Meet the Nara's

Chapter 1:The Bet

"What makes you so sure you can beat me this time," Temari asked with a sly smile across her face.

"Because I have beaten you every time before," replied Shikamaru without even looking up from the board. "And I am wining now."

"Since you are SO confident in your shogi skills, why don't we place a bet on it?"

Shikamaru scratched the back of his neck. He wasn't one who usually made bets of any kind, finding them far to troublesome for his taste; however, there was something in the way she looked at him that made him want to continue. He could make this work to his own advantage. She would never beat him. He was sure of it.

"What are your terms?"

"If you win, I will be your complaint, congenial servant for the day."

"But if I lose…?"

"You have to invite me over for dinner with your parents."

This made Shikamaru pause momentarily. A mental image of his parents came to mind and he cringed slightly. His loud mouth mom would think they were dating and he would have to pry his dad away from the bar and his old team buddies to get him to show up.

"What's wrong Shikamaru…scared? You haven't said anything for the past two minutes."

"Like I would ever lose to a woman! You're on!"

As Temari made her next move, he realized his mistake. She had a completely different strategy than before, one that had nothing to do with the game of shogi. She would lightly brush his hand as she moved the wooden pieces and showed tantalizing bits of cleavage as she leaned over the game board.

"Opps! Clumsy me! I just keep knocking the pieces to the floor," Temari whispered seductively. "I guess I'd better pick them up!"

Shikamaru rubbed his perspiring neck as he stared at her nicely rounded bottom and in that moment, lost all that remained of his talent for intelligent thought. Within the next few minutes, the sexy, blonde sand-nin had him right were she wanted him…in her debt

This is my first fanfic, so please let me know what you think. Thanks for reading! I will try to update soon.