Mshinata: This story is inspired by Nodoka Miyazaki. She is a character from Negima?!/Negima!?. When I started to watch the Anime, I totally fell in love with her and she reminds me of Hinata so much! –Sparkly eyes- I mean sometimes I get them mixed up together. –Sweat drops and nervous laugh- Again, this is SasuHina. Don't like, don't read!

Sasuke: What does Nodoka Miyazaki look like anyways?

Mshinata: She looks like Hinata…duh.

Sasuke (sweat drops): I mean…how are Hinata-chan and Miyazaki alike?

Mshinata: Well, I'll tell you in the fan fic.

Sasuke: You never tell me anything.

Mshinata: It's because you're so mean to me. –Pouts-

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Mshinata: At least I'm not owned by Masashi Kishimoto!

Sasuke: Touché…

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"I'm not so sure…" said the dark haired beauty. She had beautiful pearl-like eyes that would shine in the moon light, but the problem was she hid her eyes with her long bangs.

"Aww…c'mon, this job will be perfect for you!" said the blond cutie. A few bangs covered the right side of her face, but she always had a pony tail on. "Besides…this will be better than nothing, right? Accept the offer!"

"…I'll do it for you, Ino-chan." Hinata said smiling nervously.

"That's great! Now you can work near me!" Ino said happily and hugged her best friend.


"Aww, c'mon Kakashi! We don't need an assistant!" a loud-mouth blond said. His eyes were blue like the beautiful sky. His hair didn't cover any part of his face. It was all spiked up.

"Naruto, it would be better if we had one. Who is our assistant anyways?" said a guy with long brown/black hair. He had pearl-like eyes that you could get lost into.

"If it's a girl, that would be totally sweet!" said a guy also having brown hair but with red marks on his face. His hair was also spiked up.

"...She'd probably be a fan girl and molest us in our sleep." said a dark haired guy that matched his eyes. If you stared into them, you either ran away from fear or fainted with embarrassment.

Kakashi was their manager of the band. They were called Konoha's Ninjas (don't laugh. It was already hard enough thinking of a name. Lol) Naruto was the drummer, Neji was the guitarist (electric acoustic), Kiba was the bassist, and Sasuke was the lead singer and was also an electric guitarist. Sasuke could also play piano or keyboard, but he thought that was too lame for a band.

"Hey…when I interviewed her I thought she was pretty cute." Kakashi said with a smile. "We'll be meeting her tomorrow morning at 11:30am, so don't be late!"

"Wait, where are we meeting?" Naruto asked stupidly.

"Just stay at the hotel and I'll drive her up here." Kakashi said as he closed the door of their hotel room.

"Great…a girl." Sasuke said coldly.

"Hey, what's wrong with a girl?" Naruto asked annoyed.

"Oh nothing…until they molest you." Sasuke said with his deadly stare on his face.

"Look, let's just get some sleep. It might take our minds off of our new assistant." Neji said flatly. "Let's get back to our room, Kiba."

"'Kay." Kiba answered and they both left Naruto and Sasuke's room.

"I hate girls." Sasuke said with a scowl on his face.

"Dude, Haruno Sakura-chan is the prettiest singer on the face of the planet and yet you reject her?" Naruto asked stupidly.

"Yes…she's annoying. You can have her." Sasuke said coldly. "You'll never see me being all mushy with a girl." And as he said that, they both jumped into their beds and fell asleep.


Ino had spent the night at Hinata's family estate to make sure she looked her best.

"Hmm…seeing as you aren't the really girly type…" Ino said observing Hinata's body.

"Is that a bad-?"

"No…of course not, Hinata-chan! I really like how you're not the really girly type like that slut Sakura." Ino said tossing clothes at her while she raided her closet.

"I thought you were best friends with Sakura-san."

"I was until she tried out for this audition thing and got a record deal. She got used to all the fame and popularity, she became a slut." Ino said with angry marks all over her face. "AHA!"

