Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight.

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Zero exited the shower with a sigh of relief. However, a hot shower was only half of what he needed.

He needed blood.

He looked at the mirror and took in his appearance. He was pale… Ghastly pale. He could easily see his veins and how thin they were without his blood. He looked too weak too even be walking and there were bags under his eyes. He groaned and rested his forehead on the glass. The only thing good about his appearance was the fact that both his eyes were lilac once more.

It was a bright morning, and Zero doubted that he could even go to class without passing out. The fact that it was day was enough to wear him out.

He wiped his face with the fluffy towel and groaned again. He was going straight to bed after this.

At the sound of the door opening, Zero's entire body went stiff. But the smell of Yuki calmed him down to by slight degree.

"Oh! Zero, I didn't know you were in here." Yuki tightened her robe and closed the door behind her. "Hey, your eyes are back."

A faint smile found his lips. "Oh, you noticed?"

Yuki huffed at his sarcastic tone and threw a bar of soap at him, which he caught without even looking. "And you're back to being a jerk!" She stomped to his side and stared at him through the mirror. "Yuck, you are going back to bed aren't you? You look like a dead guy!"

How ironic.

Zero shrugged and started to brush his teeth. He winced slightly at the sight of his fangs slightly growing at the presence of a blood filled human.

"I suggest… that if you want your share tomorrow…that you do not take anything from Yuki."

He shuffled uncomfortably and shoved Yuki away from him, knowing that she would've thought about it as a playful gesture, when in reality, Zero wanted to be as far away from her as possible. Her blood still intoxicated him, whether it was still in her veins or not.

"Well, do you want me to get your homework? You know the teacher isn't going to like you being absent, he's already pissed that we're always falling asleep in his class."

Zero gave her a droll glance. "Do what you want. I honestly don't care."

"You're not going to flunk again Zero. So I'm getting it, and we're both going to do it. I'll do a little patrolling then I'll stop by and we can work on it together."

"Yes, mother."



"You infuriating—"

"I'm done. See you later runt." With a small ruffle of her hair and a teasing push, Zero left the Chairman's bathroom with his breathing ragged and his eyes dilated.

Her blood smelled so delicious.

He slammed his fist in the wall but continued walking, not caring that the wall was in front of the Chairman's office. If there was a hole instead of a dent oh fucking well. He was hungry.

Zero quickened his pace when he felt the air around him cackling and his temper waning. This hunger wasn't like the others again.

Before, he would've wanted anything that had a human's life source flowing through their veins. But because he was only granted to Yuki's during his time of being of vampire, she became his outlet, and he swore that her blood would be all that he would drink.


Yuki's blood still intoxicated him, that was a given. But he no longer craved for her blood as…

Zero slammed his door open and shut it, sliding down the ornate wood. His head rested between his knees and he gulped.

"I didn't think that you would even be standing."

The prefect's body went rigid. Even his senses were low? Damnit… He looked up and released a glare that he hoped sent shivers down the pureblood's spine.

Kaname… He craved for Kaname's blood more than Yuki's.

Kaname picked up a framed photo of Zero and his girl. How sickeningly cute. He crossed the room with so much grace that it would've made any cat seem like it couldn't walk at all. The vampire drew the curtains, keeping his eyes on the picture.

The sun was draining him. And he knew it must've drained Zero as well. Cross was clearly stupid to let a low ranked vampire wander around in the bright light of day around bodies full of blood.


Zero wasn't a low ranking vampire anymore.

He was…

Kaname placed the frame back where it belonged and let his fingers slide delicately over Yuki. But his eyes lingered of the boy who refused to smile.

Zero was something else.

He looked around the room with little interest on his face. Why would there be? Zero's room was bland. Dull. Completely void of anything personal except the photo. It was the exact opposite of Yuki's room. But then again, Yuki and Zero were opposites in almost everyway possible. There weren't even books in Zero's room.

Kaname would've compared Zero's room to his easily, but the boy obviously had no real life in him. He either found no reason to have things in his room that explained his personality—though the lack of items did a fine job of accomplishing it—or he just found no reason to actually enjoy life.

The only items that could be seen were his Bloody Rose, his uniforms, and schoolbag. But other than that: nothing.

