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Things Not Said

Chapter One: New Starts

Kagome's Point of View

FINALLY I WOULD NEVER have to see that wretched green and white uniform with its Sailor Moon inspired blouse and pleated skirt. I would never have to walk down the litter strewn hallways and face the grimy high school ever again. I was off to better things, a new start and a place where I wouldn't be criticized for my spiritual abilities. Quickly, I packed up everything else that I would need and put my boxes in the closet. I hadn't even bothered to pack the few outfits that I owned, as they were old and childish not to mention held memories of the past that I'd rather forget. Gingerly, I ran my fingers along the faded lavender colored walls, trying to remember everything about this new house before I had to leave. Then it hit me. I would be leaving mama, something that I had never done, unless you counted the one rare overnight camping trip we went on at my old high school. Sighing, I went downstairs in search of my mother in wishes to spend more time with her until I left for Shikon Boarding School for the Gifted.

I let the name roll of my lips before grinning foolishly to myself. At this new high school, I would be among my kind, the people that were granted with powers. It wasn't too uncommon, but regular people often ridiculed the ones who were 'gifted'. The first time I discovered these powers was at a mere age six, when a bully pushed me off the swings. Angered and hurt I wanted nothing more but to hurt the bully in return. I didn't even know that my hands were glowing a faint pink until I saw the bully back away, fear evident in his eyes. Confused to why he had backed away but feeling victorious I brushed myself off, suddenly stopping when I saw the pink-ish glow on my hands. When my mother came to pick me up, I recalled the day's events to her and instead of the proud words that I had expected to receive, she had questioned me non-stop and proceeded to take me to the doctor the next day. The doctor had concluded that I was gifted with spiritual powers and when my Jii-chan heard the news, he was ecstatic. He couldn't wait to train me with the knowledge of priesthood that he knew. However, his happiness was short-lived as he died four months later when a drunk driver hit him in a fender bender, ending his life.

A sudden voice that pierced that quiet atmosphere shook me from my daze, "Kagome! If you want to get to the mall, you'd better leave soon. I don't want you home too late!" I heard mama cry from the kitchen.

Right, between moving, unpacking, and then packing again I had completely forgotten about going shopping! Mama had promised that I would be able to get new clothes (seeing my lack of them) for Shikon School since they didn't have a uniform policy. Counting the money that mama gave me plus what I had been saving up for years; I would have more than enough money to purchase a new wardrobe.

"Okay Mama! I should probably get going then because I'll be at the mall for quite a while. I'll call you if I need to stay past dinner okay?"

"Alright Kagome, be careful though. The mall is just three blocks down, make sure to cross the street carefully and don't take rides from strangers okay?"

Oh Kami, mama still treats me as if I was seven not seventeen. Rolling my eyes, I closed the door shouting a goodbye.

"So what did you tell her?" Miroku grinned seeing his best friend come into sight.

Flopping down into the comfy library chair beside Miroku, Inu Yasha flashed his famous smirk, "Eh, you know the 'we-aren't-looking-for-the-same-things-in-this-relationship-anymore' bit."

His six-month relationship with Kikyou Hitami had ended after realizing that the only reason she was dating him was because of the amount of cash he had in his bank account. 'Keh! All girls are the same. The only thing they're impressed by is the size of the rock you give them. Fucking gold diggers.'

"You excited for senior year?" Miroku questioned, changing the subject. Snapping out of his daze, Inu Yasha shouted, "Heck yeah!" The old librarian, Kaede who sat at her computer gave him a glare, silently shushing him and reminding him that he was indeed in a library. Ignoring her, Inu Yasha said, a bit quieter this time, "This is our last friggin year here, I'll be damned if I don't make it memorable!"

Chuckling at his response, the two friends talked about how school was starting in a mere three days and the football tryouts that were to follow a month after. Occasionally, Miroku would comment on some girl's 'assets' which would earn him a punch on the head from Inu Yasha.

Meanwhile, in the girl's bathroom Kikyou was bawling her eyes out while her loyal groupies comforted her, toilet paper and chocolate bars (from the cafeteria vending machine) in hand. "I-It just hurts so m-much. " Kikyou wailed, viciously biting into a Twix bar.

Sighing in empathy for her friend, one of the girls asked, "Well did he say why he broke up with you? I mean everything was going so well!" Nodding in agreement the girls all looked at Kikyou for an answer. "I k-know, like, e-everything was going w-well. I-I still can't b-believe he b-broke up with me!"

Trying once more to find the reason why Inu Yasha had so suddenly broken up with Kikyou, Kanna timidly questioned, "Yes, we all agree that it was very sudden but did he say why?"

"What the heck is this? The third degree? He just said that we weren't looking for the same things any-"

"Hey, is anybody in there? I think the door is jammed!" interrupted a loud voice came from behind the door followed by some loud banging.