Ino threw a white tank top, knee-lengthed jeans, and a short-sleeved sky blue jacket at Hinata. "Go try those on. I think it's your look."

Hinata changed into her outfit and Ino sparkled with admiration. "Aww…YOU LOOK SO CUTE! Hold on." Ino said as she unzipped the jacket just a little bit.

Hinata looked into the mirror. Wow, she did look cute.

"You have a choice of wearing sneakers or flip flops. What do you want?" Ino asked happily.

"Um…let's see…sneakers would be fine." Hinata said with a smile.

"I'll come with you since I work near there, okay?"


"Ugh…hold on, Hinata-chan!" Ino said as she grabbed her friend's arm and tried to get her bangs from covering her eyes and half her face again.

"Ino-chan, please I like it this way." Hinata said as she fixed her bangs to cover her eyes again.

"Fine…but you look way cute with the bangs out of your face or at least have one eye not being covered." Ino said with a pout.

"Ah…I'm fine, Ino-chan." Hinata said nervously.

The doorbell rang and the girls were surprised to find that anybody would pick them up. Hinata answered the door to a guy with silver hair and a mask covering his face.

"Hatake-sama, it's nice to see you." Hinata said as she bowed her head.

"Hinata-sama, please don't be so formal." Kakashi said scratching the back of his head.

"Kakashi Hatake, right?" Ino asked.

"Yup, I'm going to take Hinata-sama to her new job."

"Oh well, I'm coming with her." Ino said as she linked arms with Hinata.

"I hope you don't mind, Hatake-sama?" Hinata asked nervously.

"Heh…of course not. Having two lovely girls in the same limo I'm in is heavenly." Kakashi said through his mask and Hinata saw a smile?

"Make sure he's not a child molester or anything." Ino whispered still linked with Hinata.

"Haha…" Hinata laughed nervously with sweat drops all over her head.


"I guess we just wait in the hotel lobby, right?" Naruto asked as he pushed the button on the elevator to the lobby.

"Whatever…" Sasuke said not even looking at Naruto.

As the doors opened, they had found that Kiba and Neji had already been waiting in the lobby.

"Ugh…it's 11:45am. Kakashi's late again." Neji said looking at the clock above the checking desk.

"It's only 15 minutes Neji jeez." Kiba said looking irritated. Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Suddenly, two girls and Kakashi walked in through the hotel doors.

"Wow, pretty fancy place huh, Hinata-chan?" Ino said seeming impressed.

"I guess, but I wont be staying here, remember?" Hinata said.

"Boys, this is Hina-"Kakashi was interrupted by Neji's outburst.


Hinata gasped and ran to hug Neji. He was embarrassed, but he didn't care. It was a long time since he had seen her. She had grown so much.

"Hinata-sama, why the fuck do your bangs cover your eyes?" Neji asked ignorantly.

"I-uh…I just…uh…" Hinata trailed off and blushed.

"But you do look cute in long hair." Neji said with a smile.

"Neji…you smile?!" Kiba asked surprised.

"Wow Neji, I'm impressed. Having a girlfriend like her must be loads of fun." Naruto said with an impure smile.

"…What the fuck, Naruto she's my cousin." Neji said disgusted.

Sasuke wasn't paying any attention to Ino, but Hinata seemed different. Why the fuck did she covers her eyes with her bangs anyways? She looked cute. Wait…why was Sasuke thinking that?! Sasuke shook his head to get her out of his mind.

"Neji-san, it's nice to see you again!" Ino said excitedly.

"Yeah, wow your hair has grown long again." Neji said surprised.

"Hinata-chan said she wouldn't grow it long unless I did it with her." Ino said scratching the back of her head. "I love your music by the way. It's so awesome and cool!"

"I'm surprised you're not all over us yet." Naruto said with a grin on his face.

"Well…I'm not surprised when I look at a celebrity or something." Ino said maturely. "It's for immature people who don't know how to handle things like an adult."

