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Chapter 14

Darkened Belief

Namine POV:

They quickly led me out of the room, away from Roxas. I jumped when the door slammed behind me, it was dark, and honestly I was scarred --- more than that even, I was terrified.

Not only for my life, but for his.

For Roxas.

Because I knew what they could to --- what they planned to do.

I listened, and listened and when I finally heard of his arrival, or more to say his imprisonment, I formed a plan and escaped from my own cell as soon as the opportunity arose.

I just needed to see him --- I need to warn him, and I need to see if he was okay, because deep down…he meant something to me, and even though it was hard to admit, I really did care about him. And sometimes I wish he cared about me as just as much; my mind instantly rocketed back to the scene that took place in his cell…love.

I almost laughed out loud, what a silly thought.

Of course he would never love me…he couldn't, his life was probably too consuming as it is, he probably never thought about me…at least not as much as I thought about him.

I could still hear their voices, the metal door could only block out so much, they were talking about me…that evil man was probably taunting Roxas again.

I squinted my eyes, even though such an action would have no affect on my hearing, and tried to listen to them and pick up on the important words said --- in short I was attempting eavesdropping, but I didn't get far because...

Suddenly a hand wrapped around my forearm and someone squeezed it lightly; they were trying to get my attention. I ignored them at first; I was still trying to listen.

"Namine?" A voice rang in the darkness; I instantly scowled, knowing exactly who this was and probably what they wanted.

"What?" I spat, for one they had interrupted my attempted spying session, and for two…they had betrayed me.

Sensing my tone he flung right into apologizes and excuses, "Namine, if you will just let me explain ---" He began, in a pleading voice, but I cut him off, I was tired of hearing the same excuses, this excuse in particular --- because they just weren't good enough, you don't betray your friends. Period.

"Axel I don't want to hear it." I spat, he tried to speak again, probably another fake explanation as to why I found him handing Roxas's limp, helpless body over to Xemnas himself. "You betrayed us…and more importantly him…you did this to Roxas; you are the reason why he is in captivity right now!" My voice was loud, and against the silence it rung like a furious bell.

"I didn't ---" Axel sputtered, beginning again, I wouldn't hear it…not this time, not ever. I was done listening.

"No Axel, you did…you knew exactly what you were doing…just like you know what you are doing right now." I paused lightly, taking in a deep breath before continuing, "I mean, for all I know by the way you are gripping my arm you could be leading me off to my death," I chuckled appropriately at my words, it was ironic, at one time I actually believed that Axel would be doing to opposite --- helping us, not hurting us.

I was just too gullible, how could I even assume that people would help us…it was just us, no help offered, me and Roxas against the world…and lucky us, we failed.

"I would never do that…" He weakly assured, his sounded lost --- broken. He only had himself to blame.

"Oh really?" I questioned sarcastic annoyance coating my words, "Then what exactly did you think you were doing when you brought Roxas here?"

Axel tried to speak, but I wouldn't let him, I needed to finish, I needed to say this --- for Roxas, I needed to defended him somehow. "He trusted you Axel." I let the words sink in, and I felt Axel's grip on my arm loosen, "He actually thought you were his friend when you were really his enemy, how does that make you feel Axel, all that deception…it must do wonders for your heart."

He didn't reply, I knew what I said was harsh, but it needed to be said none the less. He betrayed us, he intentionally placed Roxas in the hands of death, but the worst part is he didn't even have the courage to do that malicious deed openly; he deceived me, and more importantly Roxas --- he betrayed his own friend, and he did it without even a second thought.

When he didn't reply I lifted my eyes to his…he was staring directly at me, as if I was the cause of all his pain and all his misery. "What happened to you?" He questioned bitterly, and I was a little taken back at his question. "You used to be so kind…and now ---" I replied by cutting him off, "and now I have been betrayed, I finally opened my eyes and realized that the world I live in isn't a nice place…and now I am hurt; I don't feel pure or innocent anymore…" I harshly confessed, allowing my voice to lower at the truth in my words…it was so true, I didn't feel innocent anymore. I have gone through so much, experienced so many things and ironically experience is the exact opposite of innocence.

I slowly raised my eyes to Axel's and they were sad, regretful even, and I felt a small, hopeful smile beginning to creep up on my lips. I still believed that Axel was good; he just got mixed up in some bad things, and made some bad choices…

But just as soon as this almost warm and comforting moment began it abruptly ended because the metal door swung open, slamming against the wall to reveal a slightly angry but mostly satisfied Xemnas. Axel tore his gaze from mine just as he emerged, and then quickly closed the door. Xemnas had finally appeared from the metal room…the one that contained Roxas cell, with fierce eyes and a cold expression on his already ugly features.

His gaze went directly to Axel and I noticed Axel nod before he turned away from the silver haired dictator to look at the rest of the group, "Take her away," Axel commanded quietly, I looked up at him, allowing my eyes to bore into the side of his face, but he refused to look at me…he was guilty --- I could feel it, but there was nothing he could do, no amount of regret or pain could change the past, and most likely the future as well.

Even if he refused to look at me I still spoke, just before I was dragged further down the hall and out of his sight, "You will to the right thing Axel, because deep down I know you care."

And then they led me away, down the dark hall, away from Roxas and Axel, to my own personal hell.


"Namine, darling?" His chilling voice broke the icy silence in my cell, and I shivered at the thought of his unwanted presence. It had only been minuets since I was placed back within these familar confinding walls and my false peace was already being taken away again.

"Go away." I said flatly, too sad and confused to add any amount of emotion to my words.

"Alright then, I will let myself in," He said to no surprise ignoring my words completely, to him what I thought was of no real value.

"What do you want Xemnas?" I spat, unable to control my annoyance. I might be a prisoner, but before that I was a princess and still am one --- a fact that he had clearly forgotten.