"Of course the damn door is jammed! We blocked it with a wedge! Can't you tell that we are repairing a broken heart right now? Screw off!" Kagura yelled, hoping to make the girl behind the squeaky voice leave. "Kami Kagura, do you want everybody to know that Inu Yasha broke up with me?!? Hand me another chocolate bar!" Kikyou loudly whispered to Kagura. To Kagura's defense however, the girl did leave them alone.

Walking into a huge clothing store, Kagome took a deep breath, tired from weaving through the crowds of people. 'Oh wow, Tokyo is so different. I'm so used to the small boutiques in Osudama not to mention that the population was probably the amount of people in this mall.' she thought. Slinging her shopping bags over one arm, she browsed through the racks in the store in hopes to find several more items that would complete her wardrobe.

Forty minutes later she walked out of the dressing room in a stunning deep aubergine dress. The deep violet color of the dress was made of silk and came down to just above her knees while a sheer, almost cotton-like translucent material went over the silk part to soften the vibrant color of the dress. The sleeveless, boat-neck dress was finished with a metallic belt cinched three inches above the waist and Kagome had chosen to pair this particular outfit with sequined black ballet flats that tied up intricately around the ankles.

Any fool could have seen that this dress looked stunning on Kagome but a look at the price tag and confirmed her suspicions. There was something imperfect about the dress, the price. 'There's no way I can buy this dress, it's way too over my budget.' However, a few a turns in the mirror had Kagome thinking that maybe this dress was worth it. 'I did promise myself that I'd treat myself to something nice but I was kind of thinking on the lines of ice-cream!'

After much debating Kagome swallowed her guilt and bought the over-priced Luella dress along with the rest of her wardrobe necessities. Happy with her purchases today, Kagome walked home in good spirits. The thought of going away to private school in just two days only added to her joy.

"Hey Mama, I'm home!" Kagome shouted to her mom-who was currently making dinner-as she stepped in the door. "What's for dinner?"

"Oh, hey sweetheart, dinner's almost ready actually and we're having udon and tempura. Could you help me cut up some vegetables for the udon? It would help get things done quicker."

Nodding her head, Kagome rolled up her sleeves and helped her mother cut up vegetables. Casual conversation asking how her shopping went was exchanged between mother and daughter in preparation for their dinner.

Once the table had been set the two sat down and began to eat. Suddenly Kagome's mother, Izumi paused her eating and looked up at her daughter adoringly. "Kagome, do you think that you leaving for school is too soon? Would you rather stay home a little longer or maybe just attend public school?"

Sighing, Kagome looked up at her mother. She knew that they would be having this conversation sometime. "Mama I know that we've just moved into the city but I think that going to Shikon will be such a huge opportunity for me. I'll visit lots so you won't be lonely and plus your new job will keep you busy, right? I mean that's a big part of the reason we moved anyways, because of your job." Realizing that she hadn't meant the way she said things, Kagome quickly added, "And I completely support your job mama, you know I do."

Smiling at her daughter's cautiousness at making sure her feelings weren't hurt, Izumi managed a grin. "My little girl's growing up so fast. One second I was videotaping you on your fa-" Stopping suddenly, Izumi realized her mistake and continued eating, hoping that Kagome would follow in her example.

"May I be excused? I'm going to go to bed; I've had a pretty long day anyways. Good night mama." No such luck.

The next morning Kagome woke to the loud ringing of her alarm clock and instantly regretted not packing it yet. She was tempted to throw the covers over her head and fall asleep again when her stomach protested. Rolling out of the twin bed with the worn covers, she grabbed her underwear and bra and headed off to the bathroom.

Roughly drying her hair Kagome wrapped a towel around her and headed to her bedroom to find something to wear. Ten minutes later she went downstairs to eat breakfast wearing gray skinny jeans with a white short-sleeved blouse under a black wife beater. Seeing the dining table, Kagome grimaced, remembering the conversation at dinner last night. Blinking back the tears that had started to well up in her eyes, she took a deep breath and proceeded to head towards the aforementioned dining table.

"Good morning!" said Kagome with forced cheerfulness.

Turning around to look at her daughter, Izumi smiled, "Good morning Kagome, you look nice today." Thanking her mother, Kagome sat down at the table and began to eat her French toast.

"So how is your fashion design going?" Kagome asked, looking up from her half finished French toast that was drizzled with insane amounts of maple syrup.

Gasping, Izumi shot up from her chair and dashed into her room only to run back into the dining room with a grin on her face and hands behind her back. "I completely forgot to give this to you yesterday but it turns out that I can get any of the clothes I design for free. Of course I have to let the shop know what I'm taking to they can record it but that's really no hassle."

