Rated mostly for language (meaning NO yaoi, lemons, etc.), but I guess there's a bit of shonen ai? Nothing at all graphic. Inspired by SlvrSoleAlchmst1

Mello licked his lips, lapping up every molecule of chocolate that remained from the last bite before sinking his teeth into the bar once more. His fingers were flying across the keyboard in a clicking blur. He had one goal in his mind. Well, technically it was two goals, but the only way to achieve one was to achieve the other. Defeat Near. Capture Kira. Those two phrases had been running through his mind for a while now, especially the first one. It was nearing 4 in the morning, but Mello couldn't stop searching and hacking, searching and hacking, searching and – wow, he never had dinner, did he? His stomach growled piteously through the skintight leather, pleading for something other than chocolate. Shit, Mello thought. He was so close, him and Near were right on Kira's tail. Stopping to do something as mundane as eat a meal sounded stupid, even weak, to Mello's ears. His head was pounding painfully from lack of sleep, but he had gotten used to that, just like he had gotten used to the pangs in his stomach. Every time one of them got particularly painful he just voraciously chomped another bite of chocolate. Which was getting to taste kinda empty. I'm in the process of catching a fucking murderer, I'm not going to stop for crap like eating or sleeping until I beat that little self righteous fuck that has a head big enough to call himself God… He fingered the cross hanging around his neck and clenched his eyes shut. I'm the one that's going to find that punkass. I'll find him before that….that….kid does… Mello's blood was starting to boil at thoughts of Near and Kira. A few deep steadying breaths later, he started to open his eyes to get back to work. Ughh I never should have closed them, Mello realized. He had gone almost four days without a wink of sleep, and he couldn't remember the last time he had eaten something other than his stack of chocolate, or drank anything other than the glasses of water that appeared every few hours or so. He had a feeling Matt didn't want him to accidentally dehydrate himself. Right now, dehydration wasn't as much the problem. The fact that he so longed to sleep, and eat, was. He couldn't, he just couldn't.

Defeat Near. Capture Kira. Okay, eyes are fully open. Now turn to the computer again. Defear Near. Capture Kira. Place hands on the keyboard. Good job, Mello. Defeat Near. Capture Kira. Click on that button. Oh no, stomach's growling again….let's hope the striped lump on the couch has fallen asleep and didn't hear that. Defeat Near. Capture Kira. Dammit. Head spinning slightly…nope, more than slightly. Chocolate slipping out of mouth…oh, eating would sound so good if these eyes would just stay open…Stomach growling really loud….ouch, it hurts…it hurts…


Defeat Near. Capture Kira. Who said that? What's happening? Falling off the chair…oh God…it hurts….need to eat….need to remain conscious…no, must sleep…NO! Defeat Near. Capture Kira. Defeat Near. Capture Kira. "It hurts…."

"Mello!" It was Matt's voice, coming from somewhere above Mello's head. " What hurts? What the hell, you're practically unconscious! Have you eaten or slept at all?"

"M-Matt…" Mello's voice was foreign to him, he hadn't used it in days. "I…can't stop…I have to do it…I have to…" Where am I? I'm not on the chair anymore. Ok, take a moment, think it through….I think I'm lying down…but not on a bed…What the fuck, is Matt holding me? He squirmed weakly, yes, those were definitely his friend's strong limbs cradling him.

"Have to what, Mello?" Matt had stuck one arm around Mello's shoulders and inserted another in the crook of his knees, so he was, actually quite literally, cradling him. "Kill yourself? Because that's what you're doing, you idiot. Starving and not sleeping isn't gonna solve this case. You're getting too into it! You need some sleep, now." Matt stood gingerly, ready to carry Mello to the bed. "Holy shit, Mello!" He spat the cigarette onto the floor in surprise and stared into the blonde's face. "You weigh almost nothing." There was fear in Matt's voice. Mello was supposed to be strong, fierce, invincible. This frail creature in his arms wasn't the man he knew. It was scary, but at the same time, Matt couldn't help but give a small smile. He doubted anyone else in the world had ever lived to see Mello this…unguarded. The black leather was less forbidding without the pure hatred emanating from it. All Matt wanted to do was hold Mello's shuddering body close to his own and embrace it, basking in the warmth of his friend without having to worry about having his head ripped off in return. But this wasn't the time for that.

