"Wuthering Heights was introduced during the Romantic Era. In the novel, the main characters, Catherine and Heathcliff, evolve to become..."

Professor Mueller continues to describe the novel as I twirl my brunette hair with my fingers. Does she really expect us to think this class is interesting?

This novel is ridiculous. Heathcliff tries to be a smooth and suave romantic. He thought it'd be cute to tell Catherine that her love life can be predicted by the sky. He told her to close her eyes and picture the sky. If she pictures a clear sky, her love life will be perfect. If she pictures a stormy sky, her love life will end in heartbreak. Well, Mr. Romantic tells her to open her eyes. She looks ahead and see's a clear, beautiful sky. Then she turns around to kiss Heathcliff and realizes that a storm was prominent in the other half of the sky. I guess he should have looked both ways before trying to be somewhat of a romantic.

Seriously, what guy predicts love by the sky? Clear sky equals happiness. Stormy sky equals heartbreak. See what I mean? Love doesn't happen that way. Therefore, this book is pointless and so is British Literature; especially the Romantic Period.

I was brought out of my thoughts when a note landed in my lap. I look behind me and see none other than Spenser's bad boy himself smirking at me. Please notice that I didn't say: "my love," "the hot Reid Garwin," or "the sexiest man at Spenser Academy." Yes, I have somewhat resisted Reid Garwin. Also notice that I said somewhat. I'm not going to lie, he's gorgeous. However, I have my reasons for not giving into Reid. Sneaks in a cough... STD... another cough. I open up the balled up piece of paper to see what his problem is.

So, slut, what's your number so far this year? This one little phrase begins a pencil and paper conversation.

Well, manwhore, I just dumped number 37. What's yours so far?

Damnit. I can't believe you're winning. I'm about to rack up my 33rd. She's in love with me. It's hard.

Sorry babe! Better step up your game. And I'm afraid to ask... but what's hard? Why do I have a feeling that I'm going to get a pervy answer for that question?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I'll win, don't worry. Oh, and my dick is hard just looking at you. 'Ugh yeah, baby... right there, ohhh harder.'

Typical. He even had the nerve to put a smiley face at the end of that note. You have one sick little head Reid Garwin. Seriously, what's hard?

I throw it back to him, rethinking what I just wrote. 'One sick little head' Shit. Hopefully he won't catch that and make it sexual. Wait, this is Reid. Oh course he will. As if on cue, I hear him chuckle as he reads my note. Yep, he caught it.

He hits me in the head with the note. I glare at him as I open it to read the contents. Oh... my head is far from little. And breaking up with her is hard. I think she's going to have a heart attack.

I roll my eyes. You're not that great, Reid. She won't have a heart attack, just a mental breakdown. 'OMG! The Spenser bad boy, who doesn't date girls just fucks them, doesn't love me. Boo hoo... wah wah wah.'

Haha. Funny Riley... real funny. Anyways, it's her fault. Like you said; I fuck, not date. Plus, she wasn't even that good. I had to do all the work.

Aww poor baby. Just think, you were working out your wonderful arm muscles for swimming. Haha! Who is she anyways? That was a dumb question. He probably doesn't even know her name.

Gee thanks Riles. I'm sure you don't make guys do all the work. My muscles are wonderful aren't they? I know you'd love to hold on to them while I fuc- nevermind. And I forgot her name. Kelly, Kristy, Kelsey. Something like that.

Haha figures. He can't stop talking about sex. Might as well shoot his horse down... or pony.

Well Reid, I hate to tell you this, but you'll never get me in bed. (I know that disappoints you, because I'd be the best you've ever had.) But I just don't go for manwhores. Not to mention, you probably have a STD. Haha. Find a comeback for that one, Garwin.

Oh, and like you don't have a STD Ms.37?! I'll get you in bed once I win. I promise.

I shake my head and smile. I think I'm just going to leave him hanging on that one; because when I say he won't win, he'll do anything he can to win. Even if it means him using his powers.

Yes, I, Riley Morrison, know about the Sons of Ipswich and their power. Let's just say a game of pool revealed Reid and the boys. I wouldn't quit bugging Reid about his 'black eyes' until he gave in a told me. I freaked out at first, but I'm used to it now. However, I don't like it when he uses to get ahead for various things. For example, this little bet we have going on. I bet you fifty bucks that he's used his power to get a girl to fuck him. It's so unfair.

I'm sure you're wondering what this bet is about, huh? Well it was about a month ago, at Nicky's, right before school started...


"Sarah, I don't want to dance!" I'm a good whiner and I'm not going to dance. That was Sarah's thing.

