The Best Damn Thing

Sesshoumaru grinned as he watched Kagome dancing all on her own. It had taken him six dances – or maybe someone had spiked her drink – but at least she had overcome her fear of dancing in front of people. She was doing pretty good, too. There was a nice little crowd watching her while trying not to look too obvious about it. It was enough to make him laugh.

Inuyasha stalked over and sat down next to him, ignoring the glare Sesshoumaru was giving him. Normally the two brothers got along fairly well – until the topic turned to girls. That was when Sesshoumaru really wished they weren't related. Then he could wring his neck without having his dad try and kill him as well.

"What are you doing over here?" he asked warily. Inuyasha shrugged.

"I think Kikyou and Kagome have something planned." he muttered. "I'm staying out of the way."

Sesshoumaru smirked. "Wouldn't you want to leave the dance then?" he teased. "They have a remarkable habit of being able to find you in any crowd."

"Oh, shut up."

At that moment, all music ceased. The crowd paused for a moment, murmuring until Kikyou stood up on a chair to make herself known. "Excuse me!" she called out. "I would like to take this moment for a special presentation. Hit it, Kagome!"

Inuyasha paled. "Crap."

Kagome spun in a circle as the music started. Inuyasha's eyes widened. "Is that the song I think it is?" he demanded.

Sesshoumaru simply laughed. "It's accurate."

"I hate it when a guy doesn't get the door / even though I told him yesterday and the day before / I hate it when a guy doesn't get the tab / and I have to pull my money out and that looks bad!"

That in and of itself earned a few cheers. Kikyou had an awfully smug look on her face. Wherever this was going, it was something these two had cooked up together, possibly even before the party had ever occurred. Sesshoumaru watched with interest.

"Where are the hopes / where are the dreams / my Cinderella story scene / when do you think they'll finally see?

That you're not, not, not, gonna get any better / you won't, won't, won't, you won't get rid of me never / like it or not even though she's a lot like me / we're not the same!"

That last bit seemed directed at Inuyasha, even though neither of the girls were even paying any attention to him. They were now singing together, ignorant to all the people standing around them.

Amazing how they could get along one minute, and be at each other's throats the next.

"And yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a lot to handle / if you don't know trouble I'm a hell of a scandal / me, I'm a scene, I'm a drama queen / I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen!"

Now it had his attention. Kagome was standing right in front of Sesshoumaru, grinning ear to ear as she held out her hand. "Let's blow this joint."

He grinned in return. "Agreed."


The night found them at the skate park, sitting off to the side on one of the benches while trying to regain their breath. Sesshoumaru snuck a glance at the girl. She was sweating, breathing hard, but smiling the entire time. It looked as if she had truly enjoyed herself.

Suddenly she turned to him with a laugh. "Who's up for round 2?"

He barked out a laugh, breathing hard himself. "What on earth are you?" he teased. He was no where near ready for round two.

Kagome laughed and leaned over to kiss him, pulling back with a mischievous look in her eyes.

"I'm the best damn thing that you've ever seen."