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There was hell to pay when they got back. The scientists were furious about Aska and Chage letting Angel/Hope go, but just as Aska predicted, they did not go after her.

The chief was angry with them as well. Although his anger was mostly based upon what they did on the bridge. He thought that Aska and Chage had done the right thing and was willing to support them, but even he couldn't get them away from 'justice'.

Both Aska and Chage ended up with 4 years in prison. Thankfully, during this time, they didn't run into any Sight members, all whom had taken their own lives, wanting to die for their phony religion.

After serving their time in jail, Aska and Chage were released, both still intact. They had stuck by each other the whole time, just as they had done all their lives.

Once their sentence was over, which they both agreed it was more than worth it for setting Hope free, they returned to their regular everyday lives. Surprisingly, the chief had their jobs waiting for them once they were freed. Their friendship with him had really paid off, not to mention the fact that the chief had thought that they did the right thing in freeing Hope, and he did not consider it a crime.

Neither Aska or Chage ever saw Hope again. But they knew that she was still out there somewhere, and that she was safe, happy, and free.


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