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Love Is A Lie Everyone Believes

Chapter 1

It's a concept most people refuse to acknowledge. Everyone believes it exists; they also believe that everyone will find it. No one, however, realizes it is all a lie.

I have seen 'it' in many different forms. Some express it through gifts, others through words. I scoff at all these ignorant people. They fail to realize that it is nothing but an illusion. People make it up to make themselves feel needed; wanted. I don't believe in it. Love is nothing but a word that has no meaning. I have never seen true love; if it evens exists. All I have seen are lies.

I grew up in a world filled with deception, hate, darkness, and greed. I am amazed I have made it this far. Even back in the Feudal Era, I saw it all; and my belief that love doesn't exist only grew stronger after that day.


We had finally tracked Naraku to a isolated castle in the mountains. As usual he had a swarm of demons plus his incarnations. I knew this wasn't going to be an easy battle, much less a fast one. Naraku wasn't one to make things quick, no he enjoyed making you suffer.

We had arrived at the castle to be greeted by Kagura. It figures that Naraku continues to hide. Inuyasha, as always, rushes right in. Knowing Naraku's sick pleasure in making traps, I had a feeling that we had walked right into one.

It wouldn't have been so bad if it was just Kagura, but as our luck has it, we had to face her and a huge swarm of demons that seemed to come out of no where.

We were about ten maybe fifteen minutes into the battle, or should I say trap, with Kagura when Kouga and his pack mates, Ginta and Hakkaku, showed up. Since Kouga had a revenge issue with Kagura he immediately stepped in to fight her. Even in the midst of battle those two always wind up in an argument. Knowing that it would get us no where, I grabbed Inuyasha and headed on into the castle while Miroku and Sango stayed behind to help Kouga.

Inuyasha and I got to the main grounds, and were once again confronted by hoards of demons. Luckily, however, Sesshomaru decided to choose this moment to appear. The fight was like any other fight, but this time Naraku didn't get away and Sesshomaru and Inuyasha didn't fight one another.

Combining powers, Naraku was killed along with his incarnations. To say that I was happy to see him go would be an understatement, however, what happened next brought everything but relief.

It figures that Kikyo would appear after the battle was over. I know it's not in my nature, but I strongly despise that women. Inuyasha didn't waste any time in going to her. I'm sitting over here bleeding pretty badly from a cut to my side and what does he do? He wanders over to Kikyo asking is she is alright!! 'Go ahead Inuyasha, check on Kikyo, who is already dead! Leave me here to bathe in my own blood.' I thought bitterly.

End Flashback

What happened after I had my anger fit is what stays with me to this very day. I lost the only man that I loved, back when I believed in such a ridiculous thing. Inuyasha, who I thought loved me, chose that moment to go with Kikyo. He didn't even spare the rest of us a backward glance.

The rest is kind of vague. I remember wishing on the jewel for everyone to find happiness and then telling Sango and Miroku that I won't becoming back anymore. I remember them being very sad and begging me to stay, but what was left for me there? I lost Inuyasha, and Miroku had Sango. Shippo, who I cared for like a son, was beginning to make his own way in the world and didn't need me anymore.

So after some short goodbyes, I left. That leads me to here and now. I work in a well-known hospital. It's pretty prestigious for a hospital. I figured why not put my miko powers to good use? So I started to intern here and then made my way up to one of the main doctors. Being one of the leaders in the staff requires me to work long hours, which for me is perfect. The less I have to deal with the outside world the better.

I was roused out of my thinking by the vibration of my pager. Glancing down to the small screen I saw that I was needed in the ER. Getting up from the table in the break room, I made my way over there.

Apparently we were hit with a major car accident case. We had at least five victims laying on individual stretchers placed in the room. Glancing quickly at each one, I picked out the most severely hurt one and got to work. 'Course that's not saying much seeing as how they were all severely injured with many lacerations and broken bones.

I finished up with all the surgeries, which in total time took about eight hours to complete. We only lost one patient to a critical head injury. I tried to stop the bleeding, but from further inspection I noted major brain damage from car debris. The remaining four patients were put into critical care but were more than likely going to survive, though not without some heavy scaring and minor nerve damage. All in all, these victims were lucky to survive the accident.

I had just finished cleaning up when the chief doctor stopped me in the hall. Before he could speak, however, he stopped another doctor, Hojo Tanshi. He was the second leading doctor in the hospital. We were both pretty headstrong about our work but I still think I put more care into my patient's well-being. He only did the minimal care needed and was much colder to his patients. How he became so high up in the standings is beyond me.

"Mr. Tanshi," Hojo turned to look at the chief doctor, "How many hours have you put in?" he asked.

Hojo glanced at me and then replied, "Twenty-three hours, sir."

The chief then turned towards me, mentally asking me the same question. "Thirty-six, sir." I answered quietly.

The chief sighed and turned to Hojo. "Hojo, take over Kagome's work and head down to the ER to help with a head wound. As for you Kagome," he continued, turning towards me, "Go home and get some rest." I was readily about to protest when he held up his hand to stop me. "I mean it, Kagome. Go home." he said with finality.

I sighed, "Yes sir." I turned towards the break room to get my stuff. I was about half-way there when the chief called out to me.

"Don't get me wrong, you are an excellent doctor, and you are very dedicated. I admire that, but I am absolutely positive that the hospital can function without you for a couple of hours. Because heaven forbid that you take a day off." he finished with a small smile on his face.

I smiled in return and nodded. 'A couple hours wouldn't hurt, but I'll be damned if I'm leaving for a whole day.'

I got home around nine after stopping to get me some Chinese take-out. It has been so long since I had it I thought I'd treat myself. And am I glad I did. It was so good!

After I finished eating I went to relax in the tub. I lit some scented candles on lowered myself in.

Instantly I felt the warm water loosen my tight muscles. It was hard sometimes to do the work that I do. I mean, I love my job more than anything in the world, but with the fact that I have more abilities than others and that I throw myself into my work makes my life kind of stressful. I can't even recall the last time I slept. The bags under my eyes must be a lovely addition to my already worn out features.

What I don't get is other people. Today while I was sitting in the work room I over heard one of the assistant surgeons talking to one of the nurses. By the sounds of things he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend. At that point I wanted to laugh really bad. It is a complete waste of time. I bet that she will get caught up in the moment and say yes. Only because that means she gets to flaunt a huge diamond ring that will more than likely get thrown at someone later. He'll cheat or she'll cheat or they will get into an argument because the rushed into a relationship harboring nothing but lust and desire.

People like that make me sick. She doesn't know what she wants and he thinks she's perfect. Psh, ya right! Come on people! Open your eyes, there is no such thing as love.

I rolled my eyes at the memory. The sucker was going to get what was coming to him. He shouldn't have been so stupid to think that love is possible.

I sighed again as I got out of the tub. Obviously this whole idea of trying to relax isn't going to work out. "I am a bitter and mean person and it is all because of you Inuyasha." I said as I wrapped the towel around me.

I walked into my room and quickly looked at the digital clock on my night stand. It has been two and a half hours since I left the hospital. 'There, I fulfilled his wish. I left for a couple of hours. Now he can't complain anymore.' I thought as I grabbed some clean clothes and left for the hospital.

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