The Apostle


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"Oy, Moyashi! Get down from there! Your wounds haven't healed yet!"

"Whoa! Don't scare me like that, Kanda! And why would you care?"

"Because I'm suspended from missions until you heal, and because the medical squad and Komui are still using my room as your hospital ward!" Kanda bellowed angrily, waving a fist at the white haired boy on the ladder high overhead.

"You're so selfish!" Allen called down at him.

"Just get the hell down here, you stupid beansprout!"

"I. Am not. A sprout!"

"Still going at it, you two?" Komui asked, waltzing into their argument as easily as if he'd just walked in on a pleasant conversation about the weather. He was one of the few people who were able to do that, considering that half of the Order was now near-terrified of Allen, and that nobody even wanted to go near an irritated Kanda in the first place. "Come on, Kanda, you should help out too, we know you've healed already.

"Yes!" Allen said indignantly from above. "You should stop complaining at me and help, Kanda. Oh, hi Lavi!"

"Yo," the once again Bookman-in-training greeted, trudging in with Reever, struggling under the weight of the lumber on their shoulders. "Why're you here, Allen? You're supposed to be in bed resting like a good boy, not working your butt off like everyone else is."

"Isn't it usually the opposite, though?" Reever piped up, he and Lavi setting the wood against the wall and taking a deep breath of relief.

"But he's injured," Lavi retorted.

"A hole in the stomach, yes, I just have no idea why I got it there," Allen told him, returning to his work. With his back turned to everyone, he didn't see the tired and forlorn looks on his comrades' faces.

Kanda stared up at the boy with a feeling of pity, guilt, relief, and anger. Raising his hand to his healed shoulder, he wondered what it would be like to carry a scar. Allen would always have the scar on his face, and the one on his abdomen- forever, until he died. Kanda's wounds left no mark after a few hours, a day or two at the most. There would be no scar, no red mark, just smooth skin as if nothing had marred it.

Ever since he could remember, Kanda's heart wore an armor. He barely got hurt, his heart was almost never scarred. Even during the past few months, he'd strengthened the armor to keep his heart from scarring.

There would have been a scar in Allen Walker's heart, if the two Noahs hadn't loved him so much. If they hadn't erased all memories he had of the past four months.

The man's name was Tyki Mikk, and he had visited him a couple of days ago, at the break of dawn, while Kanda was training, alone as usual.

It was a silent, dark morning, but Kanda could feel the soft warmth of the half risen sun to the east. There was no wind, nobody was awake but him. A left rustled behind him, an unnatural and muffled sound of being crushed under a foot.

He raised Mugen threateningly and demanded, "Who's there?"

"Calm down, Exorcist," the man said coolly, and Kanda waited impatiently as the footsteps got closer...


Near enough to touch...

And Tyki Mikk pulled off his blindfold.

"You're too trusting," he smirked as Kanda stepped back with a warning glare. "When I did this to the Cheater Boy, he nearly blew me up."

"Keh," Kanda snorted, lowering Mugen but still staying on high alert. "What do you want?"

"Just to talk, about him," Tyki said, pointing his thumb up in the direction of the black building. "Just in case any of you are keeping him under high security or anything."

"They haven't bothered."

"Good, it would have been a waste of time and energy," Tyki shrugged, lighting a cigarette. Kanda backed away, not liking the smoke that immediately reached his nostrils. It was bad for the lungs, he knew.

"Explain," he commanded.

"Road and I sealed away that Noah in him, we did," Tyki said without hesitation. "We also pushed back any and all memories he had about ever meeting us, or the Noah awakening, or the fight from the other night. We couldn't erase it, of course, so there might be a day when it all resurfaces and hits him. When that happens, he might break. You still with me?"

"Break?" Kanda repeated, sheathing Mugen despite all of his sanity yelling at him.

"Because, even if he doesn't remember, what he did as a Noah still took a great chunk out of his heart and soul. If he remembers, the renewed memory is just another bullet to his heart and will create another damage, different from the ones that are already there. You do know what happens when a soul is damaged too badly, right?"

