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This is my second attempt at a solo story because my first one didn't go so well…in fact, it was downright pathetic. So this is Harry here again, writing a new fan-fic and hoping that you all will like it. Without further ado, I present:

The Cullens plus Amusement Park equals DISASTER!

Bella POV

I had just finished another Cooking Class 101 with Charlie. Today's exciting lesson was all about the Miracle of Cereal. Turns out Charlie had poured his first bowl of cereal today and needed a little guidance. At least that way, after I was changed into a vampire, Charlie could whip up some cereal to save himself from starvation. After I had demonstrated how to use a spoon to actually EAT the cereal, and Charlie insisted that he knew what he was doing, I wandered off to my room. As I shut the door behind me, I perched myself onto my bed. I gazed around the room, looking for something to do, and my eyes fell upon a picture. I walked over to the picture and picked it up, dropping it the second I realized what it was.

This was no ordinary picture. This was the picture given to me by Alice, and it was from the last sleepover we had had. In the picture stood me, Rosalie and Alice along with…Aro. We all had our arms around each other and we were all wearing scandalously skimpy lingerie. ME? Pose SO OPENLY in a picture wearing LINGERIE? I didn't remember that. I don't even think I would EVER do that! That wasn't the worst part though. I unwillingly looked at Aro and my eyes BURNED. Aro had his arm around my waist and was wearing a horribly tight, fire red Speedo. I gagged and cringed and made a mental note to burn that picture at the first chance I got, as well as ask Alice why I didn't remember any of this…

I looked up from the picture and found myself staring at Edward. I shoved the picture under my bed as he crossed the room and pulled me into his arms. "Alice saw that you were bored. So I'm taking you over to my place!" Edward said brightly.

"Hmm…well I have nothing better to do. Charlie's fed, the dishes are clean and the laundry's done. I guess I'll meet you downstairs then," I said to Edward as he kissed me goodbye and flew out my window. I changed into more appropriate clothing so I didn't look like a complete hobo-slob and walked back downstairs. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I shouted, "I'm going over to Edward's place, Dad. Is that alright?"

Charlie looked grumpy. "Alice will be there right? Well, I guess you can go. DON'T be out too late. I'll be at Billy's," he muttered.

"Sure thing, Dad." I found Edward waiting outside with his Volvo, wearing a huge grin. "Why are you so happy?!" I asked him.

"Carlisle has some great plans for what we can do today. We're having a little family event!" Edward replied, holding the door open for me. I gulped. I hated events. Events of any sort. I sat quietly as Edward drove us to his house too fast, as usual.

When he held open the front door for me, Emmett obscured my field of view with his abnormally large self. "Hi Bella! Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi! It took you long enough…hi Bella!" Emmett was obviously excited about something, but I was afraid to know what.

Alice danced over to me. "Guess what? It's not as great as shopping, but it's going to be a first for all of us." Alice took a deep breath and said, "So you're going to be changed soon, right? Well, Carlisle and Esme thought that we should all have a little "human experience" together before you die! Wanna know what it is?"

"No," I said, my eyes wide with fear. All of the Cullens looked at me with smiles on their perfect faces until…

"WE'RE GOING TO ADVENTURE LAND!!!!" Emmett bellowed out. I didn't get it. What the hell is Adventure Land? Rosalie answered my unanswered question as she came into view.

"Hey, Bella. Adventure Land is an amusement park. We thought we would all head over there to relax and have some fun." The blood drained out of my face. I hated amusement parks with a passion. I was scared of heights and fast moving things.

"You know, we could all just stay here and do something. You didn't have to go to all this trouble…" My voice trailed off as Esme gave me a stern look.

"Now Bella, this is no trouble at all. We all want to go as well!" Esme said. Alice grabbed my hand and pulled me back outside.

"Jasper's waiting for us in Emmett's Jeep. We'll be riding with him and Edward. This is going to be so much fun!" Alice babbled. I let myself get pulled towards hell (again). After the unbearably long car-ride to "Adventure Land", we all stepped out of the Jeep.

I looked up and felt my heart stop. Rides that extended high into the air towered over everything, and I heard an intake of breath at my side. I looked over to see Edward looking –if possible- even paler than usual.

Edward POV

Jasper, Emmett and I had all made bets about who was going to go on the most rides. We had bragged about ourselves and decided the two who went on the least rides would have to succumb to a dare that the winner chose for them. Emmett was stupid enough to think what his dares would be if he won. I found out he would make one of us act gangster while the other would have to be emo, all day. I shuddered at the thought.

As I gazed up at the towering rides above us, I felt a small pang of fear. A couple seconds later, I was hit by wave after wave of panic and horror that was NOT coming from me. I looked around to see Jasper's knees buckling as he collapsed to the ground. WIMP!

Alice ran over to Jasper to support him and scowled. "Oh come on Jasper, you said you wouldn't do this! You said you could control your ability! You said you weren't afraid of anything!" Of course.

Jasper was sending fearful emotions towards all of us. I smirked. I knew who was going to lose the bet the quickest…

Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Esme had arrived while Jasper was trying to recover from his little collapsing incident. Emmett sniggered and walked over to me. He pulled on a football helmet and turned towards the park.

"Let's do this."