Howsit? GWolf here. This is my new fic, which is acting as a spin off to the anime Heat Guy J focusing on the best anime "werewolf" not featured in porn wink. This takes place two years after the end of the series and will feature all the old crew and some new ones, although a few well known characters will have very reduced roles. The focus is of course on Boma. This prologue is pretty short cause the idea is new. But I'm starting the chapter 1 plan tomorrow so expect good length in-


Boma!!! I'm in the middle of an introduction

Where is my Bunny

Boma shut up

Have you seen my Bunny

No, now go play fetch or something and let me get on with this intro...Boma, what are you doing with that sword...Boma no

Bunny wants me to take your mouth

Gotta run, I like my head where it is thanks. Later all.



Pain wracked his body and he cried out, cried out in pain, with jaws that were no longer human. A sound that echoed in ears that heard things no man could hear...he should give in...become theirs...but Bunny would be all alone if he did...he had to stay..stay for her...she must be so lonely. Then, new pain...the feeling of his arm being sliced open, of liquid being injected into his veins. It was enough to force open blood red eyes, before clenched in pain. He saw him, the animal trainer, who made the beasts...taught them manners...this man...the things he would do, they would take him away from Bunny...he couldn't allow it. Muscles, enhanced beyond belief strained, shackles broke and jaws closed on a flailing arm, blood staining his tongue...he had to kill the tamer so he could be with Bunny.

It was cold. And hard to think. These woods, so full of scents, scents and sounds. He was trying, trying to track her scent, but to pick it out...but he had to...Bunny must be so alone, without her Big Brother. And, he was lonely. The people ran from him...but Bunny would know him, she wouldn't run...there, ahead...she'd fallen...she had fallen in the snow, she was trembling from the cold...he dropped to his knees and embraced her, tears flowing down his snout

" Bunny"

He sat up. Bunny...Bunny was screaming...there, men, men hurting his bunny...but, these men, they were not men. Yellow eyes, long teeth. Monsters...monsters, like he was a monster. He had to save her, save his Bunny..the bright it was like a sun. It faded, but, blinking he knew...he knew she was gone. Her scent was already fading...Bunny his beautiful Bunny. He looked upwards, staring at the watcher, and said in a voice at once tragic and terrifying "Have you seen my Bunny

His eyes snapped open, and with a snarl, his ears flat against his head, Boma sat upright in bed.


Boma, a member of the Special Unit. A man who was not a man. Cold, silent, distant, Boma's life is not an easy one. His friends are few. Find out who they are, and how hard life can be when you're a genetic mutation in Chapter 1-Wolf Part 1