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Warning: Yaoi(boyxboy) story, don't like it, then go away... For the ones who like it, WOOOT!

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Pairings: SasuNaru, lil' bit of Kakairu, ShikaTema, KibaHina and NejiTen

Chapter One: Tease

That morning, Konohagakure was sunny and a bit windy. The clock showed it was half past eight. A blond guy was having his breakfast consisting of ramen, in his apartment. Right after he finished the whole cup of ramen, he then heard a knock on his door. He immediately ran to get the door.

"Oi, Naruto!"

"Sasuke, ohayou! What are you doing here?" he asked casually, cocking an eyebrow.

The raven gave his usual, emotionless look at the kitsune. "Can't I?"

Naruto sighed. He knew Sasuke wasn't really the type who likes to talk, but he also knew that Sasuke was not a morning person. However, he let Sasuke came into his house. He then followed the Uchiha towards the sofa, closing the door behind him. The both of them took places beside each other.

"So, what are you doing here, teme?" the blond asked. "I don't have the whole day to wait for you, okay?"

The older chuunin smirked. He did not want to answer the question, just to make the Kyuubi vessel pissed. He was right as usual, the kitsune was totally pissed off with him not answering the question. With that, he received a smack on his head. Then, Naruto left him on the sofa in intend to leave the apartment.

"Oi, dobe!" he grabbed the smaller guy's wrist and pulled him back to the sofa. "Where do you think you're going?"

Hearing that, Naruto blushed a little. "Teme, what do you think you're doing? Let go of my hand!"

The raven smirked again. He just love to see Naruto blushing and flustering like that. He however, let go of the smaller wrist and did something unexpected - he pinned Naruto down on the light orange sofa. Cerulean blue eyes widened in shock. His face was bright red, seeing Sasuke on top of him.

"S-sasuke t-teme! W-what are you d-doing? Get off me!" he stammered.

"What will you do...if I decide not to?"

The Uchiha's smirk grew wider as he neared his face towards the blond's. They were so close, he could feel and smell the breaths of the kitsune. Naruto, meanwhile, had tightly shut his eyes, too afraid and embarassed of what his best firend was doing to him. 'What the hell is he doing? He's, is he?'

"Open your eyes, dobe," Sasuke whispered to his ears, making him shivered intensely.

Slowly and very carefully, he opened his eyes. The Sharingan-user was sitting on his groin by then, still smirking with smug.

"Teme! Why the hell did you do that?" he aimed a punch on his face, but instead the raven dodged it easily.

"Shut up, dobe," he got off Naruto and pulled him up. "I just wanted to see what's your reaction would be..."

The blond frowned. "Yeah right!"

"...and it turned out just as i thought..." he snickered.

"What does that suppose to mean, you bastard?!"

"Nothing..." Sasuke got onto his feet and started walking towards the door. "I'm going now..."

"Just go to hell!" Naruto threw a cushion, but was easily dodged by the Uchiha.

He picked the cushion and threw it back to the kitsune. After that, he smirked and winked to the smaller chuunin and went out of the apartment, leaving the blond flushing red to his ears.

"Damn you, Uchiha!" he yelled.

But still, he could sense a slight feeling of liking and wanting more of what the older guy had done to him earlier. 'No, stupid! I don't want that! ...or do I? No, no,no, no! It's so gross! And i'm not gay either!' he shook his head furiously, not wanting to remember the early teasing of Uchiha Sasuke.

Meanwhile, the Sharingan-user was still smirking as he walked all the way towards his house, frightening most of the people at the streets. 'I'll get yuo some day, my kitsune... Not so long now...kukuku...' he snickered as dirty thoughts about him and Naruto started entering his mind.


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