Title: Others Such as Me

Fandoms: HL and SPN

Characters: Duncan MacLeod, Ellen, Bobby, Those Winchester boys

Disclaimer:The characters you know and love all belong to their respective creators.

Summary: Dean is immortal. This is part of my newly christened 'Immortal Dean' series and occurs right after "Red Tape". This will make more sense if you read that first.

Others Such as Me

Middle of nowhere South Dakota

It had been a futile year and in the end the hounds had taken Dean. Sam was still clutching Dean's body when he felt something move.

"Dude, are you hugging me?"

Sam released Dean and scooted away. Getting to his feet, Sam pulled out his gun. "Whatever you are. Get the hell out of my Brother!"

Dean looked at him and realization hit. "I was dead, wasn't I?" Dean began patting himself down obviously feeling for the wounds he remembered from the hound attack. He looked at Sam and shrugged, "I think I'm all better."

Sam huffed a laugh, "nice try but demons lie." Still holding the gun in one hand, Sam tossed the contents of a sliver flask onto Dean. Nothing happened; the holy water simply got him wet.

"See, Sammy, not evil," Dean gestured to himself. "The demon must have screwed up."

"No, Dean you had mortal wounds and you were definitely dead for several minutes." Sam cocked the gun, "let's see how you react to silver."

"Whoa, let's think about this," Dean scrambled to his feet and tried to move out of the line of fire. "Hey genius, can't we try something a little less deadly to prove I'm me?"

Sam relaxed his stance and just stared at Dean. He pulled out his flashlight and shined it in Dean's eyes. "So, you're not a shape shifter or any creature with eye flashes."

"If you are going to go though every creature in Dad's journal this could take awhile and I'm hungry." Dean started to walk toward the lot where the Impala was parked. "You remember any place close by to get a burger and some pie?" He passed right by Sam, silently challenging him to shoot or shut up.

Sam reached out to grab Dean's shoulder. Sam searched his brother's face for something familiar while Dean just rolled his eyes and grunted his displeasure. "Dean, it can not be you. I don't believe it."

Dean threw his hands up in exasperation. "Fine, don't believe it, just give me the keys so I can get some food now."

Their exchange was cut short by the sound of an approaching car. They watched as Bobby pulled his truck next to the Impala.

Bobby turned off the engine but made no attempt to exit the truck. "You seeing what I'm seeing." Bobby looked at Ellen for confirmation.

"Wait, Dean's dead."

"He's supposed to be," Bobby agreed.

They knew that most resurrections were bad news. Silently, Bobby and Ellen geared up to prepare for the worst. They climbed out of the truck. Bobby aimed his shotgun at Dean. "Sam, who's your friend?" Bobby asked, as he and Ellen came to flank the younger Winchester.

"He says he's Dean. But damn it," Sam's voice was cracking."I know he had no pulse for several minutes. I saw the hounds tear him up, Bobby and now he's completely healed"

Bobby could see the kid was breaking down, "Sam, it'll be okay, we'll figure this out together."

Dean just waited, saying nothing, knowing that they had to prove it to themselves.

Ellen and Bobby peppered Sam with questions about what had happened since he'd called them. Sam swore he had not made any kind of deal, intentional or otherwise. He wanted to believe that it was truly Dean, but Sam's hunter training would not allow for the possibility that this resurrected Dean was anything but unnatural.

Ellen patted Sam's shoulder. "Let me handle this," she said. Ellen approached Dean with her silver knife drawn. "Dean, you understand," she indicated the knife, "we have to be sure."

Dean nodded. Even he was having trouble understanding how he could be alive if Sam was so sure he'd been dead. He remembered the hounds and he thought he had felt himself drifting away and then he was just back. It was like waking up from a night of heavy drinking. Dean was willing to undergo whatever tests they deemed necessary to determine if he was evil or not.

Ellen sliced along Dean's forearm. And while he winced in pain there was no supernatural "allergic reaction". Ellen and Dean watched as blue sparks covered the cut and closed the wound as if it had never been there.

"What the Hell?" exclaimed Dean. He looked at Ellen, who was wearing a knowing smile. "You know what this is?" he asked her.

She nodded and said, "one more test," as she plunged the knife into Dean's heart.

Sam was on her in an instant grabbing the knife and pushing her away from Dean. "Are you crazy?"

Dean reached out toward his brother and gulped a strangled "Sammy," before he hit the ground. Bobby checked for a pulse and shook his head.

Sammy whirled on Ellen looming over her, he demanded an explanation. Bobby stepped between them. "Sam, you know Ellen, I'm sure she had a good reason," but even Bobby was unsure of why she'd done it.

"Just wait," she assured them. "If he was evil, he will stay dead. If he's what I think he is, well then, he should be coming around soon."

Sure enough by the time Sam calmed down sufficiently to look at Dean he was breathing again. Sam reached over to give Dean a hand up and they both turned to look at Ellen.

"You want to explain why you felt it necessary to friggin' stab me, woman."

"I am sorry, Dean I had to be sure before I introduced you to an old friend of mine. I swore to keep his secret."

"Wait," Sam interjected, "so, it really is Dean?"

"Oh yeah," she smirked. "He's going to be Dean for a very long time, if he can keep his head."

"You want to stop with the Yoda impersonation, Ellen, and tell us what the hell happened to me." Dean's patience was wearing thin.

"My friend Duncan MacLeod is an Immortal. I believe Dean is one as well."

"Ellen, you can't be serious. Immortals, really?" Bobby was incredulous,"how come I never heard about Immortals?"

"It's a long story but suffice it to say that he's an old family friend. I'm sorry, Bobby, I couldn't share. Unfortunately, Duncan never covered what I should do if I watched one being created. Most Immortals are very careful never to reveal themselves. If Duncan comes here because of Dean, then I'm sure he'll share the history of Immortals. At this point," Ellen shrugged, "it's not my story to tell."

Bobby nodded his understanding.

Sam wasn't satisfied and began bombarding Ellen with questions."How does this happen? Are Immortals evil?"

"Sam, please be patient. I'm going to call Duncan and see if he will train Dean. He can answer all your questions." Ellen smiled at the thought of Sam and Duncan. Both of them were big boy scouts. Yeah, they'd get along. She hoped Duncan would be willing to take Dean on as an apprentice or what ever they called each other.

"What kind of training?" Sam had to know what was happening to his brother.

"Enough Sam," Bobby clapped the boy on the shoulder. "Let Ellen call her friend."

Dean had been quietly absorbing what Ellen had shared. "Come on, Ellen, immortality," Dean scoffed. "How long will I really live? Can you at least tell me that?"

Ellen relented, "well, Duncan was born in 1592 and he has a friend who claims to be over 5,000 years old." She figured that one fact would keep them satisfied until she had a chance to call Duncan.

Dean and Sam exchanged looks, "Holy crap, Dean that's awesome."

Mac grabbed the phone on the second ring. "MacLeod."

"Hey, Mac its Ellen Harvelle"

"Ellen, wow, its been awhile. Got another Immortal causing trouble in your corner of the country."

"Not exactly. It turns out a good friend of mine is one of you."

"You sure. Maybe he's one of your supernatural beasties."

"I'm sure," Ellen answered and he could here her smiling through the phone. "After his first death, I stabbed him with a silver knife, just to make sure he wasn't something unnatural. When he sat back up, I figured it was time to call you. So, will you train him?"

Mac laughed "For you Ellen, anything."