"We're only 15 years old Ino-chan." Hinata said with a giggle.

"Well, I guess there's nothing left for me to do here. Hinata-sama your job is to listen to what they say and do everything that they say, okay?" Kakashi said kindly.

"H-hai, of course." Hinata said as she bowed her head again. She wondered why Kakashi emphasized on "everything."

"Well, I might as well be going too, Hinata-chan." Ino said with a wave. "You know I have work, so good luck!"

"Hey…Hinata is it?" Naruto asked stupidly.

Of course it is you idiot. Sasuke thought to himself.

"Yes…Naruto-kun right?" Hinata asked innocently.

Aww…she's adorable. Sasuke thought as he tried to brush aside that innocent look on her face. But still, Sasuke was itching to find out what Hinata really looked like beneath those bangs of hers.

"Can you tell us why you hide your face with your bangs?" Naruto asked flatly with a smile on his face.

Hinata's face instantly turned red. "Well…it starts out with my family…-"

Neji suddenly remembered what happened and covered Hinata's mouth with his hand. "Naruto, don't ever ask her that again…ever." Neji said it coldly. Why didn't he want them to know?

Naruto sweat dropped and agreed to not ask that again. But still, Sasuke was curious. Didn't Sasuke know that curiosity killed the cat? Or in this case…a famous lead singer of a famous band.


"So this is my and Sasuke's room." Naruto said as he opened the door to his hotel room.

"This isn't our room you idiot, this is the hotel's." Sasuke said as he closed the door.

Hinata giggled. Sasuke had a sense of humor, but he didn't show it. Aww…her giggle is just…ADORABLE! Sasuke thought. No, why would he think that of a girl? He hated girls…right?

"Just wait outside here while this bastard and I go change." Naruto said pushing Sasuke into the bedroom.

"I don't need to-"

Naruto shut the door.

"Okay, I know that you know that Neji knows that we want to find out what her face looks like." Naruto whispered.

"I don't want to find out what her face looks like. I told you already, I hate girls." Sasuke said flatly. Stop lying, Sasuke. Sasuke thought. "Shut up."

"C'mon…what is she's really cute?" Naruto said persuasively.

"The answer is no. If we get Neji pissed off, he'd probably kill us." Sasuke said emotionlessly.

"Well then, Neji can't find out." Naruto said mischievously.

"…For your information, it seems like Neji is very protective of his little sister."

"Hinata's his cousin."

"I know...sometimes you call your cousins your sister or brother, stupid." Sasuke said with a smirk.

Naruto had angry marks all over his face. They had realized that he kept Hinata waiting.

Naruto opened the door.

"I'm sorry for letting you wait, Hyuuga." Sasuke said bowing his head and then pushing Naruto's head down to make him look like he was bowing.

"Oh…it was no trouble at all, Sasuke-kun." Hinata said putting her hands up that implied that she was fine. "Besides, I have to listen to you guys all the time. I might as well get used to things, right?"

Sasuke and Naruto stood up straight.

"Well, I guess I start my job now. Do you need anything, Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun?" Hinata said. She looked like she was a maid or something.

"Do you mind if you show us around town before the big concert, tonight?" Naruto asked with his famous smiles.

"Sure, I'd love to."

Hinata's cell phone rang. She apologized to Naruto and Sasuke for having to answer it.


"Hinata-sama, are you going anywhere, today?"

"Well, Naruto-kun asked me to show him around town. You don't mind, do you?"

"Yeah I don't mind that you're going to be showing that idiot. But one thing before I hang up."

"Yes, Neji-niisan what is it?"

"Don't look at Uchiha directly in the eye. It will frighten a girl like you. He's not too careful with girls you know." Neji said seriously.

Hinata sweat dropped and answered with a nervous okay. She was thinking that Naruto and Sasuke had heard that. Maybe that's why Naruto was laughing hysterically. She hung up and quickly turned back to the two guys.