"It collapses, and the body becomes a shell, that's what happens to the Fallen Ones," Kanda said matter-of-factly.

"Yep, and we really don't want that happening to the boy-"

"You always call him the boy."

"Appearently, you always call him a beansprout. We're in the same boat."

"You don't want him to break, huh? You started it, and why should I care what you want?" Kanda demanded.

"Well," Tyki smiled, but at the point, a harsh wind blew up, and Kanda didn't hear the words he said afterwards. His lips were moving, but Kanda couldn't ever get the hang of reading lips, and he didn't know if he cared what was said. Sakura petals (planted by Komui and Lenalee many years ago) rose up from the ground and blinded him. When everything died down, Tyki Mikk was gone.

"Here, hold this, Kanda!"


Allen face peered at him from the other side of a wide wooden board. "Hold it, I said! I need you to help me carry this up!"

"Why would I help you?"

"Because Lavi and the others are all busy and you're the only one open because you, thinking you're almighy, are just standing there like a lazy king looking bored out of his mind and just being extremely useless!"

"Trying to start a fight, Moyashi?" Kanda growled, taking the board just because Allen looked as if he might drop it on his head.

"No, I'm just trying to make you useful," Allen replied, climbing up the ladder. Reaching the top, he began to pull the wood up after him. "Can you actually help? Not just stand there and hold it. Come on!"

"Keh," Kanda said under his breath, and pushing the board up, he climbed the ladder and joined in on the contruction as Allen handed him a hammer and set of nails.

After a few minutes of silence, Allen said, "What really happened that night?"

"What night?" Kanda grunted, cursing when he barely missed his thumb with the hammer.

"The night when I woke up in your room," Allen said. "Oh, and be careful, Kanda, you've already hit your fingers four times. Here, do you need bandages?"

"Why do you keep bandages with you?" Kanda demanded, but took the offered first aid anyway and roughly tied it around his abused fingers.

"Because I'm clumsy at construction," was the answer, then a pause, then, "just like you."

"What did you say?"

"Nothing, now will you answer my question?"

Kanda looked away from Allen's curious eyes and fell silent. They stayed like that for the longest moment until a voice suddenly said in a sing-song tone:

"Yu! Allen! It's dinner time! Come on down!"

The white haired boy squeaked in surprise and nearly fell down from his awkward position on the narrow ledge he was sitting on. Kanda caught him at the last moment and dragged him back onto stable surface. God be damned if the brat got hurt again, who knew if Kanda would ever be allowed to go on a mission ever again at the pace normal humans healed?

"Don't scare us like that, Lavi!" Allen whined down.

The idiot Bookman-in-training grinned from ear to ear and ignored Allen. "That was sweet, Yu! You saved Allen from falling to his death."

"If he did fall, the blame is on you for causing the fall," Kanda told him coldly and jumped down from the ledge, followed by Allen, who landed softly on the floor beside him.

Lavi laughed with a renewed sparkle in his eye, shook his head, and turned to walk away. Kanda attempted to follow him, but was held back when Allen grabbed him by his ponytail.

"Ow- dammit, what?"

"You never answered my question," Allen told him flatly. His eyes demandeda honest answer.

Kanda stared long and hard at him before tugging his hair out of the boy's grip and walking away. "You'll find out eventually. I'm not Bookman, so I don't have any answers to give you," he said over his shoulder.

"But it's something I have to know!" Allen called to him, following him with quick steps to keep up with his long strides. "I know it, ever since I woke up, a lot of the people here have been avoiding me or giving me fearful looks! Something must have happened that involves me!"

Kanda swatted away the hand that tried to grab his shoulder. "Don't touch me, Moyashi," he said. "It's not anything that concerns you at the moment, or me as a matter of fact."

"Do you even know what happened?"

"Of course I do, why else do you think Komui was talking to me about it?"

"Then why won't you tell me?"

Because it's something that might just kill you, idiot.

