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Whilst they look at me and talk to me and make me laugh I'm happy. I think to myself about how happy I am, and how I never want life to change. I wonder what will happen after we leave school, will we ever see each other again? I like to think we will, but the chances aren't high. We discuss meaningless things now, jokes and humor, and I laugh, and when the topic of sadness is brought up they laugh it off and don't believe I could be sad, when I'm always so happy.

I'm also happy when I stare at you. I try not to show my staring, and I make sure to glance away when you look at girls around you. Your blonde hair makes me happy, especially when you're racing for a ball and it's catching the sun. I watch the game so as not to be caught watching you. I'm always grateful you're the star.

It's when they are not around; when you're not around I'm not happy. Thoughts of my own inadequacy fill my head. Why do I think I could ever be an auror, or anything else for the matter? I'm just not good enough. I think about them differently when they're not around. I wonder what they see in me. Why they talk to me. I list good things about them, and come up with an abundance…to do the same for me would come up with nothing. I just don't understand. I don't deserve them…Im not good enough for that.

I think about you differently when you're not around. When your there your presence fills everything, and banishes the feeling that you will never like me back. I think about the times when you've spoken to me, and I've been so shy my answer comes out as abrupt and rude. I wish I could take back the words…add a sweet edge to them maybe. But it is too late, and I don't want to make you think I like you. I'm not good enough for that.

I wrote this about myself and it fit so well with my ideals of Drarry that I decided to post it up here. Hope you like.

This is Harry's thoughts about Draco, but you can choose to interpret it however you want….Hermione, Ron??, Pansy, anyone at all. Even the blonde can be changed to be Aunt Petunia, Dudley, Pansy….any of those. Luna Lovegood???? Anyone at all.