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Gaara: Today's Naruto's birthday, Koneko...

Koneko: Yosh! That's why I'm so excited today! Yah!

Gaara: What exactly are you excited about?

Koneko: Many things, I just can't tell!

Gaara: (sweatdrop) ...okay...

Yatta, Naru-chan's birthday! Happy birthday to my little kitsune! Hehe, woot!

Warning: Yaoi (boyxboy) story, don't like it, then go away... For the ones who like it, WOOOT!

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Pairings: SasuNaru, little bit of KakaIru, ShikaTema, KibaHina and NejiTen

Chapter Twenty-seven: Birthday Surprise

That Wednesday...

"Wow, I can't believe so many people are coming to my birthday party!"

"Hehe, dattebayou, Naru-chan!"

He hugged the girl. "Arigato gozaimas, Koneko-chan!"

After that, Sakura, Ino and all the girls entered the room. They wished the blond 'happy birthday' and said that he was very cute in the dress Koneko bought for him. As usual, he blushed and smiled a 'thank you' at them. Suddenly, all the guys except Sasuke barged into the room. Kiba and Lee cried 'happy birthday' excitedly at the kitsune, while the others only wished him silently.

"Umm, thanks you guys!" he smiled. "Hey, where's Sasuke?"

"Well, he got a few errands to do...so he said he'll be late for the dance. Anyway, let's all go out and enjoy the night, shall we?" Tamaki held out his hand.

Naruto blushed slightly, then accepted his offer. "Okay!"

Later, at the dance...

'Sasuke's so late! On my birthday party...he's so mean!'

"Hey, what are you thinking about?" the tall guy asked him in a sudden with his husky, seductive voice. "Angry with your boyfriend?"

The blue-eyed boy blushed. "...hait..."

"Would you like to dance with me? It's an honour to be dancing with tonight's star..."

"Umm..." his face reddened. "O..okay..."

He took Tamaki's hand. The both of them began to take their places in the middle of the dancers. Then, the silver-haired guy released the blond's hand and faced him. He bowed and took back his hand. After that, he started dancing with the pretty kitsune. Naruto couldn't help but to blush as Koneko's brother swirled and swung him around elegantly.

"Hey, take a look at those two," Tamako said.

"Huh? Eh?"

All of them looked at the dancing couple. Indeed, they looked perfect together. People soon stopped dancing and was watching the two as they danced around the empty space. After a few minutes, they finally stopped in an embrace. All the villagers gave a huge applause at the couple. Tamaki thanked them and kissed Naruto on his cheek before they went back to the table.

'Something's not right here...' Koneko frowned. 'What is aniki thinking? I know he's a gay...but...this is too much! I should search for Gaara now!'

"Hey, Gaara-kun! Can you help me for a while?"


She jogged towards the Kazekage. "Um, could you look for Sasuke now? The main event is going to start soon."

He nodded and immediately disappeared with a poof of smoke. She exhaled air from her lungs and went to get her brother. It was quite difficult to run though, as she was wearing a long dress. She held the skirt up and began to walk quickly towards the table where Tamaki and Naruto was sitting. When she reached there, she pulled her brother away from the table.

"What were you thinking, aniki?! If Sasuke finds out about this, you'll be a dead meat for sure, baka!"

"Hn!" he smirked. "That kid is late, and your dearest Naru-chan looked unhappy...so I decided to cheer him up. He does looked happy now, doesn't he? It's not like I really wanted him...I only wanted to make him smile, and he did...all through the dance..."


The tall guy snickered. "You know what, the night's getting late. It's better if you start the main event soon...or else there will be nobody to see the big surprise for our little Rokudaime, right?"

"Grr...get lost, teme!" she yelled and went away from her annoying brother.


"Sasuke, how long are you going to take to wear your tuxedo, baka?!"

"Shut up, dog-boy! I'm almost done!"