"Because Komui's forbidden anyone from speaking it," Kanda said.

"You never care what he says."

"You'll eventually find out anyway," Kanda told Allen as they walked into the dining hall. "Now leave me alone."


"You really don't want to know," Kanda interrupted. "Now just go stuff your stupid face with food."

Yes, it wasn't anything Allen wanted to know, Kanda thought as he walked up to Jeryy and ordered his usual soba noodles. As he took the food and settled down at a table far away from many of the other Order members, he saw Allen sit down at a table by a cheerful Lavi and a tired Reever, his tray laden with countless dishes of food. Kanda silently hoped he wouldn't ever find out what happened. Not because it would hurt the boy, of course, he didn't really care what happened to the Moyashi. No, it was just that he knew some things were better off not known, and that the past four months was one of them.

"Yu! Come over and sit with us!" Lavi called cheerfully from the table. Kanda glared at him and didn't accept the invitation. Before he looked down, however, he caught Allen's eye.

"What do you want, Moyashi?" he growled.

Allen averted his gaze. "...Nothing."

Maybe someone else will tell you, Kanda thought to himself. But it won't be me. It's troublesome, but apart from it, why would I tell you something when I know it'll cost us an Exorcist?

No, he wouldn't say a word about it to Allen. Never. He would never be the one to break the soul of another.

Even if he's a God damn annoying beansprout, he added and slurped up his soba with a 'hmph'.

Lavi: Kyaaaa, even more OOC-ness on Yu's side. But you sound better this way. More...I dunno..

Kanda: What?

Allen: More nice, for once. Why do you have to be so mean all the time? Anyway, let's get started on the questions...this will be the last time we get to do this for the story. (sniff)

Lavi: Whoa Allen, don't start crying now! Come on, read xcadaverx's question...

Q: did tyki and rhode erased part of allen's memories?

Allen: As said in the story, apparently they did.

Lavi: And thank God because what happened was horrible...(shiver) Moving on, I'll read this one, which is from Evrae Valkyrion.

Q: The noahs will (at least) try to take Allen back...right?

Kanda: Tyki Mikk didn't mention it.

Lavi: What he said.

Allen: (nod) Here Kanda, read one at least...It's from Jemnezmy.

Kanda: Keh.

Q: Couldn't Kanda be a little more affectionate? Not in a lover's way, it just that you said that Allen "has never seen him so close to tears before". So that means he cares right?

Kanda: (hands tremble in anger)

Lavi: (laughs his head off)

Allen: Well? (eyebrows twitch)

Kanda: I. Will. Never. Be affectionate. To a beansprout. Like him.

Allen: (glares at Kanda)

Lavi: We have two questions from The8thSin.

Q: Allen was aware that he'd been asleep,and that he had the Noah in his head,as well as Mana,but he doesn't remember the battle or anything of the last year?how many chapters is this fic gonna have?

Allen: I was aware until the part where Tyki grabbed me. Then they messed with my brain again, apparently, and now I don't remember a thing. Right?

Lavi: Right. And this is the absolute last chapter of The Apostle. It's something to celebrate, but we're going to be lonely.

Allen: I heard I die in the next story the author's writing too. It's really sad.

Lavi: Shhhhh! That's supposed to be top secret!

Kanda: (snorts) No it isn't. Half the people she knows at school knows about it. Che. Here's one from Catwarrior.

Q: is there a party or something planned for Allen's coming back? or is he going to be put in isolation till they are sure that the noah allen is gone for good?

Allen: No party, no isolation. The kitchen was half gone and got fixed...only a few hours before the beginning of the epilogue. Here's the last question, from iceflakes.

Q: at the beginning part, you said that lavi's eye was really dull right? i suppose his eyes lit up again right?

Lavi: Lemme look. (reads the chapter) Here! It says my eye is sparkling! Yaaaayy! (eyes sparkle more)

Allen: (laughs)

Kanda: ...(rolls his eyes and pulls a rope that appeared out of nowhere) The End.

(curtains close)