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I'm back! Finally! I just got my laptop back last night so I HAVE to update my story for my wonderful fans! Although there is some bad news…

This will be the FINAL chapter to "The Bet."

I know I told some of you that there were going to be a few more chapters, but I feel that this is a good ending point.


There is a sequel in the works!!! I have written the first chapter and I really like the outcome. For all of you who wanted some supernatural elements thrown into "The Bet", this is for you! Don't worry though, the Reid and Riley relationship will continue! So, now that I've said my piece, here it is…



1 month later: At Nicky's, of course.

"I can't believe it's already the middle of January. Christmas flew by!" Kate explains.

"I know! It seems like we just got out of school for Christmas break! Can you believe Reid and I have been dating for a month?"

Sarah and Kate shake their heads as we all turn out attention to the blonde playing pool. Aaron Abbott sets up for his shot and hits a ball on the side of the table, missing the side pocket.

Reid smirks at Aaron and shoots a solid ball into the corner pocket. As he straightens up, his eye catches mine, causing his smirk to grow wider. He winks while blowing me a kiss. I roll my eyes, smiling, of course, and turn back to the two girls sitting in front of me.

"You know Riley; I think you are envied by every girl at Spenser right now."

Kate corrects Sarah. "Pshh! Sarah, Riley is envied by every girl in the Ipswich area."

"Whatever you two! It's just Reid."

I can't believe them! It's not like he's some Greek God. He's only blonde, with gorgeous blue eyes, has a hot body, with a couple tattoos, who's funny and sarcastic, with a gorgeous back. He's really not that much to envy.

Haha… yeah that was sarcasm. I've realized that I'm getting nasty looks from other girls in my classes. And now that it's a semester, I'm getting even uglier looks from different girls I don't even know. I guess it's a win-win situation:

I won Reid. And, I also won nasty glares from half of the student body. Wow, I definitely scored the jackpot!

Two arms wrap themselves around my neck as a kiss is placed on my cheek.

"Hey girls, what do you say we go to the dells and hang out there? Nicky's is getting a little packed." Pogue suggests.

"Uh, baby. It's cold outside." Kate states, placing a hand on her beau's shoulder.

"Kate, that's what boyfriends and bon fires are for. Right, Riles?" Reid asks me.

I smile, shrugging at the two girls. "I'm up for anything. Whatever you guys want to do."

Reid removes his arms from my neck. "It's settled then. Caleb! Tyler! Let's go!"

The two boys look up from the foosball table. "Where're we going?"

"The dells! Come on!" Pogue yells out over the music. He grabs Kate's hand, pulling her outside the bar with him with Reid following closely behind. Sarah and I follow suit once Caleb and Tyler catch up.

Caleb pulls on his leather jacket that Sarah hands him. "Can anyone tell me why we're going to the dells in the middle of January?"

"It was Reid and Pogue's idea." I say, looking back at Caleb.

"Reid." Caleb yells.

"What? I didn't do anything!" Reid turns around from his position in front of us, holding his hands up in surrender.

Sarah and I laugh. Caleb frowns at us.

"Reid, why are we going to the dells?"

"Uh… cause." The blonde turns around and continues walking towards Tyler's hummer.

"Well that helps a lot." Tyler says, rubbing his neck, earning a glare from Caleb, and giggles from me and Sarah.

I pull away from the group to catch up with Reid. A smirk appears over my lips as I run up to Reid, jumping on his back. Ahh… his back.

"Whoa! What the hell, baby?!"

I giggle at Reid while his hands move to the back of my legs to hold me up.

"Are you trying to kill me?" He says smirking at me.

"No." I kiss his neck.

"That's nice." He nods, looking back at me.

"Uh huh." I kiss him again, but below his ear this time, causing little bumps to form on his neck.

"Am I giving you shivers, babe?"

He lets go of my legs as he gets to the door of the hummer. He grabs my arm, pushing me against the side of the car. He blocks me in by placing his arms on either side of me.

"No, you're not. But…"

Reid bends down, brushing his lips against my neck. He is such a copy cat!

His tongue slightly touches my skin and he soon pulls away, causing goose bumps to appear on my neck.

"Am I giving you the shivers?"

I smile. "Maybe."

"That's a yes." He smirks down at me.

I open the door and climb into the hummer, receiving a smack on my butt from the one behind me.

"Ouch! Garwin you little sh—" I'm cut off as Reid's hand is placed over my mouth.

"Now, Riles. Is that any way to talk to your perfect boyfriend?" He says with the smirk still present on his face.

I glare at him. Now what do little kids do when a hand is placed over their mouths? Evil laugh… mwwwuahahahaha.

I lick Reid's palm, making him quickly remove his hand from my mouth, and wiping it on his pants leg.

"Ugh! Riley, how old are you?!"


"Well then fucking act like it! If you're going to lick anything, lick my di—"

"Reid Garwin! Don't you even finish that sentence!" Kate yells from in front of us. I smile at Reid and stick my tongue out at him. He scrunches up his nose before placing his arm around my shoulders and kissing my temple. I turn my head and our lips meet in a quick kiss before the hummer pulls off followed by a mustang convertible.


"Caleb! Make the fire bigger so we can play football!" Reid yells back to us from the shoreline.

"Yeah, I'll make the fire bigger. My ass. I'm going to ring his neck in a few minutes." Caleb mumbles, adding more gas to the bonfire we set up.

