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Re-Writing a Fairytale: Epilogue

(Five Months Later…)

Report: The Story of Hinata Hyuuga After Her Release

After I, Haruno Sakura, released Hinata from her imprisonment within the tallest tower of the Uchiha castle, she followed my instructions out of the stone fortress and located my horse within the confines of the forest. She made to run all the way to the meeting spot of the Resistance where a few of its members constantly stayed to keep an ear out for news.

Fortunately she ran into Kakashi-sensei as soon as she arrived and hurriedly explained my story and hers. Together they formed a quick plan and raced back to the Uchiha estate. Through teamwork, the two managed to surprise and subdue the guards inside and release the entire Inner Resistance.

Hinata mentioned that it was rather difficult to keep them all from rushing to our aide immediately upon release, especially Uzumaki Naruto, whom she kept a firm grip on with one arm, and her recently reunited cousin, Hyuuga Neji with the other. She didn't want to let either go or out of her sight.

The Inner Resistance huddled in those dark, damp depths of the dungeons and formulated an even quicker plan of attack than the one made between Kakashi-sensei and herself. This was made much easier by the fact that almost all that were present had a well-oiled idea of the running and lay of the castle.

As the least recognizable of the group, as no one but Itachi and myself knew of Hinata's existence in the castle to begin with and then her eventual freedom, she volunteered to be the one in the crowd to start the whole plan into action. Several protests were made, mostly by her fiancé, but she stood her ground.

The rest of the story followed as has been related in previous entries..

(Two Weeks Later…)

Report: Bit of News from Members of the Resistance

For now I reside with Hyuuga Hinata and Yamanaka Ino in the stronghold of the Resistance camp. The rest of the 'missing heirs' from the Inner Resistance have joined forces and are taking back control of their own lands. We are to wait here for their return.

Thus far, the Uzumaki kingdom and the Country of Wind have completely shaken off its enemies and are slowly working their way through to the Nara kingdom.

(Three Days Later…)

Report: Excited Report from Hyuuga Hinata

Hinata's cousin, Neji Hyuuga, has been reunited with his wife Tenten.

The Nara kingdom has regained its footing and are slowly but surely taking back what is rightfully theirs. Ino is ecstatic.

(One Week Later…)

Report: Official News from Resistance Members

The Nara and Inuzuka kingdom have been reclaimed.

(Twelve Days Later…)

The Aburame kingdom has been reclaimed, and their heir, Aburame Shino has returned.

(Two Months Later…)

Report: Official Announcement from Returning Resistance Members

All kingdoms that were once under Itachi and his Akatsuki hold have finally been broken. The heirs have returned, or have promised to return once the three of us have been returned as well.

(Three Weeks Later…)

Report: Official Announcement from the Uzumaki Lands

Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata have officially re-announced their wedding, and have set the date. Everyone from the Inner Resistance has been invited. The wedding itself, believe it or not, has been set to take place in a mere week! Hinata and Naruto stated that they have waited long enough as it is.

(Two Months Later…)

Report: My Own Information

Nara Shikamaru and Yamanaka Ino are to be wed today. Uzumaki Hinata and I were extended the honor of participating in the wedding. Who would have thought?

(Three Days Later…)

Report: My Own Musings…

Sasuke suggested that we go back to my parent's kingdom once more last night. He says that he wishes to give a formal proposal before them, not a contract written on a piece of paper. It's very romantic, but I do not believe he should be away from his kingdom too much right now with how rocky things were left. However, he is insistent.

It's amazing to witness the change in people since this whole incident began. Everyone is forming alliances as friends instead of military strength, especially as no one wished to sink to such a level of discontent that we are become lost once again.

Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki are in constant contact with us now, as are Shikamaru and Ino Nara. We are also constantly sending courtiers over to the surrounding kingdoms, and they are returning the favor in the like.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make people realize what they could have had. And the fortunate few are given a second chance to make things right again. Traditions are important of course, but there are a few traditions that we are changing that differ from the ideals of our parents. Namely, marrying through nothing but ink and seals.

We have all decided and agreed to allow our future children to marry whomever they love. Regardless of heritage; Sasuke says this now, but if he ever has a daughter I wouldn't wonder if he rejects anyone she chooses.

(One Month Later…)

Report: Quick Report from Myself

I haven't had much time to write lately. Too much has been going on, so I can only be brief…

I am now officially Uchiha Sakura, and I couldn't be happier. The wedding was beautiful, something I shall never forget as long as I live. And the night that followed was absolutely breathtaking, but I shall not divulge further on that.

Sasuke has successfully reclaimed control of his rightful throne. Many were distrustful with all the rumors that circulated around, and I can understand their worries. They all believed him to be dead for so long. Who can blame them? I myself believed it!

Things have settled down exceedingly, fortunately. The wedding did a double duty of quenching the uncertainties and fears of the people, and many continue along their daily lives as if nothing ever happened.

Hopefully all days remain in this peace, but as long as I am by his side I shall not worry. My fairytale ending has come true. What more could I ever ask for?

(Two years later…)

Uchiha Reiji is now a week old. She has hair the color of midnight, and eyes of emerald. I did not think I could feel happier then I do now. Marrying Sasuke was my dream come true, and now it feels whole once more. Complete.

And I don't think I have ever seen such a change in Sasuke before. His gentleness with her is astounding, and the bliss in his eyes is evident to everyone.

Oh, don't get me wrong. He still puts on a tough front when he's before an audience, but set his daughter in his arms and he just about melts like ice left out in the sun.

Speaking of Reiji, it seems that she is now awake and hungry…

(Ten Months Later…)

Reiji is up and running already! I cannot fathom where she gets all her energy from, but today she spoke her first words, "Dada." Sasuke is ecstatic. I do believe that that girl will have more sway over him then she will ever realize…

(Fourteen Months Later…)

Uchiha Kiyoshi was born five days ago. He is the mirror like-ness of his father. And far quieter then Reiji ever was. Reiji herself is now two and talking to anyone and anything that will listen. She is fascinated by her younger brother, and has already asked to hold him several times. We have allowed it under our strict supervision, and I have never seen her sit so still or so quietly.

(Three Years Later…)

Mother is visiting once again, and I believe I will need her aide soon.

Reiji is now five years old and only Naruto has ever been able to match her energy and stamina, although she is fiercely protective of Kiyoshi and will slow her pace for him and him alone.

Kiyoshi is three and rarely leaves my side, unless it is to watch Reiji learn how to spare from her father. Then he sits infatuated by the pair of them.

I have tried to keep up with my own training, but I've had to stop recently. I swear Sasuke believes I'll break every time I'm with child! Oh well, there isn't much I can do about it, and keeping up with two toddlers is enough exercise as it is.

Tonight I read Reiji and Kiyoshi a fairytale in their nursery before they were put to bed. I heard Sasuke listening before he even appeared in the doorway, and invited him in. He smirked at me as he sat with the three of us, and Reiji seemed unsettled throughout the story.

When we were finished, she asked me how I knew that Sasuke was there. I exchanged a glance with Sasuke before smiling at her and answering, "I heard it in the echo of a faerie."

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