Phantom of the Fallen:

Author's Notes: This takes place a few weeks after chapter 6. It isn't the Monday meeting - any important points of that are touched on here, plus it gives a better idea of what is going on, being later on.


"And today many people in Amity Park have been reporting UFO sightings. It has been described by one witness as a 'large, flying, flaming hunk of metal'. Here's a photo sent to us by a Mr. Sanchez-"

A picture appeared on the screen, obviously shaky, and the 'UFO' was almost a speck, part of which flared with what appeared to be green fire.

"Experts say it looks like some sort of debris and that the pictures have been faked. In further baffling news, reports have been filing in about a flying boy who has been identified by Amity Park top ghost hunters, Maddie and Jack Fenton, to be a ghost."

Another picture, this time of a boy with white hair, startlingly green eyes and wearing a jumpsuit appeared, staring into the camera, looking surprised and more than a little nervous.

"Locals have dubbed this strange being 'Inviso-Bill', notorious for appearing at the scenes of great destruction. Leading ghost hunters believe he may be the source of all of this destruction, while others believe him simply to be an omen of bad luck. He was last sighted around the same area as the supposed UFO, leading concerned citizens to theorise that he was somehow related to this strange sighting-"

"I never was very photogenic." The voice spoke over the blaring of the television.

Lancer managed to refrain from jumping, recovering slightly and turning down the volume, as he said, "Do you have anything to do with the UFO?"

"UFO? Oh, that wasn't a UFO, that's just Skulker. He's a ghost."

"A metal ghost?"

"He likes to wear armour. He's weird like that."

Lancer frowned. "How many ghosts do you know?"

"A lot. They're kind of crazy… or, y'know, obsessive. Mostly about being the best." He paused. "Ghosts seem to have a lot of ego issues."

Lancer raised an eyebrow. Fenton laughed, rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry, thinking aloud."

Lancer nodded. "You haven't told your parents about… all of this."

He shook his head. "I was thinking about it, but they're hunting ghost me… nothing to convince you to keep your mouth shut like people shooting at you. That stuff really hurts." A pause. "I did tell Sam and Tucker, though. The story I told my parents… they were there, they knew it wasn't true. I can't remember what happened all that clearly, but I bet that wasn't what they saw. So I told them. They help me out sometimes; it's nice."

"You're babbling, Fenton."

He laughed, looking slightly embarrassed. "Sorry."

Lancer stared at the boy, and after a minute of silence, decided it was up to him to 'take the plunge'. "Why are you here, Fenton? Now that I am, once more, officially your teacher, perhaps it is unwise for me to be aware of your… extra-curricular activities, as it were."

"I…. I kind of wanted to say thanks. For helping me out. And you did kind of say I could help people… and with all the ghosts popping up…" He gestured at the television.

"And you've decided to do that?"

"I protect this town!" Fenton exclaimed. "That's what I decided to do. The other ghosts… they like chaos too much, and I guess it's like that in the Ghost Zone, but it shouldn't be here. So, I take care of them."

"You fight?"

Fenton grinned nervously. "Students aren't supposed to fight, right?"

That wasn't an answer, thought Lancer. Or perhaps it was, and the confession was in the silence. Lancer didn't approve, but seeing as he'd apparently inspired something out of the boy, he didn't intend to make a fuss about it. "That's right," he affirmed, also saying something without words: don't tell me about it.

"Thanks," the boy said. "And, uh, Mr. Lancer? Sorry if I get my homework in late, this ghost kind of fried it, funny story-" He saw Lancer's face. "-and oops, ghost on the way, I should get going-"

He disappeared – literally, and Lancer assumed the boy had left.

"Fenton," Lancer fumed, for he was sure he'd seen a cheeky smile on the boy's face.

Or maybe he had just imagined it.

Author's Note: And here it is: my first completed chaptered story. Hooray! Hope you enjoyed the ride. Reviews appreciated.

If you're wondering, Phantom was always meant to be a slot-in to the series: it is an AU in that the series opens differently in Danny's reaction to the portal accident, but, through a different route, it steers itself back to the course of the series. There are minor differences, with Lancer knowing what's going on as he was the first person to really acknowledge Danny and thus bore the brunt of his frustration with the situation, but Lancer isn't wanting to interfere so stories would go similarly to how they originally go. (I explained this far better in a review reply and didn't save it, doh.)

Also: writing news reports is really, really hard.