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Things Not Said

Chapter Six: Bits and Pieces

Later in the night, Kagome and Taka found Inuyasha by the popcorn stand, chatting with the pretty, young brunette working behind the counter. Just as they were about to say hi, Taka's phone rang.

Looking apologetically at Kagome, he said, "I'm really sorry, it's my sister and I should take this."

Kagome simply gave him another smile and told him to answer it, then pointing to Inuyasha to let him know that's where she would be. 'He's tight with his family?!? How perfect can he get?!?' She thought to herself, a rosy blush tinting her cheeks.

When she walked up to the popcorn stand, Kagome looked up at Inuyasha's face finding it adorned with one of his 'famous' smirks. Sighing disappointedly, she looked away and pulled the sleeves of her long-sleeve down to cover her hands. 'Once a playboy, always a playboy.'

Meanwhile, Inuyasha had known she was there the whole time but refused to let her know that in revenge for going off with Taka. However, he couldn't help constantly glancing at her to see if she was looking and he wasn't the only one who noticed. The bold brunette manning the stand leaned over the edge and looked in the direction of where the hot stranger was staring at. A girl.

"You know, if you like her so much, talk to her."

The unexpected voice of the girl he had been talking to jolted him out of the trance he was in. "What? Oh no it's not like that, ahem, so where were we?"

Instead of being offended, she smiled, bemused. The high school boy was hot, there was no doubt about that but he was too young for her. "Okay, I believe you…if not for the way you keep looking at her and sending glares at who I assume to be her boyfriend over there."

Blushing cutely, Inuyasha looked at the ground, embarrassed about being caught for something so stupid. It didn't mean he liked her or anything, plus she was a friend, he had promised her that. "No, we're just friends. I was interested before but we would never work out, she's uh well she really likes that guy over there on the phone."

As if he had heard, Taka started walking towards where the two stood talking, with a worried expression on his face. Clearing his throat, Inuyasha put on a mask of indifference and looked flirtatiously at the brunette once more, who in turn rolled her eyes.

"Hey Inuyasha! I hate to start a conversation like this but can you do me a huge favor?" he asked breathlessly.

Tearing his gaze from the disinterested girl, Inuyasha emotionlessly looked at him with eyebrows raised in curiosity of what he wanted. Taking this as a sign, Taka grinned, "Well my mom and sister were coming as a surprise to visit me today but their car broke down an hour away so I have to pick them up." He paused for a second then looked adoringly at his girlfriend, making Inuyasha sick to the stomach. "But I don't want to ruin Kagome's night so…"

Taka trailed off, a questioning look in his eyes. Meanwhile Inuyasha had no doubts about his answer. "Sure, it's not like I have anything better to do," he managed to answer nonchalantly. 'He wants me to do THAT as a favor? It's like asking a cat if it likes to sleep! I mean, it's sort of a no-brainer since we're friends…and all.'

"Great, thanks! I'm just going to tell Kagome then I should head off. Thanks again!" Taka responded enthusiastically and bounded over to where she stood, suddenly very cautious of the cold night air.

Inuyasha watched as the emotions on her face went from surprised, to worry and then to a forgiving smile. Taka smiled in return and gave her a kiss on the cheek, making Kagome blush furiously and waved goodbye. Realizing that this was his cue, Inuyasha stuffed his pants in his faded and well worn Armani jeans and walked over to where she stood with her giant stuffed dog.

When he breached the distance between them, he positioned behind her and made no movement to tell her he was there since she was still looking dreamily in Taka's slowly disappearing form. The delicious, yet unwanted combination of white nectarine and pink coral flower that drifted from Kagome's hair made his insides tingle oddly. When the silence had gotten too unbearable, he cleared his throat to catch her attention.

"So…what do you want to do?" he casually asked, shifting his weight nervously.

"Oh um I don't know, let's just walk," she responded, and leisurely strolled off into the crowds, leaving him dumbfounded beside the clown giving free balloons and popcorn stand. Biting his lip in interest, he took his hands out of his pockets and grinned, running towards Kagome.

"Really, just friends?" the brunette said to herself after watching the scene unfold before her.

After playing all of the rigged carnival games, the two stood breathless beside a crowd of people buying tickets for the car raffle. "You should buy a ticket," Inuyasha whispered into her ear making her shiver excitedly.

"Meh, there's really no point, I never win these things anyways," she responded without interest. Suddenly a chilly night breeze flew threw the carnival, ruffling the canvases that covered each stand and making Kagome shudder noticeably. Glancing at her, Inuyasha saw the goosebumps that covered her neck and the redness of her ears. He nervously ran a hand through his hair, and then quickly shrugged his leather jacket off. Nudging her softly with his hand, Inuyasha shoved the jacket into her shocked hands.

