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Chapter 8

i Somewhere in Rayne's hazy mind she heard the knock on the door.

She reached down blindly, finding her knife in the mass of mangled clothes and she stomped her way to the door.

She wrenched the door open, even the hinges squeaked in protest.

Dean couldn't help but grin, she stood there, knife raised, poised for the kill, hair tousled from sleep and sticking up in every direction, eyes set in a death glare. /i

lj-cut "Hey baby," he grinned, leaning in to kiss her as he walked past her, setting the coffee he carried down on the small side table.

Sam's eyes went wide when he saw her before he broke into a grin.

"Hey Ray," he whispered, cupping her face in his hands, ignoring the still raised knife as he kissed her.

The fire seemed to leave her stance and he grinned, trying in vain to tame her unruly hair.

Dean saw the mess of bloody and tangled clothes on the floor and his system shot into alarm mode.

"What happened?!"

Rayne groaned, dropping her knife back onto the pile of clothes as Sam shut the door, noting the same mess Dean had just seen.

She face-planted herself into the pillow and waved a hand in a noncommittal response.

"I'm fine," she mumbled.

"Like hell!" Dean boomed, snatching up a piece of shredded clothing.

Sam settled down next to her on the bed.


She rolled over and glanced at both of them.

"Things went psycho last night, I'm fine."

"Psycho?" Dean asked with a suspicious lift of his eyebrow.

"Yea, well, the bitch didn't like the fact that I was trying to end her, decided it'd be fun to play a lil round of ping pong with my ass and the gravestones."

"What?" Sam's voice broke.

Her hand rested on his thigh, trying to quell his worry.

"I'm fine babe, just a little dislocated shoulder."

"Just a little…" Dean scrambled on the bed and instantly started poking around.

"Dean! Dean, stop!" she slapped at his hands, groaning as he happened to hit her chest.

"What?!" he asked, eyes wide with concern.

"I shot the bitch with the shotgun, problem was nosy neighbors called the cops. Had my ass in a high speed chase."

Sam's eyes looked like saucers and she grinned at him.

"Seriously hun, calm down, the whole freaked out look doesn't suit you."

He grinned despite himself and glanced away for a second.

"I managed to lose them and ditched the truck, everything's fine."

Dean's face had calmed considerably but he still eyed her suspiciously.

"Why'd you jerk when I hit your chest?"

She sighed and sat herself up, pulling her shirt over her head.

"Oh my god," Sam whispered.

"Yea, the bitch decided to start a little catfight. Got her claws in me before I got the round off."

Dean got back up and stormed his way out of the door, just to return a second later with the first aid kit from the Impala.


"Shut up."

Her eyebrow raised in surprise.

"No…you shut up and listen to me. This hunt was a hell of a lot harder than it should have been and a hell of a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I'm the one that got beat to hell and chased through town last night so you calm your ass down and put that thing away. I'll let you clean my ass up later, but as of right now I just want the two of you here. I haven't slept worth a shit without the two of you, so shut and put that away."

Dean and Sam sat in silence.

Finally with a sigh Dean put the kit on the end table and bent down to take off his boots.

"We haven't either," Sam whispered.

Rayne looked over at him, "What?"

"Slept well…without you."

Her breath caught in her throat and she looked at Dean who smirked and shrugged his shoulders as he draped his leather jacket over a chair before stripping down to his boxers and climbing in beside her.

Sam stood up, following Dean's example and began shedding his layers of clothing.

Dean's rough fingers danced across her cheek and turned her to him.

She smiled before meeting him in a soft kiss, she felt his hand tremble down her arm before hesitantly planting itself on her hip.

"I'm not gonna break," she whispered, feeling Sam climb in behind her.

She turned into his waiting kiss and moaned when she felt Dean's lips whisper against her neck.

Her body shook with a nervous tremble when she felt Sam's thumb sweep across her nipple while another, different hand marked a path of heat down her stomach before slipping its fingers under the hem of her panties.

Just as quickly as the fleeting touch had started it disappeared leaving her groaning from the loss of contact.

She barely had the consciousness to open her eyes to see Sam's deep green eyes staring at her as he moved down the bed and peeled the last bit of clothing from her body.

Somewhere in the fog of her mind she wondered where Dean went until she felt him tug her earlobe into his mouth, the barest touch sending her back into an arch.

"Sshh baby," he hissed, "We've got you."

She tried to calm her racing nerves by focusing in on the fact that she had been with both of them. It's not like what they were doing to her body was anything new, she knew the touch and love of both sets of arms, but combining the two together were quickly sending her mind swirling into a sea of endorphins and ecstasy that was threatening to pull her under a tidal wave and knock her unconscious.

Dean felt her shudder beneath him and being fully aware of where Sam's intentions were headed, he laced his fingers through hers, squeezing reassuringly before capturing her in a slow, wet kiss, letting his tongue caress her lips before delving into the depth of her mouth, distracting her with slow, unyielding strokes of his tongue against her own.