"I just wanted to let you know how productive my talk with Roxas went," He cooed, unable to resist the disturbing smirk that was slowly crawling on his lips.

"You wouldn't…" I warned, unable to bring myself to believe that he had actually attempted and succeeded to convince Roxas of anything.

"Oh but I would, darling," His smile was wide now as evil satisfaction was beaming from his eyes. I knew he had gone too far, but to him it was just the beginning.

"Don't call me that!" I spat, attempting to pretend that his remark about Roxas had not fazed me at all --- when in actuality, ever since those significant words were uttered my mind had be focused solely on Roxas --- and his now controlled fate.

"As if you have a say about anything in your life anymore," he laughed, momentarily playing along with my game.

"I have some control," I stated weakly, his eyes were watching my intently, and were scarily boring into mine --- he was breaking me, and he knew that he would succeed.

"Oh please intrigue me, and tell me how so," He cooed, clearly interested in seeing how I would defend myself this time.

"I could kill myself," I threatened, knowing I had nothing left but my life. I was relying on the fact that he cared enough about the outcome of his cause to care about my life and how grand a role it played in his scheme.

"That is an empty threat…especially with Roxas here you wouldn't dare," He rightfully countered --- he was right, his words were true, with Roxas here I wouldn't even attempt to end my life, because Xemnas knew that Roxas and I needed each other --- and it was his knowledge of this fact that worried me the most.

"Watch me…you need me Xemnas, and I am no good dead, I know that," I argued, still able to hold my strong facade.

"You are nothing but a tool…just something to lure Roxas in, and now that he is here, your job is done…finished…over, permanently," I knew he was speaking of my death, his words were so obviously hinting at my demise.

"I only want Roxas to be safe," I whispered, knowing that the fight was over --- possibly, even,before it had begun.

"Too late for false hopes don't you think?" He inquired, toying --- playing with the contours of my mind.

"Never," I firmly stated, hope was all I had --- all I had to give Roxas. I begged that the only gift I had to give would never disappear completely.

"What a strong persona, too bad it is all going to waste --- we would have gladly used you if we knew your potential, but plans have already been made…" He mumbled, rubbing his fingertips over his chin.

"I would never want to be apart of this sick twisted organization!" I yelled appalled at the thought…me --- killing, deceiving, destroying…all for personal gain, never.

"Roxas does…" Xemnas cooed, the smile crawling back onto his lips.

"No he doesn't, he is better than that…I hope," As my sentence dragged on my voice became weaker and weaker, were my words true...or were they just what I had willed myself to believe. No, I needed to belive, I couldn't allow myself to doubt --- for Roxas sake I needed to hope, but...but what if hope was slowly leaving me now.

"He won't be when he finds out you're dead…at the news of your death he will become nothing --- a blank slate, and the only emotions he will know are hate and misery --- he will willingly accept our offer…guaranteed." He assured smiling maliciously; and my eyes widened as I realized the truth to his words, and the falseness of my own. Roxas was good --- but only when he had something to believe in; when he had nothing…and all he knew was nothing --- I winced at the thought of Roxas standing among the wreckage, in a black cloak --- just like the rest of them --- heartless and utterly alone.

I couldn't reply, his words were impossibly…true. I looked down, and for the first time I desperately wished that Roxas did not care of me as much as I did for him.

I never knew heartlessness could save a life.

"You have one hour, don't waste it," and with those sick, twisted, careless words he turned and left my nearly comforting cell.

One hour…till my death? Don't waste it…I won't --- I am going to help Roxas save himself, I couldn't let him turn just because of me --- me and my weakness.

I abruptly stood up, and my vision instantly went blurry and I steadied myself against the wall. My mind felt woozy and a sharp pain electrocuted my body. Pain --- this has been happening more frequently now, I was slowly weakening --- but no matter, more important things were at hand. So I steadied myself, took a few deep breaths, and pulled myself away from the wall.

I couldn't die, I assured myself…I needed to live, for Roxas --- he needed to have hope. Because hope was the only thing keeping his from falling over the edge.

"Namine?" His voice rang, and echoed through my cement layered cell. I shot my head to the side, Axel…he had stayed behind after the others had left.

"Yes," I said a little harsher than intended.

"Are you alright?" He questioned, sounding genially concerned.

"Since when do you care?" I spat, the crossed my arms and sent him a questioning glare.

"I have always cared." He pleaded, lowering his voice an octave to express his sadness.

"No! --- no, don't lie to me! I was awake that night --- I heard you, and all the horrible things you were planning to do." I stuttered, the memory coming back in blocks. Axel --- Rinoa --- locking Roxas out, talk about destroying Roxas. The memory never left me --- it never would, something so strong and significant is impossible to forget.

"Sometimes people don't have choices --- that night I didn't have a choice…" He falsely concluded, attempting to make excuses for the stupid, inconsiderate, choices he has made.

"That is not true; you always have a choice," I said, contradicting his words; I was a perfect example of choice --- I had nothing, I was limited in every aspect of life, yet, I still had control over my own actions.

"You're right," His words too my off guard and I let silence flow between us, "Now I do --- and tonight I am making the right choice," He said, with more confidence than before. A click sounded, breaking the silence of my empty cell; I turned to look directly at him, a large smirk was on his lips and my prison door was hanging open, "If I heard correctly you have an hour, right?"

I nodded, too grateful for words.

"Go," he ordered pulling the door wider for me.

"Thank you," I said breathlessly as I passed him.

"Don't thank me yet, just because I set you free doesn't mean I won't be the one to imprison you again." He threatened, but I knew he said it with kindness in his heart.

"Words of a true friend," I said, and then I ran, hoping desperately that I wasn't already too late.


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