Kate, Sarah and I look to each other, suppressing out laughs. The fire quickly brightens up, warming out bodies as the boys play football on the beach. We watch them play for a while as the tide comes in and goes out.

"Caleb! I'm open!" Tyler yells out.

"Not for long, baby boy!" Tyler is soon tackled by Reid, who jumps on his backs, causing his to fall to the sand.

"Ow! Reid get the fuck off me! I'm not Riley!"

"Funny, baby boy." Reid pushes himself off of Tyler and grabs the football, throwing it to Caleb. After about 30 minutes, they get tired of playing, so they join the girls and me by the fire.

Moments later, a few guys go walking by with cases of beer and a big brown bag, which is probably full of hard liquor.

Reid smirks as he stands up. "I'm so getting in on that!" He starts walking up to the guys.

"Reid! Don't!" He's definitely not listening to me.

He continues walking towards the boys.


He puts his hand in the air and swats. Well, at least he acknowledged me. That's a plus, right?

"Hey guys! Do you need any help with that? You look like you're having some trouble." Reid holds out his hands.

"Sure dude. Thanks!" One of the guys hands Reid the brown bag.

Could that guy seriously be that stupid? At least make Reid carry a case of beer. Anything but the brown bag. That's just asking for trouble.

"I'm not taking care of your ass when you get so drunk you can't stand!" I yell out to the blonde disappearing in the darkness with the 'alcohol boys'.

"Reid! How did you get so drunk, man? You were only gone for 20 minutes!" Pogue stands up, walking over to a stumbling Reid."

Kate and Sarah look at me, rolling their eyes.

"Don't even say it. I already know. My boyfriend is an idiot." I rub my temples because I know what kind of night this is going to turn into.

"Where's my hot girl?" Reid stands up, leaning against Pogue.

"Hey, hot girl!" Reid drapes his arm around Sarah, trying to kiss her, only to be quickly pulled back by Pogue. "Whoa! That's definitely not your hot girl."

"Oh. Really? Then where's my hot girl?"

Reid grabs onto Tyler's shoulder, slightly leaning on him. Tyler laughs, pointing to me as I'm standing beside Kate.

"There's my hot girl!" Reid rushes over to us…

And pulls Kate close to him.

"Wait a minute. You're not my hot girl. I mean, you're uhh… hot, but you're uhh… not mine. Are you?" Kate bursts out laugh at Reid's confused face.

"Reid, honey, your hot girl is right there." Kate points at me and Reid's face brightens up.

"Yeahhh… that's her!" He moves beside me, placing his arm around my shoulders, looking down at me. Well, not looking, more like staring. Not a loving stare, like a creepy stare.

Ok… he's definitely out of it. Let me just say, wow!

I look up at Reid, who's still staring at me.

"Hey baby!"

"Uh, hey Reid. You feeling okay?"

"Never better! Has anyone told you that you're fucking hot as hell?"

Everyone starts laughing. Except me.

"Ooookay. Time to go!"

"Aw, but I don't want to go."

"Come on, Reid. You're trashed." I wrap my arm around his waist and start guiding him towards the hummer.

Everyone else follows slowly behind us after they put out the fire. Tyler soon gets in the driver's seat and pulls off. As soon as the hummer movers, Reid starts moaning.

"Duuuuuude! Stop moving!"

"Reid, I'm just turning. It's not my fault that you're drunk." Tyler takes another turn onto the main road.

"Ugh! Stop!" Reid soon unbuckles and places his head on my lap.

Luckily, we're in the backseat, where there's enough room for him to do so. I run my fingers through his hair to calm him down. Although, once Tyler takes another turn, Reid suddenly sits up, causing Pogue to look back at us.

"I know that look. Uh, baby boy?"


"You might want to pull over." Pogue says, patting Ty's shoulder.


"Well, unless you want Reid's puke all over your backseat."

Pogue didn't need to say anymore. "Whoa!! Reid! Hold it in dude! Hold it in!" Tyler yells out, quickly pulling to the side of the road and pulling Reid out of the car.

Reid stumbles out and bends over.

Wait for it…


And, there it goes.

"Ugh!" Kate yells out and walks over to the mustang that pulled up behind us.

"What's going on?" Caleb asks, stepping out of his car, followed by Sarah.

"Reid's just paying for those drinks." I say walking over to them.

"Ahh, well, it happens. That's what he gets for drinking that much." Sarah chuckles out.

"Riley! Your boy is done puking his brains out! Let's go!"

After saying bye to Caleb and Sarah, Kate and I walk back over to the hummer. I place my arm around Reid's waist, steadying him.

"Reid!" Caleb shots out angrily.

"What? I didn't do anything!" Reid moans out.

Wow, he sure is saying that a lot tonight.

His face turns into a look of confusion and soon shakes his head. I frown at Caleb as I slightly nudge Reid into the hummer and we pull off while Caleb and Sarah get back into the mustang.

"Why'd you yell at Reid, babe?"

Caleb sighs, putting on his seat belt. "I swear I just felt someone use. I figured it was Reid, but apparently it wasn't."

Sarah sighs quietly, placing a hand on Caleb's, as the car pulls off, leaving dead leaves trailing in its path.


There it is girls! The End. I know it's sad… but remember the sequel will begin soon! I want to write a few chapters before I start posting so don't forget to check back!

Thanks for all of the great reviews! I can't believe the story is over! Thank you so so so much for reading! I greatly appreciate it! Y'all are awesome!!!!!