She's Mine

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When a letter arrived informing Sasuke Uchiha that he was a father! The bachelor set out to find his child. But her little girl had been given away, the only way to his daughter was through her adoptive and widowed mother Hinata Hyuuga. This is a War between the two of them, will Hinata fall for Sasuke's plan? Or end up losing her little girl? SasuHin

Chapter 4: New Trust

Sasuke used the rowing machine in the hotel's gym more to relieve tension than to work out. Try as he would, he couldn't get the picture out of his head of Hanabi comforting Hinata. Or Hinata pushing Emilia on the swing, or hugging her, or looking at her with enough love to prepare her for life. To many parents didn't know where to begin to guide their kids. His father sure haven't, he's only known how to relate to adults, adults he could command, or use to get what he wanted. He used Sasuke the same way. Of it hadn't been for his mother…

Sakura, Sasuke hadn't realize how much he cared for her until the day she told him her career was more important than he was and any future they might have. He'd felt betrayed and manipulated into a relationship he'd had every intension of forging into a strong marriage. But one person couldn't make a marriage, and as he discovered, Sakura had no intention of trying. She needed his contacts and his family's social status to further her career. And she'd done it.

He' been bitter and angry until it had eaten away any joy he could find in life. Then somehow , after his father died and Sasuke had too much work to accomplish to take time to eat or sleep, he'd realized the anger and bitterness had faded, leaving caution and a defensive detachment in its wake. He got involved with women, but he never let his heart get involved, too. Never again.

He's been rowing with such a feverish determination that the gym attendant gave him a warning glare. As the sweat dripped from Sasuke's brow, he slowed down and again saw Hinata's image in front of his eyes. From what he'd seen, she was a different type of woman from those he'd known. The anguish on her face when he'd said he might go for custody had twisted his heart.

Swearing, he stopped rowing. He though about Hinata and her feelings, really thought about them, for the first time. How would he feel it he'd adopted and natured a child and someone charged into his life demanding time, rights, custody? He'd use every iota of strength he possesses to hold on tightly, to explore every option so he didn't have to give an inch.

Yes, he'd made an appointment with the lawyer Naruto had recommended. But he suddenly realized that, at this point, a lawyer and decrees would only make Hinata more stubborn, more possessive, more determine to hold on to her daughter with both hands. And what would that do to Emilia?

A few hours later, Sasuke stood at Hinata's front door rather than her office door. He rang the bell and waited.

When she came to the foyer and saw him, he sweetly curved mouth tightened to a disapproving frown. "We have nothing to discuss."

"I know you want to slam the door in my face. And I don't blame you. You think I'm trying to take something away from you. But that's not true."

"not something. My daughter."

He tried a different tack, forcing his voice to remain calm. " you and I are intelligent enough to know that lawyers are going to complicate this."

She hesitated for a moment. "Exactly what do you want? I wont let you disrupt Emilia's life."

"Then help me not to. Let's work something out between us that will benefit all of us."

Hinata shook her head. "you want to benefit yourself, Mr. Uchiha. Are you really thinking about Emilia at all, let alone me?"

"Let's go to dinner and discuss it." Before she could deny him without thinking about it, he pressed on. "A dinner cant hurt. Neither can talking." He saw fear flicker in her eyes. Unreasonably he didn't want her to fear him. He didn't want her to fear anyone. "what do you say?"

"I cant tonight. I promised Emilia I'd take her for pizza."

"and you don't break your promises."

"Not if I can help it."

He wanted to go alone with them. He wanted to get close to his daughter, and he also wanted to find out more about Hinata. She's been reserved around him before she'd known what he wanted. Was she that way with everyone? "Tomorrow night, then."

"Let me think about it. I'll let you know."

If he back off now, it might pay off in the long run. "I'll be waiting to hear from you." but he wouldn't wait too long.

Her hand were clutched in front of her, he forehead creased with worry. Before he knew it came from, he found himself reassuring her. " Hinata, I don't want to harm you or Emilia in any way."

"That remains to be seen."

Her walls were sturdily in place. Sasuke understood walls. He wondered about the reasons behind Hinata's.


Sasuke waited two days. He want's good at waiting, never been. Finally, taking matters into his won hands, he went to a deli and had a picnic dinner prepared.

Walking up to Hinata's door again, he wondered if he should have bought fast food instead. Two late now. He felt more certain about the two foot color stuffed parrot he'd brought for Emilia. What kid wouldn't like it?

The sky was more gray than blue. The weather report had called for showers with the warmer weather, but before she started supper. Ringing her front door bell, his gut tightened. Tonight could make the difference between peace and hostility.

Hinata came to the door, he flowered blouse and peach split skirt making the day seem brighter. She saw the parrot and frowned. The tension inside him increased.

"I was going to call you later."

"To tell me…" he prompted.

"That I called your lawyer, Naruto Uzumaki. He assured me everything you've told me is true. I was going to accept your invitation to dinner."

She didn't sound happy about the decision. Sasuke lifted the deli bag and smiled, hoping to coax one from her. "I brought it with me.'

'I wasn't planning on tonight."

"you have plans?"

She stared at the buttons on his red polo shirt. "No."

"Does Emilia like picnics?"

After a quick appraisal down his navy causal slacks that registered neither approval nor disapproval, she said, "I though we'd talk …alone.'

"we can . But if we have a mouthful of potato salad we'll have less opportunity to be at each other's throats."

"Mr. Uchiha…"

"And that has got to go. Sasuke. Try it."

She look unsure, as it this situation were already beyond her control. Afraid she's back out altogether, he encourage, "C'mon. it's easier to say than Rumpelstiltskin."

She made the connection right away. "I wish there was a magic word to make this all go away."

"I know."

She tilted her head and searched his face. He felt uncomfortable, as if she could see far too much. Maybe even into the loneliness that made him want a relationship with his daughter.

Opening the screen door, she said, "All right… Sasuke, come in."

She backed up so he didn't have to brush by her. Her expression said one false move and she'd not only call her lawyer but the police too.

Shifting the parrot from the crook of his arm to his hand, he asked, "Think Emilia will like it?"

"presents aren't necessary."

"Maybe not for you." he could imagine what Hinata was thinking, that he wanted to be a type of Santa Claus to Emilia to win her over. If presents would do it, he wasn't beyond buying them. And Hinata couldn't control what he gave his daughter.

Obviously realizing that, Hinata said, "She's in the kitchen. You're not going to tell her-"

"I wont say anything. Yet."

Hinata brushed her hair behind her ear. Naruto Uzumaki had not only confirmed Sasuke's information as accurate, but assured her that Sasuke Uchiha was a prominent member of the community and a man of good character. But having Sasuke in her office was one thing; having him in her living room was another. She could hope she was doing the right thing, for her and Emilia.

Hinata had also called Neji her lawyer and faxed him a copy of Sakura's letter. Because of the letter, along with Sasuke willingness to take a paternity test, her attorney had urged her to try to keep relations with him civil. Being civil when she was scared to tips of her toes that she could lose her daughter was a bit difficult. Beside the fact that he made all of her nerve ending stand on end. Whenever he got close, she…tingled.


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