Suddenly, Gaara appeared behind Neji. "Is he ready?"

"Just a little moment..."

A few seconds later, Sasuke went out of the changing room. He was wearing a navy blue tuxedo which really fit him. He frowned slightly, but then returned back to his normal self when he remembered about his darling waiting for him at the dance. So, all the guys started to walk to the glade. The raven was feeling happy and nervous at the same time, as it was going to be his big day.

He took out the small velvet box from his pocket. 'Naruto...'

"Hey, you're nervous?" Neji asked.



Gaara returned back to the glade. He searched for the red-haired girl. When he finally found her, he told her about Sasuke. She nodded and went to the microphone immediately. Then, she turned it on and it let out a low, booming sound for a while. After a few seconds, the booming sound stopped. She held the mike in front of her mouth.

"Attention please! Rokudaime Hokage-sama, please come to the backstage immediately. I repeat, Rokudaime-sama, please come to the backstage immediately. Thank you," she announced.


The red-eyed guy winked. "Well, Koneko's calling for you. You might as well go."

He blushed slightly, nodded and went to the backstage as told. There, all the girls and Gaara were waiting for him. Koneko grinned and walked towards him. She asked him to sit down and gave him a drink. He sat on the chair and took the glass of lemonade. "Why did you ask me to come here, Koneko-chan? Something's the matter?"

"Well, the main event is going to start soon," she explained. "And you, as the star of the night, have to be there as it is your main event... Well, I better get going now. Be ready when I call you, okay? The girls will tell you what to do."


"Okay everyone, please take your seat!" Koneko said. "Thank you very much. Well, as you all know today is our Rokudaime, Uzumaki Naruto's seventeenth birthday. So, on this very special day, we've arrange a very special surprise for our birthday boy. And now, let us welcome the star of the night, Uzumaki Naruto! Give him a big applause!"

All the spectators clapped as the blond kitsune climbed onto the stage. Some of them looked at him and cheered. Indeed, with the beautiful moon light flashing on him, he looked like an angel from the heaven. He looked really gorgeous in the long white dress. His golden locks and azure eyes seemed to sparkle in the blissful night.

"And now, for the big surprise...I welcome you all...Uchiha Sasuke!"


The Hokage looked up and immediately met eyes with the raven. He was standing in front of the gate, smiling rather nervously. He blushed as always when the older guy started to walk towards him. He blushed even harder when the Uchiha was right in front of him. Suddenly, the taller chuunin knelt and took the kitsune's left hand and kissed it lightly.

"Happy birthday, Naru-koi..."


The raven captured Naruto's lips and they kissed lovingly. After a few seconds, Sasuke pulled himself away. The blond stared at him, his cheeks were pinkish-cream. The Uchiha smiled sweetly at him.

"Naruto..." he took out the red box again. Then, he knelt down once more and opened the box.

The Rokudaime gasped, noticing the silver ring in the box. "Sasuke..."

"Naruto, on this very night of happiness and blissfulness...may I take your hand and hold it forever? Will you be with me for my entire life?" he gulped. "Naruto...will you marry me?"

The kitsune stood there, speechless. Suddenly, tears of joy started to flow from his eyes. He smiled and brought Sasuke onto his feet. Then, he hugged him tightly, still crying tears of happiness. "I'd love to get married to you, Sasuke... I love you..."

"I love you too...Naruto-koi..." he slid the ring around Naruto's left ring finger.

"And now, I pronounce you, husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!"

Both Naruto and Sauke smiled at their ex-sensei, Kakashi. Then, the raven kissed the kitsune again in a deep, loving and passionate kiss that lasted for two minutes. All the spectators cheered and congratulated them. It was indeed the happiest night night in Naruto's life, the night full of happiness and blissfulness.

"So, have you done it?"

"Urm...not yet..."

"What?! But it has been a week since you got married, Uchiha Naruto-san!"

"Right...I won't do it...yet..."


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