"Um…shall we?" Hinata said with sweat drops on the back of her head.

"Let me get it." Sasuke said and opened the door for Hinata.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun." Hinata said with a smile. She walked out of the room.

"I'm not holding the door for you." Sasuke said as he slammed the door right in Naruto's face.

Naruto opened the door angrily and chased after him and Hinata.


"He better not do anything to Hinata-sama." Neji said to himself as he was walking along the streets with Kiba.

"Neji, I think you're worried about Hinata-chan." Kiba said obviously.

"No, I think she should go to hell and burn. OF COURSE I'M WORRIED YOU IDIOT!!!" Neji yelled at him.

"Okay…jeez…why are you so protective of her, anyways?"

"It's about family matters. You wouldn't understand." Neji said flatly.

"Last time I checked, Uchiha would never hurt a delicate flower like Hinata-chan unless she was a crazy fan girl."

"Still…at times she can be shy. When she's nervous, she faints or she runs away." Neji said worriedly.

"She didn't faint when she met us. She treated us like normal people."

"It's her nature. She's like that."

"She'll be fine. Besides if Uchiha did anything, Uzumaki would probably be the one beaten up and Hinata-chan would run away."

"I guess you're right." Neji sighed. "We better get to the stage to see how we'll be performing."



"That's the flower shop where Ino-chan works." Hinata said pointing. The two guys watched the flower shop. Suddenly, Sasuke felt something stop him.

"Ah…sorry." Sasuke mumbled as he stood up straight and backed away from Hinata. He was a bit embarrassed to bump into Hinata like that.

"No I'm sorry. Because of me stopping, you bumped into me." Hinata said apologetically.

"No offense Hinata, but you say sorry too much." Naruto said.

"You're truly an idiot. You can't stop a person from their habits." Sasuke said coldly.

"Hey, I was just saying!"

As Naruto started to yell at Sasuke, Sasuke noticed Hinata walking into the flower shop so he followed.

"Ino-chan, are you here?" Hinata called.

"Hinata-chan, aren't you supposed to be working?" Ino replied putting her hands on her hips.

"I am." Hinata said smiling as Sasuke and Naruto came from behind Hinata.

"Ah, I see."

"I was just showing them around town that's all. While I'm here, I guess I'd like to buy Neji-niisan some flowers."

"Why? He's a guy after all. Guys don't like flowers. It's usually guys giving girls flowers. Remember?" Ino said with curiosity.

"Yes I know, but…I haven't seen him in such a long time." Hinata said as she picked up a white rose.

"Hinata, tell me why you're giving Neji-san a white rose?" Ino asked with interest in her voice. She wanted to test Hinata on how well she knew her flowers.

"A white rose explains Neji-niisan a lot. He had lived in the worst conditions possible, but he was able to get by." Hinata said with kindness in her voice.

Naruto was just looking at the different kinds of flowers and ignored Hinata. But Sasuke stared at her. She said it with magnificence just like the delicate flower she was. Ino saw this stare and a small smile quickly emerged from her face.

"What's wrong, Ino-chan?" Hinata asked curiously.

Ino snapped out of her thoughts.

"Oh nothing, I was just thinking how you explained that so wonderfully."

Hinata blushed.

"Here I'll pay-"Hinata was interrupted.

"No, I'll pay." Sasuke said sticking his arm out to his left side to stop her from paying Ino.

"A-are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. Think of it as thanks for showing us a little bit of this town." Sasuke said. Ino was surprised to find Sasuke blushing at her. Hinata's bangs covered her eyes, so fortunately for Sasuke, she didn't notice.

"Why do you care for Hyuuga so much? He seems like a know-it-all to me." Sasuke asked flatly looking at Hinata as they walked out of the flower shop.

"Oh…um…he's always been there for me. If it wasn't for him…I…I…" Hinata trailed off. She was thinking about what had happened to her recently.

"Forget about what I said. Let's just get that rose to some water before it wilts." Sasuke said flatly.

