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Tea and Kaiba walked into a nightclub in Domino. It was a popular hang out on Friday and Saturday nights. Tea had often went there on weekends with her friends. When she was with Mai and Serenity, they would all end up guy hunting. With the guys it was a different story; it wasn't as fun. Yugi couldn't dance, Bakura is a prude, Duke was busy getting lost in a mess of people and flirting with the girls and Joey and Tristan just acted like idiots. Hopfully, Kaiba would make the dance floor a fun place to be.

"Believe it or not Gardner," Kaiba said, "this is my first time entering a night club."

"Are you serious?" she asked shocked. "What have you been doing?"

"As Mokuba likes to put it," he said, "living in a box."

"Well, come on! Let's dance!" she begged.

Tea tried to pull Kaiba to the dance floor but he stood there. She looked at him.

"What? Don't you like dancing?"

"It's not that I don't like dancing...it's just...well...I don't dance to this music." he said.

"It's easy. C'mon!" Tea begged.

"Gardner," he said, bitterly, "I said I don't like this music!"

She sighed and said, "Okay...while you sit at the bar, I'm gonna get lost in the crowd and dance with someone else."

"You do that." Kaiba said.

He ordered a drink for himself (As in drink I mean soda!) and watched the people in the crowd dance. He noticed Tea going over to some random guy and asked him to dance. Kaiba just looked at them dance. He felt a twinge of jealously coming over him but tried to fight it.

'It's okay, Seto...you're not jealous...she's only dancing and you don't dance to hip hop. Don't let it bother you. She will never see that guy again. It's only dancing, it's only dancing, it's only...WHOA!!!'

At that point the guy Tea was dancing with took her hand, spun her around and started grinding on her. Kaiba was really ticked at the sight.

'How dare he do that to her! I must do something about it!'

Kaiba got up and went over to the guy and pulled him off Tea.

"If you're here with someone, I advise you to go back to them and leave my date alone!" he said, through gritted teeth (Yup...typical Kaiba for ya folks:O).

The guy got intimidated and walked away. Tea looked up at him and smirked.

"I thought Mr. CEO doesn't like this music." she said.

"It's not that...it's um..."

"I get it...you couldn't stand me dancing with that guy...is that true?"

"Uh...um..." Kaiba noticed he started to blush, but managed to fight it off. "Songs changing."

The next song was Tea's favorite, 'I Fell In Love With a DJ' by Che'Nelle. She squealed at the song and cried, "This song kicks ass! Come on, let's dance!"

"Gardner, I told you..." Kaiba was cut off by Tea as she took his hands. His skin felt warm.

"And I told you it's easy. All you have to do is feel the music. Make up a beat as you go along."

She helped him move his feet and his arms a bit. It wasn't till the middle of the song he was getting the hang of it. Kaiba watched how the other guys danced with their girlfriends. He thought of doing that with Tea, but wasn't sure.

"See...you're getting better. My, my are you a fast learner? I have to admit, you're better than Yugi at something. Yugi can't dance for his...Whoa, Kaiba!"

At that point, he spun her around so her back was to his front. He started to grind on her, like the other guy did (When does Seto Kaiba, hip hop music and grinding mix?). Tea was a bit shocked at his actions but went along with it.

'Wow. This feels a bit weird. I'm dancing at a night club with Kaiba. Not dancing but GRINDING! Man, I'm so glad the guys are not here. If they ever saw this sight, they would either kill me for doing this or just be in such a major shock that they would have a hard time living it down. Especially Joey and Tristan. I don't know about Yugi.'

"So Gardner, having fun?" Kaiba asked in her ear. His voice gave her shivers up her spine.

"Uh...y...yes...I am acutally. Why are you?"

Kaiba spun her and dipped her back.

"Maybe..." he said, with a smirk.

She shot him a smile back. She put her arms around his neck and resumed grinding on him. The next song was 'Toma' by Pitbull (Okay, they are in a nightclub and they do play hip hop and reggaeton in nightclubs!).

"Oh, man! This song is from Date Movie!" Tea squealed.

"Why am I not suprised you'd remember that?" Kaiba said.

She spun around so she was against his front and continued to grind on him to the hip hop music. After a few more songs, Kaiba and Tea needed to sit down. He was out of breath, from dancing. Her legs hurt.

"Wow..." she said.

"Wow what?" he asked.

