By Madripoor Rose

His name was Wolverine, and he was the best there was at what he did, and what he did was be very sneaky.

He was currently lurking on the ledge outside a window of the Xavier mansion, and he was not listening to the two girls in residence discuss their Acolyte boyfriends. Oh, he could HEAR them, but that wasn't what he was doing there.

He was testing Mansion security.

And okay, maybe he was testing to see if Mansion security could be breached by two trained sixteen year old girls slipping back in after seeing their older Acolyte boyfriends and being talked into doing God-Knows-What on the back of a bike or a rented, yeah right, no a stolen car, or even one of those travel orbs.

Which didn't look physically possible, but then Kitty was a ballet dancer.

Logan had seen some of those positions in the kama sutra.

And from the sound of it, he was right.

"Wow, yuh must really love him if you did that for him," Rogue was saying through a mouthful of popcorn.

"Well...Piotr hasn't had any for a really long time. I know he loves it," Kitty sighed. "It was kinda slippery, and messy. I totally stained my favorite pink shirt, too."

"Did ya taste it? It just...sounds yucky."

That's it. Truce or not, TinMan is a dead man.

"It was kinda. Maybe you have to get used to it, or it's better without, y'know, the cream." Kitty sounded thoughtful. "Or maybe if I used a different recipe."


"I can't believe you made Piotr borscht from scratch. Never catch me making gumbo for Gambit."

The End