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When your eyes next open it's silent, and you can see through the blackness several bodies around the clearing as you blink and try to understand. You try to sit up but feel a sharp stab of pain from your abdomen and look down to see the hot wetness there that you know too well. Why are you bleeding if you're dead? You gasp as you flop back down, clutching at your stomach which is only hurting worse now. How strange, how are you still alive?

The form next to you stirs, and you feel the warmth of the body push up against you. There's a gasp near your ear, and you turn your head slightly to look. He's staring at you, his eyes clouded over in pain and a small trail of blood making its way out of his mouth.


It's a shuddering gasp, and you whimper, realizing it's really him. One of your hands stops clutching at your stomach to sprawl on the ground between you, trying to touch him. His jaw is clenched tightly and his breath comes out in erratic puffs as he watches you next to him.

"Nngh..I was an idiot..I thought I could save you."

He wretches once or twice, his shaking hand finding yours and squeezing desperately. His eyes look tortured, he still thinks you don't know, still thinks you hate him. You never hated him, even when you thought what he did was real.

"Sasuke…I understand and I always will. You said I wouldn't, but I know now."

Your voice is surprisingly quiet, and you can't see very clearly anymore. You realize Sasuke must have ambushed your attackers and killed them, because why else would there be blood everywhere? You cough, trying not to jerk your stomach as you do so, and curl your lips into as much of a smile as they'll form. His eyes are shocked, his mouth curled in pain. He didn't think you would ever know, but you do. The tears pour from his eyes, mingling with the blood on his cheeks as he stares at your weak face.

"I love you Sasuke."

You smile, almost sweetly at him, and you start to feel weaker and weaker, your breaths coming in short gasps like his. You can't believe you're getting to see his face again, even if it is like this.

A strangled sob escapes him, and he pulls you to him, clinging to you as you both bleed to death.

"We're going to die, aren't we Sasuke?"

You say it softly, and you reach up to gently stroke his hair as you feel your breaths mingling as one. His weak lips are on yours, a gentle kiss. He has no strength for anything else. His eyes are closed now, and you watch him as if he were sleeping. You have your precious person back, he's right here with you. You smile.