"It doesn't matter what I weigh, moron," Mello coughed with a hint of his old self. "Put me down!" He tried to beat against Matt's chest, but his arms were weak from doing nothing but typing for days. His fingers slid down Matt's collarbone in defeat, causing chills to shoot down Matt's spine in response to the weakness he was holding as well as the sensation the slim digits had created. "I…I have to….I can't rest….I told you already! I have to!" His stomach growled angrily as Matt laid him on the bed.

"And I told you, I have no idea what you "have to" do," Matt responded roughly. "But before you do whatever it is, you're going to sleep for a few hours, and then you're going eat something. Don't even try arguing," he added as Mello opened his mouth. "you can't even stand, much less argue."

"But I have to…"

"Have to WHAT?" Mello could barely wrap his mind around the fact that Matt didn't know, the mantra had been pounding into his head for so long.

"Defeat Near. Capture Kira."

Matt rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. Well, you're not gonna do that when you can't move. Come on, just get some rest. It'll do you good."

Mello wanted so much to comply, but something was nagging at him. He pried his protesting eyes open to gaze at the concerned redhead above him. The pillow and mattress and blanket…oh god, it felt better than sex. He was already half asleep.

"Matt?" he breathed.

"Yeah?" Matt was loosening Mello's body hugging clothes so he could breathe easier, even though they had already loosened considerably due to Mello's terrifyingly quick weight loss. His fingers, experienced though video games, nipped across Mello's shirt, his shoes, and – here those fingers faltered a bit with embarrassment – the ropes in his pants.

"How come you're being so nice to me?" It sounded childish, not Mello-like at all. He hated the way his voice sounded at that moment.

"I hate seeing you like this, Mello. I want my ferocious friend back, not this starving thing," Matt laughed. No, no, he didn't get it, that's not what Mello meant…he meant in general, for all of their lives. The truth was, the question had been bothering him for quite a long time. Every day for years, he cursed and complained and commanded everyone around him, especially Matt. He couldn't help it, it was just who he was. Matt never left, though. Sure they might have had a couple fights when Mello went too over the top, but Matt always let Mello's insults and fists brush by him as if they didn't hurt. And the next morning he'd be sitting on the couch with a cigarette in his mouth and a game in his hand, just waiting for Mello to storm in and tell him what to do. Most people who tried to get close to Mello just stayed for the money and then left, but Matt never did. Matt had always been there, protesting, lazy, but there, helping Mello more than he could ever know. And getting almost nothing in return. Mello didn't understand it.

"No, I mean always…you're always so nice to me…and I, well, I treat you like shit half the time. If I were you, I would have killed me by now…" Mello wanted to sleep so badly, but he had to get this out. And somehow, this felt like the right time. "How come you've put up with me for so long?"

The question startled Matt.

"Honestly? I don't have a clue. You're an interesting person, Mello. I've been with you all my life, I think I'm practically addicted to you." The words had started to pour out of his mouth, but he knew they were all true. He stroked the wheatlike hair I don't know what the hell I'd do without having to clean up your messes. I guess….I don't know….hanging around you has become a part of me." You have become a part of me, he thought with a smile.

"Oh…" Mello didn't know what to say. Crap, maybe I should have waited til I was conscious to ask that… "Thanks…" Matt laughed.

"No prob. Now come on, please. Get some rest," Matt insisted. Mello let a playful grin that was half a smirk flutter across his lips for a single moment. Then with a deep breath (and that grin still on his face), he fell into a relieved deep sleep. Matt laughed again, softer now, at that cocky smile. Half dead and still smirking…there's my Mello. He couldn't help himself. He allowed his lips to caress Mello's forehead in a brief chaste kiss before walking into the kitchen to make the guy some food. Addicted, huh? Guess that's true. He stopped in the living room to pick up a cigarette. We're getting addicted to a lot of stuff these days, even Mello's fricken addicted to his goals…Defeat Near. Capture Kira. Jeez…I wonder if we'll ever break these crazy habits?

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