"That's great mama! I'm so happy for you!" Kagome exclaimed. Suddenly, a brown bag with Izumi Sukihara written on it was thrust in Kagome's face.

"Now I don't want you to get too excited because I still have lots to do until the shop opens so I don't have that many clothes actually made yet but I couldn't resist snatching a thing or two for you." Izumi beamed, obviously she was excited.

After saying thank you, Kagome cautiously opened the bag and was shocked to see the contents inside. There was a stunning hooded red-wine colored bubble dress with intricate black detailing that came to about mid-thigh. She ran her hands over the material of the dress to find that it was smoother than silk. Inside the bag was also a beautiful pair of slip-on ballet flats. The shoes were a gray and had a bow with a bright jewel in the middle at the front. Although the two items left her speechless, what made Kagome happiest was the tag on the dress and the shoes that read Izumi Sukihara.

A day later, Kagome Higurashi was standing in the kitchen with all of her clothing neatly packed in suitcases (all of her other possessions were already shipped off to Shikon). She was ready.

"Honey, come on, you'll miss your train if we don't hurry!" her mother yelled from the small red Toyota that was waiting outside. Looking around last time at the house that she had just recently moved in, Kagome warily picked up a red suitcase and walked to the car, slowing down when she arrived at the steep steps.

Within ten minutes the female duo had gotten all of Kagome's possessions crammed in the car and drove off. The car ride to the train station was spent in a comfortable silence, one contemplating her new life at a new school the other worrying about her daughter and whether or not she had locked the doors and turned off the stove.

Once at the train station, Izumi grabbed a cart and after lugging her daughter's suitcases onto it, she wheeled it to the baggage train-cart and motioned for Kagome to follow. When they got everything sorted out, Izumi sadly followed her daughter to the train she was boarding and smiled, trying to be brave. However, the tears that had begun to form gave her away and Kagome was instantly by her side asking her what was wrong.

"Oh nothing's wrong darling, I'm just sad to see my baby go. Have fun at Shikon High School okay? If anything is wrong I want you to know that the door is always open and if you decide to come back that's okay and I will support your-" She was cut off however when a loud voice yelled, "Last call for train 10-3. All passengers on board please!"

Seeing that her time was up, Izumi quickly wrapped up speech, "But enough about that, your train is about to leave so you'd better hurry. As soon as you get there call me, alright?"

Nodding her head, Kagome smiled and waved goodbye to her mother after giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Climbing the steep steps that led to the train, Kagome found her seat and immediately looked out the window. Grinning softly, she waved goodbye to her mother from the train and was jolted back to her seat when the train suddenly lurched forward. Seeing the ticket collector coming down the hallway, she quickly rummaged through her hold-everything bag finding it hidden under her lip balm and cell phone.

"Good day miss, may I have your ticket?"

"Oh y-yeah, h-hello, here's my t-ticket." Kagome said, stumbling over the words that she had already rehearsed in her mind many times. 'Kami, why do I always get so nervous when I'm talking to people?!?'

"Thank you, have a good day."

"Oh y-yeah you t-too." 'Crap.'

Fortunately, Kagome didn't have any more unwanted encounters for the rest of the ride to Shikon. Instead she plugged in her Ipod earphones and fell asleep to the lulling beat of Bon Jovi.

Kagome's peaceful nap was interrupted when the train pulled into the station and the conductor loudly shouted, "We have arrived at Hakurei Train Station at 1:25! All passengers getting off at the Hakurei Station do so now! Thank you for riding with Blue Bird Trains!"

Jerking awake, Kagome rubbed her eyes and pulled off her earphones. 'What station did the guy say?' Sighing in frustration of having fallen asleep, therefore missing what station it was, Kagome slung her bag over the shoulder and slowly walked over to the next seat to ask what station it was.

Seeing a young couple deep in conversation, Kagome cringed, sorry to have to break up their discussion, "Um, e-excuse me?" when the two turned over to look at Kagome, she continued, "D-do you happen to know what s-station we're a-at?"

"Oh sure, we're at Hakurei Station," said the man.

Eyes widening when she realized this was her stop she hurriedly thanked them and practically sprinted down the hallway, scared that the train would leave the station soon. Sighing in relief Kagome leisurely walked down the sidewalk before realizing she didn't have her suitcases. Hoisting her bag over her shoulder once more, she broke out in a run to the baggage cart and was relieved to see there was a line, therefore slowing down to a walk. Taking this opportunity to phone her mother, Kagome fished out her modest Nokia phone beneath the jumbles of knick knacks in her bag and dialed.

"Hello, Higurashi residence." She heard her mother say on the other line. Even though it had barely been two hours, Kagome could feel the joy at hearing a familiar voice again, knowing that she wouldn't be able to see the face behind the voice until Thanksgiving.