"Here, take it, you must be freezing in that…thing," he said, a red tint (which he probably claimed was the cold) on his cheeks.

Choosing to ignore the fact that he had insulted her (there was nothing wrong with her thin, white Doo.Ri long-sleeve that showed off her slender neck) and focused on what he had offered. "Are you sure Inuyasha? I mean, won't you be cold?"

"Keh, I'm half-demon, we don't get cold," he answered proudly, crossing his arms and looking away. Just as Kagome was about to retort a comment of her own, he interrupted her, "Anyways let's just get one ticket, it's only five bucks and if you don't win then whatever."

It took her a minute to realize that he was talking about buying a ticket for the car raffle but when she did, Kagome rolled her eyes. "Why? There are people who buy like 50 tickets and you honestly think that I would win if I bought one?" she asked bewilderedly.

Sighing in frustration, he tried to explain to her. "Who says you have to win? Why can't anybody just do something for no apparent reason at all except to have fun? Plus, I'd buy the ticket for you anyways, and if you put your name on it, I'll put it in the box."

She was about to argue with him some more when she began to see his point of view on it. Why not just do it? There was really no harm. Rolling her eyes, she let out a small smile and stood in line for the tickets. "Fine but let me warn you, I'm really unlucky."

Grinning in victory, he stood in line with her and couldn't help the way his eyes softened at the way his large jacket drooped over her fragile frame. Soon, the people in front had finished buying tickets and it was their turn. "How many tickets?" a redheaded girl asked nasally, looking at them with disdain.

"One," he answered and regarded her with his piercing amber eyes.

"You know that your chances of winning are pretty much nothing right?" she asked rudely but dutifully gave him a ticket and pen and held her hand out for the $5.

"Yes, I know," Inuyasha responded with an over exaggerated nasal voice and handed her the money while Kagome tried to cover up her snickers. The girl's face scrunched up as if she sucked on a lemon and loudly yelled 'next.'

"Here you do the honors," Inuyasha joked and bowed gallantly, handing Kagome the pen and ticket. Raising her eyebrows, she mock curtsied, accepted his 'gift' and scribbled her name on the ticket. Handing him back the piece of paper that they wasted $5 on, she grumbled as he dropped it into the enormous, clear raffle box and watched it flutter lightly before settling on the mountain of papers.

"See, that wasn't so hard," he teased as they walked to the hotdog stand.

After getting their hotdogs, his with ketchup, hers with mustard they walked back to where the raffle was being held and listened to the announcer. "Thank you very much to the Sasaki family for generously donating the car to be raffled off this year, without you, this event would be happening." The man paused and allowed for applauses before continuing once more. "So without further a due, the winner for the 2007 Shikon Kickoff Carnival Car Raffle is…Kagome Higurashi!"

Drowned by the voices of applauses and disappointed sighs, she didn't even hear who won. Suddenly Inuyasha turned to her with a huge grin on his face and shook her roughly. "Kagome you freakin' won! Unlucky my ass!"

The shock stopped her from doing anything and for a while she just stood there, her jaw on the floor and it wasn't until people had started making a path for her did she shuffle to the stage. Climbing the steps, she looked up at the huge grin on the announcer's face, threatening to crack his face in half. 'Are they paid to do that, or are they just really optimistic?'

"Congratulations Kagome! Don't you want to see the car you've won?"

The only reason she nodded was because of the crowd who were bobbing their heads like there was no tomorrow. With a great laugh and a sweep of his arms, in drove a BMW 3 Series Convertible and a stunning Asian walked out with a glittery red dress and the keys dangling from her fingers. Gracefully she tossed the keys and Kagome mechanically moved her hands to catch the sleek keys with the signature blue and white checkers.

Twenty minutes later, she had come to realize what an expensive gift she had been honored with and by that time she had also discovered a problem. Through all the clapping, jealous glares and smiles sent her way, she had completely forgotten.

"Inuyasha?" she asked nervously as they sat in the leather seats of her new BMW.

She was rewarded with a 'huh?' and then he had dived back into discovered all the tweaks and twerps to her new car. "I don't know how to drive."

He would never know why he did what he did for it would be something that would change their relationship forever. "I'll teach you."

Sango's Point of View

THOUGHTS OF WHAT had happened last night still haunts me. The way he looked at me, regret and sorrow evident in his eyes made me want to break down, cry and throw my arms around him, telling him everything was alright again. However, the laughter and mocking tone of his voice all those months ago gave me the strength to turn him down. Was it the right choice? Should he have been given another chance? Do I still love him?

