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The Affair of the Maou

The fated day came. Yuuri donned his war clothes and looked longingly around his room before setting off to war. He had also told his mother and family when he went to earth; they were reluctant to let him go to war at first but they finally let him go.


Yuuri decided to tell his parents of the plan of Shin Makoku to go to war against humans. After discussing the plans with the others, Yuuri transported himself to earth.

Once there he couldn't bring himself to talk about the war with his mother alone, so he decided to wait for his brother and father to come home. Once they got together at the dinner table he took a long breath and said it.

"Mother, father, big brother, we plan on going to war with the humans in Shin Makoku."

It took a while to register in his family's minds what he just said. When it did, Yuuri's mother was the first to speak up.

"But… why? You're human too, Yuu-chan. I'm human! Why can't mazokus and humans just live a peaceful life together?"

"I don't know either, mother, but I have to go to war with them. After all, I am the Maou."

"But Yuu-chan… Didn't you promise that once you sit on the throne and become the Maou you will change how things are? Didn't you say you'll establish peace?"

"We tried, mother, but…"

"What happened, Yuuri?" Shouma asked.

"The messengers we sent for the attempted peace talk were all beheaded and had their bodies burned, and the humans didn't even listen to what they were going to say."

"Well, I say you teach them a lesson." Shouri said out loud. "I mean, teach them not to mess with you. They'll surely fall under your command."

"Shou-chan! We can't be that violent!" Miko scolded.

(A/N: I don't know how Miko calls Shouri, so I just put that. Also, if anyone from Yuuri's family is OOC, please forgive me… I haven't watched season 2 that much yet so I don't know much about them…)

"I don't know…"

"Well, I just came to tell you this, mother, so I need to go back now."

"But Yuu-chan…"

"I'm sorry mother; we have to wage war against them." Yuuri kissed her and his father on the cheek. "I love you." He then turned to Shouri. "See yah, big brother."

"Hn. Come back alive, okay?"

"I can't promise that."

"Yuu-chan? What do you mean?"

"Humans have invented a new weapon, and we don't know what it is."

"Please be careful."


Afterwards he transported himself to Shin Makoku with a heavy heart.

End Flashback

Yuuri wrote a note for Wolfram; he can't let him know that they're going to war, so he left early and went to Bielefeld Castle. He made one of the guards gave it to him.


I'm so sorry I couldn't tell this to you personally, but I have to go to war with the humans. We didn't tell you this because we fear for your safety. I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me.

I love you so much, and if I never go back, please don't cry for me… I can't stand seeing your beautiful face stained with tears… And besides, I won't be by your side to wipe your tears away…

I do hope you at least forgive me for the affair. I love you and I want you back, and if I ever come back alive I'll try again to make you wear the ring.

With eternal love,

Yuuri ♥

Having done all the things he had to do, he set out for the battlefield together with Gwendal, Yozak, and Conrad. Günter was left behind in Blood Pledge Castle to watch over it and send reinforcements when needed.

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Gwendal lead them to the battlefield, shouting their war cries. Yuuri was in the frontline together with Yozak and Conrad, and together they fought the humans.

Humans then came and attacked them. Since they were in Mazoku territory, Gwendal had no trouble using his maryoku to create barriers. Yuuri also used his maryoku to attack, while Yozak and Conrad resorted to sword fighting. Some of the humans then brought out their secret weapon and began firing at them. Yuuri realized what they were a tad too late.

"Guns! Gwendal, look out!"

But his warning came out too late. Gwendal was hit by a bullet on the left shoulder. Yuuri called Yozak and Conrad.

"Stay clear of them! Those weapons are called guns, and they can fire bullets at you without having to go near. One shot on your head or near your chest can kill you, so please be careful!"

"Yes, heika!" After that, Yozak and Conrad and the remaining men proceeded with more caution.

Yuuri, meanwhile, managed to help Gwendal stand up. He brought him to the tent where Gisela and other medics were prepared to heal him.

"I'll come back out there, heika, once I'm healed." Gwendal remarked, determined.

"Just make sure it will heal enough for it not to open again. We'll fend off the enemies, so don't worry. We'll call Günter in for reinforcements as well."

"As you wish, heika."

Meanwhile, Wolfram was dressing up for training. The minute he stepped out into the training grounds a guard ran up to him.

"Your Excellency, heika left me this to give to you."

"Throw it away." Wolfram said while waving the letter away.

"But Your Excellency! What's written in here may be important! You see, heika left for war this morning."

"War?! Against whom?"

"The humans, sir. It seems they have grown hostile and has invented a secret weapon!"

"Why didn't anyone tell me?!" Wolfram asked to no one in particular while running towards Blood Pledge Castle. He didn't even bother taking a horse. He also snatched the letter from the guard and read it along the way.

When he finished reading the letter he had tears in his eyes. He quickened his pace and arrived in Blood Pledge Castle in a few minutes.