He sat himself in the desk chair and rested his cheek on his knuckles, closing his eyes. He was, in truth, satisfied with Zero's blood. He was almost reluctant to give it back to the boy. His blood wasn't just hot, metallic, and flavorsome. It was mouthwatering. Of all the types of blood Kaname has tasted, he has never tasted one such as Zero's. It pumped unnecessary adrenaline into his veins and burned his throat like alcohol, filling him to the brim. It was like a five course meal, desert included with great service.

Kaname licked his lips. It was sweet, but not too sweet. It was sour with the growing anger and hatred that Zero had for him during their little affair. It was simply, and for lack of a better word, divine.

Perhaps… It was the results of his blood intertwining with the boy's. Perhaps. Who knew. It was why Kaname was using him as a test subject.

The pureblood's brow furrowed as he sensed Zero storming. Had he seen Yuki?

When the prefect shoved himself in the room and slid down the door, he received was his answer. He looked out of breath, sweating so much that his pale skin glowed. Kaname almost laughed. Almost.

"I didn't think that you would even be standing," he murmured.

The intensity of Zero's glare made the room immensely cold. He raised a brow and crossed his arms.

"I applaud you. Being around Yuki and you had yet to even bite her." Kaname snorted as Zero stood on unstable knees.

"What are you doing here?"

Kaname's eyes darted to the corners of the room which were growing dangerously sharp icicles like when Aidou was angry. He breathed lightly and watched as his breath melted the cold air surround them. It really wasn't just him?

"I told you I would give you some of your blood back. I'm afraid I got a little carried away. Leaving you the way you are now, well, that's just no way to protect who you love is it?" Kaname's eyes darted to the picture of the two prefects and felt the air around them warm up a little bit.

Zero's fists were clenching and unclenching. He could tell that the boy was wondering if the pureblood was safe or not. Kaname was, in all honesty, neither.

"If you want, I could wait until nightfall, just to really test you," Kaname said, feeling an evil smirk want to grow from the corner of his lips. "Also, the sun is really draining me; I would rather be asleep, don't you?"

What happened next, Kaname suspected it. He was provoking Zero a bit much. The boy was driven by blood lust. He was dying of hunger, and by just suggesting that he waited until night was unwise and could lead to death. If you weren't Kaname that is.

Kaname didn't even wince when Zero's arm found his throat or when his back came in contact with the window that was cracking from the impact. Kaname closed his eyes. Zero still acted on impulse.

"Over blood? Really, Zero?"

The white haired prefect bared his fangs, but his arm eased up off of Kaname's neck.

He made no move to dodge or retaliate, because he knew it would just lead to more damage. They caused enough ruckus last night. Twice. His nobles went wild at the smell of Zero's blood. Some were happy that his blood had been spilt; others were at unease, because the death of Kiriyu would mean a hunter's raid. And when they smelled Zero's blood in his body, they all asked why?

"Are you done acting like a child?" Kaname asked, fixing his coat.

Zero paced in front him, seething and growling. If he was given the choice of circling around him with a vulture's eye, he probably would've taken the chance. Zero was a wild animal on the inside. Tamed and aloof around people he could trust somewhat, but angered and deadly around people he didn't.

It intrigued Kaname.

The vampire sighed and held his wrist out to Zero. The other vampire stared at it skeptically.

"Do you want it or not?" Kaname asked. "I enjoyed drinking your blood, it was utterly delicious."

Zero stepped back with shock screaming off of his face. Kaname then smirked. "I really don't feel like giving it back. Drink. Before I leave, and you can starve for another week or so. Stop being stubborn."

Kiriyu looked away for a split second. He had yet to utter a word. It was strange, considering the fact that the prefect always had something to say…

In a swift movement, his lab rat's lips hovered over his wrist, holding it in a death grip. He was contemplating. However, his vampire instincts got the best of him and he bit roughly into the wrist. Kaname sucked in air through his teeth and tilted his head back as pain started to rack his body once more. Having a vampire drink your blood was truly painful.

Gulp. Glack. Slurp.

The pureblood felt the pain start to subside a bit and he watched as Zero drank his blood. The other vampire was careful to not drink too fast, so unlike himself. He really did have some control. His hair covered his eyes and his hands shook, loosening their grip on his wrist.

How intriguing indeed.

Zero wanted to cry out in frustration. He was tired of giving into the vampire with in him. So what if it was basic survival instincts? It was horrible. Drinking the blood of a human was bad enough. From a pureblood, it was a pure and dark sin. A pureblood's blood was rich and lush with power. It made his heart throb in pain as the power started to coat his body.