She felt Sam murmur something against the skin of her thigh, not being able to make out the words but her skin erupting in shivers just the same.

He nipped lightly before kissing away the sting of his teeth, letting his finger slide through her moist folds, circling his thumb over her throbbing nub in slow, measured movements.

She arched against Dean, grinding against Sam's nimble, long fingers.

Her free hand blindly reached for Sam's silky hair as he looped his arm under her thigh and kissed the edge of her heated flesh.

As he dipped his molten hot tongue into the groove of her body, teasing her with the tip of his tongue she threw her head back with a cry.

"Oh god," she panted, finally breaking away from Dean's mouth, drawing much needed ragged breaths into her oxygen starved lungs.

Dean sucked at her neck and groaned into her skin, glancing down to watch Sam.

Rayne hitched her leg higher, original feelings of too much, too fast becoming quickly silenced by needs of more, now...

Her hand stumbled, reaching between their bodies and finding the thick heat between Dean's legs.

"Oh fuck," he whispered, burying his face in her neck before latching on to a tight nipple as he bucked into her hand.

Sam moaned as she assaulted his senses, her sent invading his nostrils and her flavor washing across his tongue.

The vibration from his mouth shot though her nerves and she arched into his ministrations.

She felt him smile against her and she let out a soft chuckle before meeting his eyes.

She grinned back before catching Dean's eyes.

She ran her finger over the creases by his eyes as a slow grin spread across his face and leaned in to kiss him as she felt Sam once again crawl his way back up to her.

Dean broke the kiss, bracing himself as he trailed his hand down to pick up where his brother's mouth had left off.

Feeling Dean's fingers soft against her she groaned into Sam's kiss before turning onto her side, his hand coming up to palm her cheek and hold her to him.

Dean curled his body around hers, her back flush against his chest and she felt the tremor of need course through him.

Using her own wetness on his hand he slicked himself, stroking fast and hard before letting himself settle into the crease of her ass.

Rayne involuntarily pushed back into the contact, breaking her kiss with Sam and moaning as Dean's mouth found the juncture of her shoulder and neck.

She happened to catch his eye as he slowly eased himself inside her, inch by tantalizing inch.

He drew on a reserve of willpower he didn't know he had and shuddered, pressing his face into her shoulder before lifting her leg in his strong hand, and catching Sam's eye as he moved to fit against them.

No matter what she could have imagined nothing would have prepared for the feeling of both of them seated deep within her body. The heat, the fullness, the sheer power and electricity that boiled in her blood stemming from some deep seated love and need that they all had for each other.

Dean renewed his assault on her neck and shoulder as Sam pulled her into a kiss, palming the overheated flushed flesh of her breast before pulling out just enough to feel the smooth drag of skin and sweat before entering her once more.

She felt Dean shudder again behind her, the simple movement of Sam within her stimulating him through the thin layer of skin between them.

Her mind skidded into a thought of whether or not they were okay with that, but hearing Dean whisper in her ear how much he loved her as Sam's lips migrated to her cheek and neck as he continued slipping in and out of her, lengthening his strokes with each pull any doubts she had were washed from her mind.

This was them. This was anything and everything any of them had ever needed. The sheer force of the love and lust and need and want that was literally lying heavy and thick in the air was the only thing that mattered anymore.

She felt Dean roll his hips in short, smooth jerks, letting Sam do the brunt of the movement for them.

Her mind suddenly exploded with pure unadulterated bliss and rapture and like the eye of a hurricane everything slowed, everything went quiet.

She could feel the slow slide of skin between the three of them. The scrape of Dean's sharp teeth and petal softness of Sam's lips against her skin. She felt the tight, gentle hold of Dean's thick fingers on her thigh and Sam's longer, skinnier digits that caressed her chest.

Slowly the sounds came back, Dean's soft grunt and Sam's whispered plea into her mouth. Her own wetness trying to draw him back within her as he pulled out for another thrust, muffled at first before it all came crashing back like a wave crashing onto the shore.

Her head went back, stopping as it hit Dean's strong shoulder, Sam's nose finding the crook of her neck as her body spasmed between them, liquid fire chasing an adrenaline shot of ice through her veins as her body took its release, gripping and clenching around her lovers as they took their own release from her body, Dean first, shortly followed by Sam.

The force of her release caused its own temporary black out feeling. She regained mental consciousness to feel Dean slip free and Sam appear with a soft washcloth, cleaning her gently before himself and finally handing it to Dean.

Dean returned the curl of his body around hers, his hard thigh finding its way between her own soft legs.

Sam settled back in beside her and draped his own arm over her body, slightly above his brother's.

She grinned a slow lazy smiled, bringing her own leg to hook over Sam's, sliding her calf over his.

"My boys," she whispered, feeling the feather of Dean's lips ghosting over her neck as Sam buried his face between her cheek and the pillow.