"No...you, Mr. CEO, dancing like that. I never pictured you dancing like that. Infact, I never thought you could do that."

Kaiba snickered.

"Question, why did you pull that guy away?" Tea asked.

Kaiba started to blush again.

'Oh, crap! It's happening again!'

"Kaiba, I demand an answer. Why did you pull that guy away from me as we were dancing?"

"IdontknowIguessIgotextremlyjealousandwantedtodancewithyouandthesightofhimdancingwithyoukilledme!" he exclaimed all in one breath.

Tea understood him clearly though.

'Is he saying he likes me?' she thought.

'Great...now she thinks I'm crazy.' he thought.

The music went slow. The song that was playing was Akon's, 'Nobody Wants to See Us Together.' Tea looked at the couples dance to the song. Kaiba tapped her on the shoulder.

"You don't mind dancing to one more song, do you?" he held out his hand.

Tea glupped and took it as he lead her to the dance floor. He put his arms around her waist and she put her hands on his shoulders. As they danced, questions appeared in Kaiba's head; 'What was it after her karaoke preformance at the bar? After the preformance she just had something about her that I started to get attaracted to. Was it the way she dance and sang or was it her cute, upbeat persona that brought out that pop star appeal she has? Oh, crap! I...think...I do like her! Of all the girls in the world...I end up falling for Gardner.'

Tea felt Kaiba's heart beat as they danced. She also got a good smell of his colonge.

'Man, he smells so good. I wish this could never end. His arms feel so safe and so warm. Wait, whats up with me! This is Kaiba you're talking about, Tea! Get a grip! Oh man, you know the world is coming to an end when I like Kaiba.'

After the song, Kaiba and Tea just looked at each other. It was awkard slience at first. Kaiba decided to speak up.

"So...you want to get out of here?" he asked.

"Yeah...my parents will kill me. They think I'm with Mokuba." she replied.

Kaiba and Tea walked out of the nightclub and walked the avenue home. It was a beautiful night. He walked with her though the park. The moon shone down on the lake, causing it to sparkle and shimmer. The stars looked like little diamonds in the sky. Tea was feeling a little chilly in the night. Kaiba took off his jacket and gave it to her to wear. She looked up at him and he said, "You might need it. It's cold."

"But what about..." she was cut off.

"I can toloerate the cold. I love the cold." Kaiba told her.

She didn't argue. As they got to her house, he walked her to the door.

"Well...I must say...it was an intersting blind date and I had good time." Tea said.

"Yup." Kaiba said.

Before Tea could take out her keys to open the door, Kaiba called her name.

"Tea..." he said.

She jumped when he said her name. Did he just address her by her first name?

"Yes, Kaiba?"

"Um...I had fun to." he said.

She smiled.

"OH MY GOD! WHAT'S THAT ABOVE YOU!" she shouted.

Tea squealed and looked up.

"What?" she panicked.

Kaiba took her into his arms and gave her a kiss on the lips. At first she was shocked but then kissed him back. The kiss was pretty long. Both teens felt a spark fly in the kiss. When they let go, all they did was look at each other. Kaiba smiled and said, "Want to go dancing again next Saturday. I'm free that day."

Tea smiled and said, "I'd love to."

They kissed again but this time it was only a peck on the lips. Before Kaiba could leave, Tea called back, "Seto!

Kaiba trembled at the sound of his name said by her. He turned around.

"Um...thank Mokuba for this." she said.

He nodded and kept walking.

When Kaiba got home, he found Mokuba asleep on the couch with the TV on. He shut it off and woke Mokuba up.

"Seto..." Mokuba yawned.

"Yup, it's me." Kaiba said.

"How was the date I sent you on?"

Kaiba smiled and said, "Lets just say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. You did the both of us a favor actually and we both thank you."

Mokuba smiled.

"So you two are going out now?" he cried.

"Maybe. We're seeing each other again next week."

"YEAH! SETO'S DATING TEA! SETO'S DATING TEA!" Mokuba sang and danced with joy that his brother finally had a girlfriend.

Kaiba just shook his head and chuckled.

"I'm happy for you Seto!" Mokuba hugged him.

"To celebrate, you want to go to the movies tommorrow? I read in an add at the theater that Sunday is free movie day. Intersted?"


Mokuba was so happy that not only had his plan worked but he got to spend time with his brother.

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