"Okay, Sasuke-kun."

"Before I get in any further conversation, how come you put –kun at the end of every guy's name?"

"Well…I guess it's just being polite that's all. Like before, I used to call Neji-niisan "Neji-nii-sama" since I thought he should have had the highest respect. But in the end, he stopped me from saying that, because he was too embarrassed.

Embarrassed? I don't think so. Sasuke thought in his head.

They walked in complete silence (Sasuke and Hinata are walking in silence while Naruto's being the idiot that he is. He's yelling at Sasuke for no reason. –Laughs-. Naruto: I AM NOT AN IDIOT! Sasuke: For once, she's right.)

"Sasuke-kun?" Hinata looked at him through her bangs.


"I hope you don't mind me asking, but why do you reject so many girls when they obviously love you so much?"

"I hate girls…"

"Oh I-"

"…like that. Girls who are crazy and always flirting with me just piss me off. Sometimes, they even say dirty things to me that make me shiver…mentally."

Hinata started laughing and Sasuke stared at her.

"What's so funny?" Sasuke said with confusion in his eyes.

"It's nothing…well to me." Hinata said as she calmed herself down. "I guess I don't know how to be loved by outsiders. So when I saw you guys with your fan girls at the interview, I guess I became a little envious."

"Outsiders? What does that mean?"

"O-neesan, I've finally found you!!!"

Before Sasuke could get his answer, he saw Hinata on the ground. A girl was on top of her smiling brightly.

"O-neesan, where have you been?" a girl who looked exactly like Neji but in a girl way asked Hinata.

"I'm just working, Hanabi-chan. And if you're going to say that father's worried about me then you're lying just to get me to live in his part of the estate again." Hinata said with her hands on her hips.

"Hehe…I guess you have heard that excuse." Hanabi said with a nervous laugh.

"Yeah it was from Neji-niisan."

"Well, come home anyways. It's been really quiet without you and Neji-niisan."

"…no one would accept me…" Hinata said trailing off again.

Sasuke snapped. No one accepting you? SASUKE-KUN ACCEPTS YOU HINATA-CHAN! JUST RUN INTO HIS ARMS RIGHT NOW! Sasuke's inner self was becoming more annoying, so Sasuke slapped himself on the forehead.

"I guess I don't know how to be loved by outsiders. So when I saw you guys with your fan girls at the interview, I guess I became a little envious."

Sasuke kept having that sentence repeated over and over in his head. She was beautiful with or without the bangs. Sasuke just knew it. She wasn't the person to hide her face, because it was ugly. No, he knew it was something else.

"Hanabi-chan my final answer is no. Please move out of the way. I've got to get these white roses to a vase with water to Neji-niisan." Hinata said pleadingly.

"Can I come?" Hanabi asked excitedly. "After all, you are hanging out with the hottest guys in the whole nation!" Hanabi looked at Naruto and Sasuke and chuckled. "You're lucky that crazy-fan-girl-ness doesn't run in the family or I would have been all over you by now!"

"I'm sorry but you can't. I'm working and father would be worried about you since-"

"Okay, I get it." Hanabi said with a pout. "I'll leave, but we really need some time to bond. Bye!"

Hinata sighed.

"Wow your little sister is annoying." Naruto said with a surprised tone.

Hinata's angry mark appeared but before she could say anything, somebody already beat her to it.

"You dumb ass, you don't criticize people when you've met them for the first time. I've never really thought of you to be the judging type." Sasuke said with a smirk.

Naruto started yelling at Sasuke again. He ignored him and smiled at Hinata. She blushed. Sasuke smiling?! She didn't think that was possible. He pulled her arm and walked towards the hotel. Naruto was yelling with his eyes closed, so by the time he opened his eyes, they were gone.


"Do you think it's okay to leave Naruto-kun like that?" Hinata asked worriedly.

"Don't worry. Even though he's an idiot, he has to figure something out." Sasuke said as they entered the luxurious hotel.

