Two years, that's how long this stalemate had been going on. Two years with the Conclave trying to wipe us out, with White muddying up the waters in government. I'd begun to loose hope, started thinking nothing would ever change. We've become self sufficient in Terminal City, we have our own source of power, our own police/army, the medical facilities have better equipment thanks to Syl, Krit and Zane who made quite a few generous contributions.

My family's finally here. I should be happy and I guess I was at first but knowing they gave up the only real home they'd manage to build only churned up the guilt. What did I have to offer them here besides more fighting and death?

Maybe now, with the government man and the peace meeting… The US is at war with Asia, the president needs more soldiers and he's put in effect a Draft. Yeah, it's that time again, the only difference is this time he's included women. As long as they are healthy and single they're drafted, packed off to boot camp given a couple weeks of basic training and shipped off to the front. I wonder what the difference between Manticore and the government is. Then again, this draft is going to have a baby boom. Women aren't stupid, that would be the only way besides some health impediment that they'll be able to stay out of the draft.

Who in their right mind wants to go to war let alone join the military?

All I've ever wanted was to get away from it but I guess you can't run from what or who you are. At least not for ever.

Everyone has an opinion on why after one year the government finally deigns to ask for a meeting, a peace meeting. I'm not stupid. I know the suits want something from us. Logan thinks this is a good sign, that they finally realize we're not going anywhere. Krit is idealistic; he's thrown himself entirely into the fight, to finding a solution. I worry about him…

Syl backs his decisions 100% and Zane is no better. They make a good team, which is why I kept them together. Alec has command of his own team with Mole and a couple of others. I went out as well, usually with Logan, Joshua and Kade. Most of the time I was stuck here, in the command room. Lydecker's pulling his weight; he'd tried using his contacts to find out about Nÿx especially after the attack.

Six months ago she was attacked out in Seattle, in broad daylight. We haven't found the guy though he's made his presence known. We've lost power in Terminal City twice all ready. I know it's him. It's hard to believe what Alec said, then again Nÿx shorted out that building they got stuck in.

One year and all the Transgenics are behind the fence in Terminal City while the ordinaries get to walk around Seattle… It's no ones fault, not really, then again it's everyone. We weren't taught about racism, not at Manticore but I was out in the real world trying to fit in…

Truth is, we're not like everybody else. We were created with a specific purpose, to be soldiers.

I thought we were the only ones, turns out Manticore had a secret program they weren't aware of and no matter how many favors the Col. pulled, Nÿx was the only real info we got. He also found an ex-Manticore scientist able to work on my virus. I'm still waiting for results but it's only been a couple of months.

Now our focus was on the meeting. We needed to find someone to speak for us and as much as Logan and Joshua kept insisting it should be me, I refused. Lydecker spoke up, offering his input, much to my disgust I found myself listening to him as he offered up Alec for the position. Of course I scoffed at the idea, he was bent! Alec? Really? But the more Lydecker talked, the more he listed the qualities bred into him, it started to make sense.

All that's left is choosing the rest of the team, the other officials and the security we were going to need.

Yeah, I'm going to.

I look around and see all of them, my brothers and sister, each one doing something to help, to find a way we can all live like every one else. The DAC's and Transhumans are split, they all know it'll be harder for them to blend in, to find acceptance among the ordinaries.

All of this, all of them; it's my fault they're here, hiding and in constant danger from White, the Conclave and the mobs outside our fence.

The fence… I thought we were done being fenced in, locked up and caged the same as in Manticore.

So yeah, I feel responsible, I have to do something…