1 Prologue

Parliamentary Members.


Operative trainees.

Progress report.

Regarding the report submitted on Trainee Azmyth.

Performance marks are above extra ordinary. Far more than was expected, Members are well please by this.

Mental Functions are above average. Adaptability, resourcefulness strategizing and quick thinking, it is expected these traits be cultivated in all Trainees. How ever, Trainee Azmyth shows remarkable promise and Alliance members feel it is time to move forward.

Trainee Azmyth has earned first place in the class placing higher in each test and improving dramatically. It is the decision of all Members that Trainee Azmyth is now a full Operative with all duties and functions to be monitored.

Trainee Azmyth is much younger than any graduate ever to gain the title of Operative to date. Members have raised concerns due to this, there for it is by my request that Devon Hiyo instruct our newest Operative until such a time as Members feel Operative Azmyth has gained sufficient experience or a need should arise.

End of Wave.