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If one were to think that tag is a simple game, it would be obvious that person never played the game with a ninja. Once Shinobi are involved, this once straight forward game becomes an intense web of skillful planning, complicated traps, and well, mass confusion. To expect anything less would be foolish. So perhaps it was fate that this particular game would take a turn for the extreme.

CH. 1:






"god, why do you hate me?" The Uchiha, who had been sleeping peacefully mere minutes ago slowly rolled out of bed. "Must he come over every morning? Why doesn't he ever go on missions?" He asked his room. The room gave no reply, but if it could, Sasuke was sure it would reply something along the lines of "He's an idiot Sasuke, what do you expect?" The Uchiha smirked at his room's imaginary wit. As he made his way to the door, he wracked his sleep ridden brain for an excuse to make his hyper active friend leave. For some ungodly reason, he was drawing a blank. He sighed and threw open the door. "Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! Did you like, just get up or something!?" Naruto cried, realizing that the Uchiha was still in his PJs (which consisted of a pair of Navy boxers. oh yes, that's right.)

Sasuke took one look at his friends face, and walked straight back into his bedroom.

"Well, good morning sunshine." Naruto said, well accustomed to his comrade's morning mood.

He followed Sasuke into his room, where he saw the dark haired boy had flopped back down on the bed. "Sasukeee, you can't sleep all day!" He whined.

"And why not?" came the muffled reply.

"Because! Today is a special day UKE!" Sasseme (not uke) lifted his head to glare at Naruto, who had made himself at home on his couch. (It's leather. oooh XD) Naruto continued. "We've got the whole day to ourselves and we've got to meet the other teams in five minutes. Don't you remember?"

He did now, but Sasuke opted to bury his head in his pillow rather then admit to forgetting.

"You go" He said "I'll catch up later"

"No way man!" Naruto exclaimed "Come on you're getting up." He proceeded to try and drag Sasuke out of bed, but he only half succeeded because at that moment, the door flew open again.

"Hello? Sasuke? Naruto?" It was Sakura. "Where the hell are you guys?"

"In here Sakura!" Naruto waved…as if Sakura could see his through the wall. Walking into the room she stopped abruptly at the sight in front of her. Naruto had a firm grip on Sasuke's ankles as he just barely clung to his pillow.


Naruto had won.

"Arrghh!" Sasuke growled. It seemed the fates were not on his side today, he would be getting up after all.

"Ohayo Sasuke!" Sakura smiled. "How are you?"

"Well, despite almost being impaled on my bedside table?" He glared at a triumphant Naruto "I'm peachy!" The sarcasm in his voice was more then audible. Sakura just shook her head at her former teammate's foul mood. She knew he really was a good guy, having overcome most of his childhood issues (for the most part). She noticed though, that he had still managed to cling to his condescending wit. Sakura knew underneath it all was a boy who would always protect those he cared for. (Even if they never knew he cared at all. That was just Sasuke's way.)

"We'll just go outside while u get ready ok?" Naruto said. "Come on Sakura; let's see if teme's got anything good to eat."

"Huh? Oh, right…yeah" Sakura said, being torn from her thoughts.

"Try not to take too long ok?"

Sasuke headed for the bathroom. "Yeah yeah"

He was in no hurry.