So, this is the first drabble in a new drabble collection I'm starting, brought to you by yours truly!

Ghost Hunt does not belong to me, and never will. If it did, Naru wouldn't be such a smart-ass.

All was as it always was in Shibuya Kazuya's office. Books neatly sorted by author on the shelves on one side of the room, a calendar on the other, his desk in the center of the room. On his desk lay a black fountain pen, a few books piled neatly in the corner of the desk, a stapler, tape, and of course a few files. And on the left side was a single sunflower, standing up inside a crystal vase. Yes, all was as it should b-

..Wait. Sunflower?

Yes, a sunflower. Kazuya's lovely – though he would never admit that he thought of her like that – assistant had left it there. She had been leaving a flower every day for the last few days.


She had simply claimed that he was starting to look like a vampire, with no light or cheerfulness in the room. He needed some, so she'd put it there!

And she had. He didn't think she would, but true to her word, she had left the cursed thing there.. But it wasn't the light, nor the bright yellow flower on his desk that bothered him.. It was the fact that he liked it, even if just a little bit.

But he would never admit that, no. Because he's Shibuya Kazuya, and he does not admit that anyone, even his lovely assistant.

But he would never ever say that he thought she was beautiful, or that she was the thing he looked forward to everyday.

Because, he's just Shibuya Kazuya, director of the SPR – even if that's just fake.

And he would never admit that she's right. Because she's Mai, and he's Kazuya, and arguing with her is just what he does. But even though they argue, they still cared.

But they'd never, ever admit it.

...Well, maybe.

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