"Günter! Günter!"

Anissina came and greeted him. "Günter has left for war, Wolfram."

"Huh? When?"

"Just now. It seems the humans are so strong that they needed recruits immediately."

"Where is the war?"

"I don't know."

"Fine. I'll look for them myself."

"No, Wolfram. Your orders are to remain here in case they needed more reinforcements! Günter told me all about it!"

"I can't wait now! I have to see Yuuri! I have to tell him I still love him!" Wolfram said with tears in his eyes. Just then a messenger came.

"Your Excellency! They need reinforcements, sir."

"Where are they?"

"You can follow me, sir."

Wolfram rode his horse and followed him to where they were.

All of it seemed hopeless. The Mazoku were losing. Yozak's dead. Conrad, Gwendal, and Günter are wounded. It's all up to Yuuri…

Yuuri stood in front of the battle line, exhausted. Every one of the best soldiers was either wounded or dead, all because of the guns.

So this was about the time guns were invented? Yuuri asked himself. Maybe, at least, in this world.

Wolfram, I don't think I'll be able to come back to you. Forgive me for what I am about to do. I can't turn into the Maou at my own will but I can at least control my maryoku now. Here goes nothing! Yuuri then charged full speed at the humans and hit them with his maryoku. A lot of them fell down dead. He didn't notice, though, that humans were also behind him, and before he could react they shot him.

Yuuri heard faint sounds of cheers coming from the humans, and then darkness. Yuuri Shibuya, 27th Maou, was no more.

Wolfram came a tad too late. The sight before him was devastating; dead bodies of both sides littered the ground, though one body stood out. He was dressed in all black and bloody, and he had a violet cape. It took a while to register in Wolfram's mind…

That that body belonged to Yuuri. His husband. His love. The person who he promised to spend the rest of his life with. Yuuri had obtained five shots on his body: one on the back of the head, one on the chest, one on the left arm, and two on the back of his legs. It was enough to make him fall down dead.

Wolfram still couldn't believe it. He lost his love twice. First to a woman and now to humans. They're going to pay…

Wolfram used his maryoku at full blast and burned half of the human army in just a blink of an eye. He was turned to a heartless soldier; burning every human that comes in his way. Gwendal, Conrad, and Günter watched helplessly from the tent. Gwendal then decided to get up and help.

"Gwendal! Your wound's not fully healed yet!" Conrad called out.

"But it won't open. I have to help…"

Before he could even finish his sentence he heard a shot. He ran outside and saw it. His younger half brother, Wolfram von Bielefeld, was shot through the heart by a human. It was enough to make him fall down on the ground.

Gwendal was so devastated that he killed, no, destroyed the human who shot his brother. He ran to Wolfram to try and save him, but it was too late.

"Aniwe…" Gwendal heard him whisper.

"What is it, Wolfram?"

"Can… you… at least…take me to… wh… where… Yuuri is? All… I want now… is to… breathe my last beside… him." Wolfram said with much difficulty.

Gwendal replied with tears in his eyes, "Of course."

Gwendal carried him to where Yuuri's body is and watched over him for a moment. Wolfram tried to reach Yuuri's face. When he did, he caressed his bloody face softly and whispered, "I… love… you… I'll… follow… you… to… wherever… our souls…will go…" After that he breathed his last. Wolfram von Bielefeld was no more.

The Mazoku won. Gwendal used his maryoku to create a strong barrier that bullets cannot pass through, and his men charged at them, therefore striking them down. After the battle they arranged a proper funeral for all the soldiers that died especially Wolfram, Yuuri, Yozak, and Conrad. Yozak died because he was stabbed by a human who ran out of bullets, and Conrad died because despite being wounded, he charged out into the battlefield. His wound opened up and he bled to death.

Yuuri and Wolfram were buried side by side, together with their wedding rings. Gwendal slipped the ring on Wolfram's cold finger after finding it in Yuuri's pocket. Yuuri's family was also there.

"I never thought I'd be attending Yuu-chan's wedding and funeral." Miko remarked. "I always believed he would outlive me."

"I can't believe my Wolfie-kun and Conrad are dead." Cecilia said calmly. "I wasn't even here when they died."

"It wasn't your fault, Hahawe." Gwendal soothingly said.

"They all fought bravely for our country." Gwendal said in his speech afterwards. "We should remember their efforts in trying to bring peace to this land. Especially the Maou. He wasn't from this world, yet he chose to save it. Men like them ought to live forever…"

"It's such a pity they died. Do you think we should give them another chance?" A goddess remarked.

"Of course, but the law of reincarnation says they cannot have memories of each other." A god replied.

"Well… I bet they'll fall in love again. After all, true love surpasses everything. We can at least make them meet each other again."

"Maybe. Let's get to work then!"

And so the gods worked on giving Wolfram and Yuuri a second chance…

End of Story

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