Hinata looked at the clock above the checking desk.

"It's four hours before the concert. Maybe you should-"

Hinata picked up her cell phone.

"Neji-niisan, is there something wrong?"

"Tell those two bastards to come down to the stage where we're meeting." Neji said flatly.

"Okay, you are there, right?"

"Yeah, I'm with Kiba though."

"Okay, I'll see you then. We'll be there in about 15 minutes so bye!" Hinata hung up before Neji had time to say good-bye.

"Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun, we should get going to the stage. Neji-niisan and Kiba-kun are waiting for you guys." Hinata said as she walked out of the hotel.

Sasuke grabbed her arm with the white roses in it. She turned around.

"W-what is it?" she asked nervously.

"You need to put those roses in a vase with water before it wilts, remember?" Sasuke said as he dragged her to the elevator.

Before Naruto could say anything, Sasuke interrupted him.

"You stay here, bastard. I think that's the only thing you'll do right." Sasuke said as he smirked while the elevator doors shut.

"That bastard can be so mean sometimes. Heh…he's probably gotten a little crush on Hinata." Naruto said with an impure expression.


"I don't understand. Why did you force Naruto-kun to stay in the lobby?" Hinata said as she turned her head to Sasuke.

"He's just loud and annoying like those fan girls. It's better to have company that's not annoying." Sasuke said flatly.

"Is that a compliment?"

Heat rushed to his face. Wait…he complimented…a girl?!


Hinata giggled.

"I'll take that as a yes."

As the elevator's doors opened, Sasuke implied for Hinata to go out first.

They walked to Sasuke and Naruto's room and he opened it with his pass key. Sasuke took a random vase with flowers in it and threw the flowers in the trash.

"Here, use this." He said handing her the vase.

"Do you think they'll-"

"Nah…if it's a girl we're confronting with, I'll just charm her and she will do anything I say."

"Do you like taking advantage of fan girls?" Hinata said as she turned the fossit with cold water, so the vase could be filled with fresh water.


"What does that mean?" Hinata asked curiously as she put the white roses into the vase.

"I do it to most girls. Actually, all of them except for one."

"Then that one girl must be lucky." Hinata said with a giggle. Sasuke's face blushed. Did that mean that she wanted to be with him too??? "I'm done. Let's go before you guys don't get any rehearsing done."

Mshinata: Hehe, Sasuke has a funny inner self. :D

Sasuke: Shut the fuck up. I saw what you wrote on your YouTube channel.

Mshinata: Hmm…? And what was that?

Sasuke: You said you didn't hate me…but you said it was "cute" to torture me. I can even tell by your background. –Sweat drops-

Mshinata: Sasuke, you're so sensitive. Maybe that's why you and Hinata-sama make a cute couple.

Sasuke and Hinata (blushes):…

Neji: They haven't even had their first date, and yet you're talking trash over there!

Mshinata: At least I don't have an inner self that thinks bad thoughts! –Looks at Sasuke-

Sasuke: …Fuck you.

Mshinata: Sorry, I don't like you that way. Okay, give me good reviews:D

Sasuke: I swear…everything that comes out of your mouth…-angry marks all over his face-

Mshinata: By the way…as I continue to read SasuHina fan fics. I start to realize how much people hate Sakura (LOL!!! People make her a slut). Personally, I feel neutral about Sakura. But I do know that I completely ADORE Ino. : OH! I almost forgot, yes Nodoka Miyazaki's hair did cover her eyes for like…a few episodes. She started showing one eye from then and then almost both her eyes. (Yes she's shown both her eyes.) The only difference between the Hinata in this fan fic and Nodoka is that Hinata's not afraid of "men." (Lol…I think I've seen subtitles saying she's never had a "man" touch her. She was referring to her 10 year-old homeroom teacher. –No comment-) before you think bad thoughts, her teacher had caught her twice when she tripped…nothing dirty. –Sweat drops-