The last question was an easy one. Of course. You didn't fall out of love in the matter of five months when you had been in love for five years. But then again, in normal circumstances you weren't supposed to love a conniving pervert. In normal circumstances, the boy and the girl weren't supposed to still be in love.

Three months ago, everything was fine. No, not necessarily fine but it was better, as opposed to now. Three months ago me and Miroku were in a happy friendship, somewhat strained but happy. But most importantly, three months ago, I didn't know. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if the party never happened. If his party never happened. Would things be different now if he hadn't fell drunken after drinking an insane amount of sake and I was the one to take care of him in his hung over state? Would he have never told me those dreaded words and made me think about what we once had all over again?

There's so many choices and even if you did make a decision, the regret factor or mostly just curiosity would creep into your mind and ask the one question everybody's faced. What if? What if we had never dated? What if I had never loved him? What if?

Why couldn't there be a storybook ending where girl meets boy, witch tries to sabotage relationship, love overcomes it all, and they live happily after? But even as I asked a question, an answer already forms. Because silly, this is real life and in real life there's no happy ending; not when your knight in shining armor defies the phrase in every word and aspect.

As Kagome felt the refreshing drops of water pound on her back, she reflected on yesterday, the Kickoff Carnival. 'So much has happened since then. Sango's been acting kind of weird and so has Miroku. Inuyasha's been…nicer and Taka…'

A blissful smile crossed Kagome's face and she couldn't help but giggle quietly to herself as she rubbed Bumble & Bumble Shampoo into her hair. Sometimes the absolute perfection of last night still surprised her and she would often pinch herself, just to make sure it was true. They had kissed. A brief and soft one but still, they had kissed. Things like this never happened to her. The boys she liked (few enough to count with one hand) had never liked her back, deeming her as a freak with powers. The ones who were nice to her, she considered only as friends, although there wasn't a lot of those either.

More unhappy thoughts started to cloud her mind, and the water running down her seemed more like a distraction than the soothing effect it usually had on her. Shaking her head to clear her mind and in the process making her look like a wet dog shaking its fur, Kagome reminisced of the day before, on the Ferris wheel.

"So how are you enjoying the Carnival?"

Looking away from the gorgeous night view that the Ferris wheel allowed, she turned her head, only to be graced with an even better view. Taka bright green eyes looked at her intently, his jet-black hair ruffled with the wind and striped light gray polo that gently rested on his tanned form.

Realizing that she had not responded for a while, she quickly cleared her throat and smiled. "Oh it's been fantastic. Inuyasha took me on all the scary rides and it's been crazy! I can't believe this is a school funded carnival, it seems just so extravagant."

"Yeah, you get used to it after a while, just wait until prom comes. The decorations and the food are crazy," he replied easily, as if something like this happened every day.

Unable to come up with something witty, she turned her attention back to the view once more and spotted Inuyasha. Just as she was about to tell Taka of her discovery, Inuyasha did something she would never expect him to do. He was playing one of those games. Didn't he tell her that he despised them only an hour ago? Deciding to keep quiet, she places her hands on the edge on the cart and strained her neck for a better view.

After a couple of games, he had gotten mad and started to yell but reluctantly placed another five dollar bill on the counter, demanding a retry. She wondered what he was trying to get since the man who worked there had already given him a toy for compensation. Is he pointing to that huge husky?

Before she could finish walking, Taka had asked her the question. The one question that made her heart flutter and toes tingle. Will you be my girlfriend?

It had made her wonder. Did Inuyasha ever win anything that night? It seemed odd that he would stop after being so determined yet he met her empty handed. Perhaps he gave it to the brunette girl at the popcorn stand. However, there was one thought that lingered in her mind. 'That husky looked a lot like the one Taka gave me.'

It seemed impossible that Inuyasha would give the dog to Taka, if he wanted to win it wouldn't he have someone to give it to in mind already? Sighing, Kagome rinsed off her shampoo and body wash. Stepping out of the shower, she wrapped a towel around herself only to realize that she had forgotten her clothes. Walking out of the bathroom, she gingerly stepped around the piles of clothes but one item of clothing caught her attention. Inuyasha's leather jacket.

Right, he had given it to her last night. She picked up the heavy jacket and felt the smooth fabric between her fingers. The faint smell of pine rose up from it mixed in with a hint of jasmine. She didn't want to admit it but with their smells mixed together, it smelled, well, kind of…

Things got around pretty fast around Shikon Private which is why Kikyou Hitomi heard about the nasty breakup between one of her best friends two minutes after it had happened. She had been painting her toenails when her blackberry vibrated signaling that there was a text waiting, probably containing some juicy gossip. Kikyou had carefully put down her Nars ruby red nail polish and flipped open her blackberry expertly maneuvering it to read her text. 'omg nasty breakup between Kagura and her college bf.'

