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"Incoming wormhole – it's Major Lorne's IDC."

"Lower the shield."

Elizabeth hurried down the stairs from the control room as Chuck followed her order and lowered the shield. As she reached the bottom steps Major Lorne and his team walked through the stargate, followed by Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex. Elizabeth waited hopefully but a moment later the wormhole disengaged.

Elizabeth looked at Major Lorne, who was looking sombre. "There's no sign of them," he said.

"You searched the whole area?" Asked Elizabeth.

"Well, most of it," said Lorne.

"We have to go back!" Exclaimed Rodney, striding over to Elizabeth. Ronon was right behind him.

"Right now," he said as they got nearer.

Elizabeth frowned. "Why have you come back, if you haven't finished searching the area yet?" She asked.

"The Fizans made us leave," replied Lorne.


"One of the guards gave us Colonel Sheppard's dog tags, and Ronon punched him," said Lorne matter-of-factly.

Elizabeth stared at the Major, and then looked at Ronon. He looked back at her defiantly, as if daring her to reprimand him for his actions. Rodney wore the exact same expression. She didn't really care that Ronon had punched someone, but what Lorne had said before made a shiver of fear run down her spine.

"Are… are they definitely the Colonel's dog tags?" She asked.

Major Lorne hesitated for a moment, and then started to undo one of the pockets on his flack jacket.

"It doesn't matter if they are or not," said Rodney angrily.

"They are not dead!" Said Ronon fiercely.

Major Lorne pulled the dog tags our of his pocket. There was blood on the chain. Elizabeth didn't reach out to take them – instead she concentrated on not losing her head.

"Get Dr B- get someone to analyse that blood," she told the Major. She turned to Rodney and Ronon.

"What makes you so sure?" She asked them.

"Sheppard and Teyla's weapons are far superior to anything the Fizans have –"

"It would take more than a lion to get those two –"

"I saw the guard they said was dead –"

"I never trusted them! They're too..."


"Yeah! It must be an act!"

Elizabeth raised her hands to get them to stop.

"Let's take this to my office," she said.

"We don't have time, Elizabeth," whined Rodney. "We have to go –"

"No one is going anywhere until we talk through your suspisions," Elizabeth said flatly. "You come too, Major Lorne."

She glanced at the bloody dog tags again before turning on her heel and starting back up the stairs, her mind reeling. Her instinct was to agree with Rodney and Ronon – something about this just didn't add up. She couldn't imagine a lion getting the best of John and Teyla while they were both armed with P-90s. Even unarmed they would have put up a hell of a fight.

But if they were alive, where were they?