"Come on Riley! I know you can dance! It'll be fun." She says, pulling me towards Nicky's dance floor.

"No Sarah, pool is fun. Which, by the way, Reid and Tyler are playing!" I pull out of her grasp and rush towards the two boys.

"Hey, guys, can I join? Sarah's trying to get me to dance again!" I say in a panic.

They laugh at me. "Yeah sure. So us three against Aaron and the boys." Tyler states while glaring at Aaron.

"Hell yeah, dickhead. With the chick playing on your side, we'll win for sure." Aaron says with a cocky attitude.

I look at Reid and smile. "Now Reid, usually I tell you not to cheat, but since I'm playing tonight, I think I'll let you slide."

"Riles, I don't need to cheat. You're good. Remember, I taught you how to play. You'll be fine." Reid says.

I smile and hear Aaron say that since I'm the only girl, I can break. Damnit. I'm horrible at breaking. But, showing no fear to the asshole, I line up and break the balls, causing 2 solids to go in each of the far corner pockets. Well, that break was luck, trust me! Unless Reid helped out... then it's just an unfair advantage that our opponents don't know about.

Aaron makes a weird face, which soon turns into a smirk. "Well boys, it looks like the chick can handle a stick. Wanna handle mine?"

I roll my eyes. Typical guy. "You mean your twig, Aaron? No thanks. I like to grip something that my whole hand fits around... not just my finger." I say staring in his eyes.

I can tell he's biting the inside of his cheeks, trying to think of a comeback. However, much to his dismay, he walks away and watches the proceeding game.

Reid walks over to me after he's done with his turn of hitting in 3 solids. "No wonder you never get laid Riles. You shoot down every guy who tries to get in your pants."

"No I don't! I'm just picky."

"Yeah, ok Riles."

"Trust me Reid; I can be with more guys than you can girls."

"Well, well, well, so little Riley is a sex kitten, huh? Care to make that a bet Ms.Morrison?" He asks me with a smirk playing across his lips. And of course, he thinks 'be with' means 'have sex with'.

"It's already won Mr. Garwin." I say looking up at him.

He smiles. "Alright, you have a bet there Riles. Whoever can be with the most people by the end of fall term wins."

"Ok, Garwin. And what are the stakes of this bet?" He stands in front of me... looking down into my eyes for a few seconds. He taps his fingers on his chin, as if in deep thought of what he wants from me.

"Well, Morrison, If I win, I get one night with you."

You stare at him. "Ok." You say smiling.

He smirks. "Sex included."

My mouth drops open. Damnit Garwin. He'll think I'm scared if I turn him down. Guess I better win, huh?

"Ok. And If I win, which I will, I get your car for a month." His car... you may be asking: Why his car? Well his car... sigh... God I love that thing. That hot silver BMW Z9 will look great with me driving it. I would seriously die for that car. Plus it's his pride a joy. If I win this bet, it'll be like a kick in his balls to let me drive that car.

He stares at me pondering. I smile and walk over to the pool table, shooting in the eight ball, winning the game. I turn back around and raise my eyebrows as I see him standing in front of me, with his hand out.

"Deal?" I ask.

"Deal." He says smiling.


So here I am, in British Literature thinking about my next conquest Kyle Delaney. He's pretty cute. Short blonde hair and green eyes. He's tall too; about 6'2", a good foot or so taller than me. He's also a swimmer... which means a great back and shoulders. Backs and shoulders are my weak spots. A really muscular back and shoulders is rated droolworthy for me! I'm not gonna lie, I'm actually excited about Kyle. Dating him will be no problem.

Another notice: I said dating. Not fucking. Yeah, see this little bet Reid and I have has a few loose ends. He was too busy thinking about his prize of sleeping with me that he forgot to give details. The bet is to be with the most people by the end of fall term. Be with... not have sex with. In Reid's eyes, he thinks be with means have sex with. We've already established that.

But in my eyes, be with means date. So apparently, Reid thinks I've had sex with 37 guys so far this year, which I haven't. I'm actually still a virgin. I know, shocker. And I know what you're thinking: Reid is friends with a virgin?!. Well he doesn't know I'm a virgin. Like I said, he thinks I've had sex with 37 guys since last month. So the main point is that he's had sex with 30 something... Oh yeah, 33! He's had sex with 33 girls and I've dated 37 guys. So I'm winning. Hell yes! I keep getting closer and closer to that BMW Z9 and Reid keeps getting further and further away from my umm...uhhh... you get the point.

The long awaited bell sounds, dismissing class.

Ahhh finally! No more Romantic Era until Monday! Tonight the pack and I are going to Nicky's and that is when the Riley Morrison charm will start for Mr. Kyle Delaney.


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