Zero tore himself away from Kaname's wrist and leaned against the wall. He panted, feeling the blood drip from his chin. Damn.

"Well… now that we're both satisfied..." Kuran began, panting himself. "I'll just take my leave."

Zero closed his eyes and felt his body start to break down. It was all too much. He hated this. He hated being a vampire.

He hated loving the taste of blood.

"How…" he started.

Kaname was still in the room. He could feel it. "How do you deal with it? Stealing the lives of others, feeling no remorse at all?"

Silence. The prefect fell onto his bed and stared at his ceiling. No more. He wanted no more of this. It was painful enough that his master couldn't look at him without flinching and reaching for his gun.

"Is it really any different than when you eat meat? We're just surviving. Just as humans do. Only, we don't have a variety of different kinds of things to eat from. After a while, you start to just think of humans as cattle. More or less. The only time a vampire really does feel remorse… is when the human has so much feelings and kindness in them, that their emotions and memories play in the vampires mind for many nights."

Zero closed his eyes, and his face scrunched up into a painful countenance.

That always happened with her.

It was several hours after their event, and the bruises Zero had left with his front teeth were just starting to heal. Kaname rubbed his wrist subconsciously, as he tried to pay attention. Not that he needed to. But he needed to do something to get the hunter off of his mind. The pureblood spent enough time calculating, observing, and poking his lab rat. And as fun as it was, it was giving him a slight migraine.

Zero hated being a vampire. That was a given. But did he like being a hunter?

Kaname's ears twitched slightly as he heard Kain's distinctive footfalls behind the door. He didn't attend class because he and Ichijou were busy looking up Kiriyu's family history. Ichijou found the source, looked it up. Kain followed closely, and delivered. Pushing himself off of the windowsill, he glided to the door. "Excuse me, professor."

"Of course, Lord Kaname."

The pureblood opened the door to find Akatsuki and Ichijou waiting, a notebook held in Ichijou's arms. Kaname stared at them questioningly.

"We found things you already knew sire, but we also found things rather interesting."

Kaname smiled slightly.

­­­­­Zero inhaled deeply, taking in his mission's objectives. It was another gathering. A gathering of vampires and information. A lookout. Yagari would attend for back up. He snorted. He was added there only because the hunter's board had very little trust in him. What? Did they really expect him to join the vampire's ranks?

Zero yawned and covered his mouth in fear that someone would notice his canines, a habit he picked up a week ago. Regardless, he noticed, if he wasn't even high on bloodlust, his canines were longer than average. Did someone else ever notice? His eyes darted to Yuki who was biting her tongue while scribbling the answers to her homework on his bed, which he finished just minutes ago. She should've noticed.

He opened his mouth then closed it. Opening it again. Closing.

"Hmm? Did you want something?" Yuki asked, tilting her head to the side.

Zero blinked and looked out his window. No. He wanted nothing.



"Yuki… what will happen to us?"

He could feel Yuki's immediate sadness. He closed his eyes. She knew one of the possible answers. He would fall and she would have to destroy him, as she promised. But… His throat tightened. He had the possibility of outliving her, and at that, he would have to leave her lest he wanted to watch her grow old, withering.

"Hmm… Friends? Remember?" Yuki smiled with difficulty. Her voice cracked right in the middle of her sentence.

"Ahh…" he murmured. He reached out a hand to touch her head without looking, but instead, she grabbed his hand with both of hers.

He watched from the corner of his eye as she rubbed the back of his hand against her cheek. The vampire bit the inside of his cheek as he felt the smallest air of moisture near his fingers.

"Right, Zero? We're always going to be friends…"

Such a hopeful dream. But even he was hopeful. Twisting his wrist, he had her in his arms, with his face buried deep in her shoulder. She gasped and went rigid. And he could only smile remorsefully.

"I'm not going to bite you…" he whispered. "I can't bite you. Not anymore."

"But Zero…"

"No… it's either you die because of what I am, or I fall into Level E. I'm not biting you anymore." He cupped her face and made her look at him. "No more… You're not cattle. You're Yuki."

Yuki smiled underneath her small tears and smothered herself in his chest. This was the most he has ever spoken with feelings other than anger or irritation. It was…difficult and foreign to him. But she deserved to hear it. She is above all.

"We're friends…" He whispered.

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