She's Mine

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When a letter arrived informing Sasuke Uchiha that he was a father! The bachelor set out to find his child. But her little girl had been given away, the only way to his daughter was through her adoptive and widowed mother Hinata Hyuga. This is a War between the two of them, will Hinata fall for Sasuke's plan? Or end up losing her little girl? SasuHin


Sasuke Uchiha read the letter a second time, not believing the words on the white linen stationary. His hand shook as he looked up at his closest friend and attorney.

"My god, how could Sakura have done this to me?"

"From what her lawyer told me, she didn't know she was pregnant until after she got to L.A " Naruto U explained as he sat on the corner of the mahogany desk, his voice calm, yet his concern for his friend evident.

Sasuke whisked the letter in front of Naruto's nose. "she says she told her lawyer I was dead and put the baby up for adoption because she knew I'd never let her put her career before a child. Am I such an ogre that she couldn't at least tell me?"

Naruto scanned Sasuke's six foot two athletic stature. " of cores not. You just never realize exactly how selfish Sakura was. She knew you'd want to keep the child, and she'd always be tied to you and the baby if you did. She didn't want that responsibility."

"And now she's dead and I've missed five years of my daughter's life!" Sasuke restrained the anger that roll through him, threatening to explode. He swore viciously and swung around to stare at the Tokyo skyline from Naruto's seventh story window as he realize that if Sakura hadn't been killed, he might never known he had a daughter. A daughter!

A moment later, he felt Naruto's hand on his shoulder. They'd seen friends since college and understood each other well. Although Naruto's specialty was corporate law and he handled Sasuke's business matters, he advised Sasuke's personal matters, too. " beside assuaging Sakura's guilt, Sasuke bastard, this letter's a gift. If she hadn't written it and left it with her attorney, you could have missed more than five years of your daughter's life."

Though Sakura's death was a shock, Sasuke wasn't surprised it had happened in his red sports car. He constantly worried about her penchant for speed in that vehicle.. As well as her drive to get to the top in her profession. She left Tokyo for a position in the L.A. California because she decided furthering her career by becoming vice president of a company was more important than their relationship. Today he learn than she also considered her career more important than their child.

Naruto dropped his hand to his side. "she left you more than the letter. Apparently her guilt got the best of her when she was on her deathbed. She left you blood samples."

Sasuke face his friend. "I don't understand."

"If a DNA typing lab has the blood sample of the mother, child and alleged father, paternity can be determined with practical certainly. On her order, Sakura's attorney had her blood samples sent to a respected and reliable lab in L.A"

Sasuke wondered if Sakura had left the letter and blood samples because she once care or because, as Naruto suspected, guilt had eaten at her.

Naruto continued, "I did some checking after her lawyer called me. I felt I should know the facts about the adoption so I could prepare you."

But Sasuke didn't let Naruto prepare him. As usual, he cut off his friend's preamble and platitude and ordered him to cut to the bottom line. That's when Naruto had handed Sasuke the letter from Sakura, the letter she directed her lawyer to open on her death. The enormity of the information enclosed was starting to sink in.

His jaw set, his broad shoulders straight, Sasuke faced the circumstances head-on. " what did you find out?"

Naruto picked up the notes on his desk. " The couple who adopted your daughter took her home the day after she was born. They adopted privately for a reason. Hinata Hyuga was eighteen and her husband was fifty. The PI's report said her husband had a low sperm count and with him that age, they would have had a problem going through an agency."

Sasuke paced across the oriental rug. "I never could understand a match with that kind if ages difference. What could they possibly have in common? When my daughter is sixteen…"

"it wont matter, Sasuke. Her Husband died of a heart attack two years ago, Hinata Hyuga is a widow."

Sasuke stood still. Thank god he had money. He'd learned at an early age that it was a persuasive tool, that it could buy him information and services and bend minds to his way of thinking. " where does this Hinata women live?"

"L.A California"

Sasuke raked his fingers through his thick black hair. "draw up papers for visitation rights for now. I want to file custody but first I need to know the situation." crossing to the desk, he lifted the receiver on Naruto's intercom and buzzed the lawyer's secretary. "Ino, it's Sasuke. Get me the first flight out to L.A. California. And find the fastest flight to L.A because I am leaving tomorrow."

Naruto nodded, then frowned. "Sasuke, you cant just go racing out there."

"why not?"

"because you don't want to scare this women. You don't want to put your chances for custody in jeopardy."

"Save the arguments for boardroom negotiations, Naruto. I'm going to see my daughter and the sooner the better."

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