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Pain and suffering was always the first thing on people's mind during a war. And after it ends, it just felt worst. The war may have been at an ending, but the pain would last for a long time, maybe a lifetime. It would hurt the survivors of the war to think about their friends and families that had been lost during the horrific battles. And it hurt even now.

His face was aching as he awoke from the darkness; waking to the feeling of a cool hand touching his brow, caressing his skin. The one doing it was someone he knew well. He had known her since they were both younger, though he was older than her by a few years.
"...R-Rin..." Kakashi Hatake tried to murmur, but his voice cracked off in pain. He felt the stinging sensation in the left side of his face, where he knew he had lost his eye to a terrible battle wound. He could see her sitting above him with his remaining one though.

His young friend, Rin Hayashi smiled faintly down at him as she looked his face over. There was blood on the side of his head, covering the cut over his left eye. He was very pale and weak from what he had gone through. Of course, she had been the same. But at least she hadn't lost anything as he did. She felt for him, pity.
"It's okay. Just rest." Rin whispered to him. "I'm still healing you. It's just going to hurt for a minute but your new eye will stop aching once I'm done." She told him.
It took Kakashi a minute to figure out what she had said and once it registered, he frowned. He had been somewhat out of it when Rin had been speaking to their dying friend, now dead, and hadn't heard what they said to each other. But he was starting to get the idea because of the gentle pulse that was happening under his left eyelid.

"...new eye?"

Rin nodded slowly as she lifted her hand, concentrating on bring out her chakra. She made circular motions with her hand, calling on her chakra to make a mirror like energy sit in the air. Kakashi looked up at it, seeing the pale but bloody face of a 14 year old who had just seen too much blood spilt. It took him a minute to even recognize himself. He saw how weak he looked and all the blood all over his left side of his face. The deep scar that ran from over his eyebrow to beneath his closed eye. It was somewhat healed but something seemed different.
And when he decided to take the chance to see his ruined, mutilated eye, he saw the eye that did not belong to him. A red and black eye; a Sharingan.

"Wh-what..." The silver white haired Jounin began in shock.

Rin lowered her hand but the chakra mirror stated airbourne. Her head lowered in sadness as did her chocolate colored eyes. "Obito...before he died. He made me promise to give it to you. He wanted you to have it, to use it to help people." She felt tears stinging her own eyes as she started to break. "This is all my fault! If...If only I hadn't...hadn't gone to...Obito...!" She sobbed, covering her eyes. "Oh, Obito would still be here! I'm so sorry, Kakashi, Obito! Please, forgive me!"

Kakashi looked up at her with surprise but then felt a wave of sympathy wash over him. He felt sorry for her. He knew that she had known Obito for a long time. He had been her first friend, her only friend. Besides himself, Kakashi. And even he wasn't much of a friend to her. He had been rude to her, insulted her with petty names and yet she still cared for him. And now, her best friend was dead.
Painfully, Kakashi sat up and wrapped his arms around Rin, pulling her close to him. "It's...it's going to be okay, Rin. I promise. I'll protect you." he told her, as gently as he could.

Rin sniffed heavily as she rest her head on his shoulder, her hand on his chest. "Y-you shouldn't have to...Kashi...it's my fault." She sobbed.

"It is not." Kakashi told her sternly as he pulled away and looked at her. He even placed a hand on her chin to make her look up at him. "Rin, if it's anyone's fault it's mine. I shouldn't have called you annoying and useless. I provoked you. It's my fault that Obito's dead. I won't let you take the blame." he told her.
Rin just looked up at his mismatched eyes, noticing how it twitched painfully. She just shook her head as she reached up and touched his temple, calling on her chakra to heal him. She fixed his eye, readjusting it for him, much to his discomfort. And finally, she finished healing him. "Kakashi, promise me something." Rin requested as she gave him some of her chakra for strength.

Kakashi's brow furrowed but he slowly nodded. "Anything."

Rin gave him a sad smile as she stood up, pulling him to his feet. "Become a powerful and wise Shinobi for me, for Obito. Use Obito's Sharingan to protect others and yourself." She told him.
Kakashi stood there staring at her for a minute before he felt a wave of dread passing over him. He quickly grabbed her hand and held it, as if she was about ti disappear forever. And he she was. "R-Rin, what are you doing?" He asked in a warning tone. "What are you planning?" He hadn't liked the way she had just talked to him and he refused to let her do anything that would he would regret later.
Rin lowered her head sadly, tears starting to stream down her tattooed cheeks. "I...I can't go home, Kashi, and face my parents. Not with this heartache. I can't even face you, but I have to. I need you to tell Arashi-sensai, everyone that I died too."

"NO!" Kakashi gasped as he clutched her hand tighter. "Rin, don't do this. I can't...I can't do this...I promised..."

Rin shushed him with her other hand, tears really running down her cheeks now. "Kakashi, please. Just do it for me. I can't go back and let everyone look at me the way they used to. I can't. I have to go away." She tilted her head sadly when he tried to protest again. "I'll come back someday. I promise. But I need everyone to think I'm dead. Please, as my dearest friend. Make everyone believe I'm dead." She begged.

Kakashi slowly shook his head, tears filling his eyes. He couldn't do it. He refused. He didn't want Rin to go away. He had promised Obito that he would take care of her, protect her. But she was asking him to do the impossible.

And as if she read his mind, Rin gave him a sad smile. "I'll miss you too, Kakashi. But I have to do this." She told him. She stood on her tippy toes to place her lips near his ear. "Goodbye, my sweet Kashi." She then kissed him gently on the cheek before she vanished in a puff of lavendar smoke. Rin left Kakashi with a painful ache in his chest and tears streaming down his cheeks, soaking his mask that rested around his neck.

Sadly enough, he did as Rin had asked.

As he left the cavern, where Obito had been crushed, going to find his sensai. And when he found the Fourth Hokage, Arashi Uzumaki, he was immediately asked where Rin and Obito was.
"...they're gone, sensai." Kakashi spoke sadly. "They were killed by the enemy. I'm the only one left." He told his sensai and he proved Obito's death by showing him the new Sharigan eye that he possessed.

It was sad enough for Kakashi to let his friends go but he was going to do as they asked. He was going to become the famous Copy Ninja Kakashi, the Sharingan Kakashi.
And as the years rolled by, through his many missions, Kakashi never saw Rin again. So he really believed her dead, believed that she was gone.

Even though she was gone, she was alive.