Sorry for disappearing for so long! I doubt you want to hear my excuses, so here is something small to let you know that I am not dead, and will hopefully be updating this and other things soon.

He was is not staring at her. This time he is telling the truth, he swears. This time, he is staring at a small brown object on the corner of his assistant's desk. A teddy bear, with a red hat and a candy cane held by its closed paw, a red heart attached to the other paw. The heart reads the words "I love you".

The damned thing is smirking at him, he just knows it. Maybe he is imagining it, but the corner of its sewn on mouth is raised a bit higher than the other. Mocking him.

Now he knows he is going crazy, but he is sure that he can hear it whispering, "You're too late, you're too late, you're too late, there is some else, someone else, someone else" over and over in a voice too sinister to be that cute little abomination.

In fact, it almost sounds like...

He turns, slams his office door (knowing that he will get an earful from Lin later, which he will ignore, of course), sits heavily in his chair, and glares at his reflection in the glossy finish of his closed laptop.

He decides to ignore it when he thinks he sees his reflection wink at him.