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CH. 7:

Meanwhile across the village, another team was being formed, this one in slightly less orthodox way. Kiba was sprinting, head low to the ground behind a group of buildings. Akamaru trotted faithfully at his heels. Coming to a corner, he stopped and quietly peeked around. The following alley way was clear of threats, unless you find garbage can threatening, which our buddy Kiba did not. Before making the dash, Kiba sat down, taking his puppy in his lap.

" Ok, here's the deal." (yes, he does talk to his dog, who doesn't?) " As far as we know, that Uchiha is still 'it'. But that could have changed by now, we have no way of knowing."

"Arf." Akamaru agreed.

"So, we best be suspicious of anybody who comes by, agreed?"


"Let's move." Kiba darted out from around the corner with James Bond-like coolness. He ran swiftly down the alley way, darting into shadows and leaping behind trash cans. The end of the alley was in sight, and just as he thought he was in the clear, FWOOSH!

"What the hell?"


Kiba found himself hanging upside down by his left foot.

"wow. I was beginning to think that would never work. Thanks buddy!" A laughing Shikamaru came out of the shadows.

"Shika! Let me the hell down from here!"

"Not so fast Kiba, how do I know you aren't 'it'? How do I know you won't tag me the minute I let you down? I'm not in the mood to run around today you know."

"I'm not it!" Kiba whined, wiggling around in a useless attempt to free himself. "I already tagged Sakura a few alley's back. I don't have the fricken stone, so that proves it!" All the blood was rushing to Kiba's face, giving him quite an appearance similar to that of a radish.

Sighing, Shikamaru lowered Kiba till he was inches from the ground and put his hand in Kiba's pocket.

"What the hell man?" Kiba was glad his face was already red.

"I have to make sure u don't have the stone"

"Jeez. Save it for Temari." Ignoring Kiba's comment, Shikamaru proceeded to frisk him for the stone.(lols) When he was sure that Kiba was clean, he let him down. Rubbing his ankle, Kiba sat against a brick wall. Shikamaru did the same across the way.

"So," He began. "You want to team up?"

"Oh sure, you tie me up, feel me up, and now you want to be a team?" Kiba snorted.

"Well…yeah." Shikamaru was never one for beating around the bush.

"…sure." Kiba sighed. Shika's trap was pretty good, and Kiba wasn't in the mood for running at the moment either.

And so, another team was formed, and another trap was set. Joy.


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