calloused skin that now held them firm.

Sam's eyes shot up and immediately collided with the sparkling gaze of his older brother.

Good going Sammy, he's gonna beat your ass for this one.

But Dean's hands weren't holding him in a tight menacing way, he was just…holding them, making sure Sam couldn't walk away.

The silence around them was charged with something none of them could explain. Rayne dropped her arms and put her hands in her pockets making the boys break the contact they had.

"We should go," she whispered. What the hell have I gotten us into?