"Hey mama, it's Kagome. I just wanted to let you know that I'm at the Hakurei Station now and I'm just getting my bags."

"Oh honey it's so good to hear your voice, I was worried. Listen, I'm sorry that I couldn't drive you there instead, it's just that this meeting with the board is really important and they couldn't reschedule."

"Oh no it's fine, the train ride was nice and I see lots of taxis so there shouldn't be a problem," Kagome reassured her mother. When the lady in front of her had gotten her bags and was prepared to leave Kagome realized she should probably say goodbye, "Actually mama I should go and my bags are ready. But when I get the time I'll call you again alright? Love you mama!"

After they said goodbye, Kagome quickly hung up the phone and stuffed it in her bag. "Oh sorry about t-that," she said to the man who was handling the baggage train.

Assuring her that it was no problem, he asked her which bags hers were then asked her for her name and number to see if it would match the tags. "Are these all your bags miss?" the man asked her.

Nodding, Kagome thanked him and lugged her bright-colored suitcases to where the taxis were waiting. Kagome ran towards a vacant cab and knocked on the driver's window to catch his attention.

"Um, hello is your cab available?" When he said yes, she went on, "Could you open your trunk? I have some suitcases to put in."

"Yes of course, let me help you with those," responded the burly man that was driving the cab.

When the suitcases had been loaded, Kagome got into the cab and buckled up. "So where to today?" he asked.

"Shikon High School please."

Throughout the car ride there were several failed attempts at a conversation but the driver soon got the message that she wasn't very talkative and kept quiet for the rest of the ride. Meanwhile Kagome was deep in thought. 'What will they think of me? Will I fit in?' she asked herself. The whole day she had obsessed about getting a good outfit together but without it making seem like she was trying too hard and at the same time it had to be comfy for the train. She had finally come up with something that fit in all categories. She wore indigo skinny jeans with a leopard print tank top which peeked out under a thin, deep v-neck white shirt. The whole thing was finished with a pair of cute red sneakers, a casual short-sleeved cardigan and her hold everything Le Sportsac bag. 'I've done what I can to look my best, there's no point in obsessing about it anymore,' she mused. Instead she looked out the window at the passing scenery half-heartedly until she saw a beautiful brick building with people scattered about. But what caught her attention was not the building but the bold silver letters that read Shikon Boarding School for the Gifted.

Her gawking was cut short when the driver said, "That'll be $32.50 please."

Jerking out of her daze Kagome realized that it was time to pay and handed him $35 telling him the keep the change. She was still in a daze when she got her suitcases and wheeled them to the main front door, unaware of the curious glances that people were throwing her. 'Oh Kami my old school doesn't even compare to this.' The linoleum floors practically gleamed and the walls looked like they were freshly painted. As she neared the wood-carved sign that read OFFICE she could see that the school had been authentically furnished as well. Bouquets sat in vases that were placed on rustic end tables and framed awards hung on the school's deep maroon walls.

When she was at the office she nervously entered and asked the lady behind the desk that said Secretary on it if she could have her schedule and dorm key.

"Why of course you may. What is your name darling?"

"K-Kagome Higurashi, I'm uh new here," she nervously answered.

While the secretary was typing, Kagome took this chance to peer around the office and saw various adults; some who she guessed would be her teachers soon. A voice interrupted her thoughts, "Ah yes Kagome, welcome to Shikon School my name is Ms. Ruyosaki and I am the secretary. Feel free to come by anytime if you have a problem. Here is your schedule and dorm key as well as a student manual. The manual will tell you all about the curfews, rules and expectations. You are in the Derbyshire House and it is connected with Pemberley House which is the boy's house. Your house mistress is Ms. Makkiato and feel free to consult her about anything as well. If you go outside and just keep going left you will see a house with Derbyshire on it and just enter there, whichever number your dorm starts with is the level it is on. Have fun and welcome again Kagome."

Nodding in thanks, Kagome hurried off outside and soon found the house where she was to be staying for her senior year. As she entered, she saw a reading room as well as what she assumed to be a study hall. Looking around she spotted the stairs to the right and started walking towards it, dragging her suitcases with her. 'Thank god everybody is outside; it would be so embarrassing to start off at a new school like this.' It was a painful ten minutes before Kagome had managed to carry or rather drag her suitcases up what seemed like the never-ending stairs at the time but was only about 15 steps.

Stopping to catch her breath she looked around trying to figure out where her dorm was. "208, where is room 208?" she muttered to herself. Seeing the arrow that said rooms 200 – 210 were straight ahead Kagome, well, walked straight ahead. Nearing the end of the long hallway she saw the wooden door that had a steel plate with 208 engraved on it. Taking a deep breath she opened the door. 'I hope you're proud of me daddy.'

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