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Kai glared at everyone who even dared to take a glance at him and sipped his morning coffee. Today was not the day to mess with him, it was thirty days since he had last had it and was due to get it any minute now. Looking at his watch he stood up, placed his cup in the sink and left the dojo as quickly as he could. If anyone on the team or anyone at all found out about this, he would never be able to live it down.

Making sure that no one was watching or following him, he walked the familiar route that he took every month. He took the back alleys to make sure no one would know where he was going and what would happen when he got there.

A sigh escaped his lips as he neared the building, "Heya Kai buddie. Watcha doin?" Kai groaned as Tyson bounded up to him. He was so close yet so very far.
"What do you want Tyson?"
"Thought ya might wanna come to the park with me and the guys. What do ya say?" Tyson beamed, Kai glared at him "NO"

"B-but why" Kai sighed "Tyson" he said slowly trying to figure out a way to get rid of him. "Im going for a long walk then i'm going to run the entire way back through town and out to my house. Do you want to come?" He asked knowing he wouldn't.

"Uh...No thanks Buddie, i'll just go the park; see ya" Kai had never seen Tyson move that fast before. Ever.
He didn't even know that speed was possible with Tyson.

Turning he continued on his way, every muscle in his body screaming out to him to run the rest of the way, but his pride wouldn't let him and instead he walked at his normal pace.

Which was too slow for him at that moment.

Reaching the door he pushed it open and entered the building and went straight for his chair that he sat in every month. He drummed his fingers restlessly on the arms of the chair as he waited.
He didn't have to wait long.

"Darling your back. Same as last time. Yes?" Coo'ed the young attractive male as he walked over to Kai who gave a curt nod in greating and answering the question, which both already knew the answer to.

The young man walked away and returned shortly pulling a small trolley behind him, the contents rattled as he set the trolley up beside Kai's chair. Wrapping a long cloak around his shoulders the young man fastened the velcro at the back of Kai's neck as Kai straightened the black material over his knees.

"No cut Devon" Kai ordered, smiling at Kai through the mirror Devon nodded. "of course, your the boss" Devon set to wrok mixing up Kai's regular colours getting everything ready so he could apply both at one to Kai's hair. To save time.

A couple hours later Kai left the hairdressers, sighing in relief as Devon had made light work of his regrowth. And he wouldn't have to go through that again. Well until next month that is.

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