Hello! Just so everyone knows I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! This is an azureshipping fic also. I'm an azureshipper and I love azureshipping fics. It rocks! It's amazing! Kaiba and Tea should go out because they are opposite and they just look cute together. Everytime I see them standing near one another, I'm just like all, 'Awwww!' and yeah. Plus, in middle school, my two bffs would compare ourselves to the YGO girls. Though I had Serenity's personality (Even though I hate Serenity with a passion...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!!!!!) and my other friend had Tea's I was always Tea and she was Serenity. Plus, I was in love with Kaiba at the time and thats why I'm a supporter. Anyway, ENOUGH with my life story...ENJOY! Once again, I do NOT won Yu-Gi-Oh or azureshipping (But wish I did). ENJOY! ;)

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Domino. Tea took a walk around town. She was sopose to meet up with Mokuba. They were to go out to lunch, go to the arcade and then see a movie. To kill time, she was shopping around town. So far she was having a good day. While not paying attention to the stret, but busy texting Yugi, she bang, crash, boomed (a phrase my band director used) into someone! She got up to her feet and saw who it was...Seto Kaiba.

"Oh, no! She's lives after all." he said, in his usual sarcastic tone of voice.

Tea got up and glared at him. All of her bags and her phone were on the ground.

"I'm okay, Kaiba! Thanks for asking!" she shot back at him.

Kaiba noticed her stuff on the ground. As she was picking it up, he said, "Oh here, let me help you." He kicked her phone and started to laugh. Tea looked at him in rage.

"You are such an ass hole!" she growled.

"Ouch, that hurt. Catch you and the rest of your geek squad later." he started to walk away as she just glared at him.

'Man,' she thought, 'I can't stand him. He's such a prick! Honestly, I find it hard to believe that he and Mokuba are brothers. Mokuba is so sweet while that one is so...UGH! Yet...he's very attractive. I mean, thoes eyes, that face...and not to mention...HIS BODY...man, he's so hot. I mean, I'd like to...wait, this is Kaiba your talking about! AHHHHHHHHH! ERASE THAT THOUGHT!'

Tea went along. Mokuba sat in the park. When he saw Tea come by, he ran up to her and hugged her.

"Tea!" he cried cheerfully!.

"Hey sweetie." she hugged him back. "Sorry if I'm a bit late. I had an awkard encounter with your brother."

Mokuba knew Kaiba didn't approve his friendship with Tea. But he could careless. He hung out with her anyway. Not to mention he shouldn't be talking because Kaiba had no friends. All he did was work.

"Only by a minuet, but that doesn't matter! What should we do first?"

"We can get lunch, then go to the arcade and then see the movie." Tea suggested.

"Okay! We'll do that then!" Mokuba said with agreement.

The two ate lunch at Blimpie. Tea had a club while Mokuba ate a toasted wrap. Then they went to the arcade. Mokuba was playing a couple of the games while Tea played Dance Dance Revolution to work off the food. After spending a good hour at the arcade. They went to the movies. Mokuba had really wanted to see Date Movie. Tea brought the tickets and they went to the movie. Suprisingly, they were the only two in the whole theater who laughed at the movie. When the movie was done, Tea and Mokuba walked out and laughed as they talked about the movie.

"My favorite part was when they were at dinner." Mokuba laughed.

"Really? I liked the part where he's playing all the different insturments in the elevator." Tea mentioned.

"But the scene where they give her the make over was gross. I almost lost my appitie with my nachos!"

"Oh yeah..."

"Anyway, thanks for taking me to see the move, Tea. Seto promised to take me but he's always to "busy" for a movie."

"Aw, no prob, Mokie. Anytime."

"Next week, lets see 300!"


"Mokuba, what are you doing hanging out with one of Yugi's geek squad members?"

The two turned around and saw Kaiba.

"Hey, Seto! Tea took me to see Date Movie! It was funny!"

"Well it's getting late and we should get going! Besides, she might set a bad example for you, Mokuba and I don't want that to happen."

Tea glared at him. Ooh, how she couldn't stand him! Mokuba gave Tea a hug and walked off with his brother. When they got home, Kaiba gave his brother a lecture.

"I told you I don't want you being friends with her!" he snapped.

Mokuba frowned.

"Seto, she's not on fire. She's just a girl..."

"A girl who hangs out with Yugi, the Mutt and...what's his face."

"Seto, she just took me to see Date Movie! It's not like I'm breaking the law!"

"Hanging with her is sort of breaking the law to me. Now you promise not to hang out with her again?"

Mokuba just walked upstairs to his room. He hated how his brother would judge him and his friendship with Tea. Mokuba felt that his brother needed to get out more often. He also thought his brother was at the age to have a girlfriend. Personally, he always had a metal picture of seeing his brother and Tea going out. He always could picture them together. They were both opposites. Tea was sweet, cheerful and always happy because she had such a perfect and carefree life. She also had the perfect friends. Seto on the other hand was cold, ruthless, and always came off as a jerk to everyone and everything. Also, they fought everytime they saw each other. Everytime Mokuba saw them fight, he'd always say, 'Yup, thoes two will be married in the next five years.' Thats when he had an idea! He was going to play secret matchmaker for his brother and Tea!

'Seto,' he thought, 'wether you like it or not, I'm going to get you to get out and not only that, you are going to get a girlfriend!'

Mokuba thought of what was going to happen. He was going to ask Tea to hang out with him next week and to meet infront of the theaters. When he arived with his brother, he was going to leave them alone. PERFECT!

"Mokuba Kaiba, you're a genius!"

"Mokuba!" Kaiba shouted from the next room, "Stop thinking out loud and get to sleep!"

"Sorry, Seto! Love ya!"

Mokuba is so cute. I love him! Anyway, this is just chapter one. Read and review please. I'm going to be working on the date scene.