She simply raised her perfectly waxed eyebrows, put the device down and went back to her business of painting her nails. Kikyou barely raised her head when Kagura burst into the dorm they shared 15 minutes later, makeup running down her face. Kicking the door shut with her foot, she flopped down beside the bed and cried shamelessly.

"Let me guess, you had plans, he told you he had a project or some lame shit like that and you caught him on a date with another girl," Kikyou said in an almost bored tone.

Kagura looked up from her hysterical sobs and nodded limply. Sighing, Kikyou blew on her toenails gingerly and got up to go to the bathroom. Rifling through the many cupboards, she soon found what she was looking for. A huge wicker basket was filled with three-ply toilet paper, a huge assortment of chocolates and garbage bags. Sitting down beside her friend, Kikyou uncomfortably patted her back and handed her the toilet paper. Mumbling a barely audible thanks, Kagura blew her nose loudly and viciously tore open a chocolate bar.

Kikyou patiently sat beside her friend who was slowly calming and looked around their luxurious dorm. The two twin beds were each set on an antique bed frame, Kagura's was gold and hers a deep rich purple. The colors of royalty. The entire room was painted in an elegant peach color with simply framed pictures of Audrey Hepburn and Marie Antoinette on selected walls. Plush armchairs with silk covered cushions were positioned around a rustic oak end table and the boring mahogany desks had been exchanged for two French styled tables, each with a sleek iMac on it. Doubled-up baroque mirrors hung on the walls with the photos, postcards and notes pined on it and freshly groomed plants were placed strategically around the room. Beside her bed was a night stand with mirrors as its sides and for an extra dose of decadence, there was a glass plate stacked with macaroons.

They had, without question, the best room on campus and it was all thanks to the ability to pull a couple of strings. By the time she had finished surveying the room and what could be done to improve it (new creamy beige curtains for their Monticello windows, a bed skirt and throw rugs), Kagura had finished her crying. Still Kikyou said nothing, not wanting to seem like she was eager for attention. Another couple of minutes passed and finally, Kagura spoke up.

"You know that bitch who always has those stupid braids? I bet he only went out with her because she's so 'innocent' but we all know she's been around the block."

Realization came to Kikyou and almost instantly after, an idea came to mind. "Isn't her mom totally obsessed with her grades or something?"

Confused, Kagura nodded her head dumbly and was about to ask what that had to do with anything but Kikyou held up a finger to silence her. Picking up the abandoned blackberry, Kikyou flicked it open and scrolled down her endless contacts, finally finding what she wanted.

Dialing the number, she held it up to her ear. "Hi, is Akane Sato?"

A tinny voice responded, "No, may I take a message?"

Smiling victoriously, Kikyou tucked a hair behind her ear and spoke in a professional voice. "Oh yes thank you. This is Shikon Private's secretary; could you please tell her to give me a call back about her grades? It's an emergency. Thank you!"

Without waiting for a reply, she hung up the phone and dialed another number quickly. When the answering machine for the school began, she cleared her throat and started to speak in a crackly tone, "Hello, I would just like to let the school know that I am very disappointed since I consider it to be a respectful one. Last night, a girl with braids and what looked like red glasses whom I had seen walking around school grounds before threatened to hurt me with a broken beer bottle if I did not give her my money. Without hesitance, I did so and left unharmed but please take care of this problem."

Hanging up, Kikyou looked over at Kagura, who sat with her mouth agape.

"Consider this a favor."

"I never thought I'd see the day when Inuyasha Takahashi has to make an effort to get a girl," Miroku said, a laugh threatening to spill out of him.

In response, Inuyasha sent a death glare in his direction and crossed him arms in anger. "But seriously Miroku, I'm not gonna let one girl screw me over. What makes her so different from all the other girls?"

There was no response.

A cushion was thrown.

"Okay! Well I don't know, she's not the type to care about material possessions and she seems down to earth. Don't ask me! I don't even know her that well!" Miroku defended himself when he was rewarded with one of Inuyasha's what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about looks.

Shaking his head, Inuyasha rubbed his temples tiredly. "Well what would you do in this situation?"

Scratching his chin, Miroku thought about it and slowly said, "You can always try to make her jealous-"

Jumping up from his seat on the bed, Inuyasha grabbed a coat and ran out the door. His heavy footsteps echoed throughout the walls and cries of an unlucky stranger who got in his way could be heard as well. Miroku simply sat on the bed, a knowing expression on his face.

"Of course, jealous doesn't exactly work the way you want it to."

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