This is the first Digimon fanfic I've written in a while, so I'm not sure how well it's written. It's based off of the second movie, in which Omnimon originally appears. Hope you enjoy!

Stupid Tai

Sora remembered his letter again lovingly before lifting her hand high in the air and knocking on the Kamiyas' door resolutely. It was Izzy that answered the door, confusing her, but she easily pushed that aside and said, "Hey, Izzy. Is Tai here?"

Her genius friend snickered as he let her inside the apartment. "Yeah, he's just back in his dad's study, trying to put everything back where it was before his dad gets home from work. He accidentally knocked over one of his mom's shakes onto the keyboard."

She smiled nervously at that. "Oh," was all she could muster, and she forced herself to move toward her best friend—and her possible demise… well, just humiliation and embarrassment. She hesitated at the nearly empty apartment. "Where's Mrs. Kamiya?" she asked concernedly.

Izzy chuckled. "She went to the store to buy some more ingredients for another cake. The first one wasn't cooked very well."

"Oh," she said again. "Well," and she heaved a sigh before indicating that she was going to talk to Tai now.

"I'll just try to help clean up for Mrs. K before she comes back. She'll want to start on that cake right away."

When Sora entered the study, she found Tai grumbling on the floor, trying to wipe away remnants of his mother's mocha broccoli shake from the keyboard. She cleared her throat once in the threshold, causing him to jump and look over at her. He was at a loss for words, though, at the sight of her, and her name came out strangled and mangled from his lips.

She couldn't help but smile when he did that. "Hi," she said apprehensively, stepping further into the room. He didn't do anything but stare, so she tried to continue. "I got your email a little while ago."

Again, nothing.

"And I just wanted to drop by to tell you that I accept your apology."

"Oh, good," he finally said, a grin breaking out across his face. He stood up and walked over toward her quite happily, no longer afraid of her reaction to any little thing he might do. "The computer said this morning that you hadn't received it."

"It did?" She was confused now.

He furrowed his brow at that. "I guess you haven't heard about the virus or the digimon."

"What?!" she asked in surprise. "What digimon?"

"Diaboromon," answered Tai, his grin faltering before returning full force. "So you haven't heard a thing?"

She shook her head, still confused. After he explained it all, she just said, "Oh," again, and everything was silent once more.

Until he finally said, "You look weird."


"Not weird," he said, trying to fix any mistake he may have just made. "I mean, different. But not in a bad way!"

Sora smiled at that. "Yeah, I know."

"You do?"

Her smile widened. "You can't tell what it is?"

He shook his head, confused and obviously concentrating on what it might be. "No," he said slowly.

She laughed openly at that. "I'm wearing the hairclip you gave me, stupid."

Realization dawned on Tai's face, and he beamed again. "I'm sorry I was so stupid."

"I already accepted your apology," she replied contentedly. "Besides, you're always stupid." She hesitated before adding, "But you're my kind of stupid. My stupid Tai."

They laughed together, and he engulfed her in a warm, friendly embrace, both pleased that their friendship was completely healed after their small mishap.

Unbeknownst to them, on the other side of the door, Izzy was also quite pleased—but that was mostly because he would no longer have to listen to Tai gripe and complain about how Sora was completely overreacting and that the email hadn't reached her. He just hoped that they'd realize soon enough.

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