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Author's note: Another songfic, hope you enjoy. Thanks to Alicia for beta-ing.

If leaving me is easy

I'd pulled into port only 3 days before. I was finally back. I'd met up with friends. But the one person I wanted to see, I didn't.

I read all the letters; I read each word that you've sent me.

I read through all the letters she'd sent me before. She was doing well and work was good. They never seemed to say much.

And though it's all past now and the words start to fade

It was as if she was hiding something from me. But as I stroked the letters imprinted on the page they seemed to fade.

All the memories I have, still remain.

I remembered when we were together, how much I loved her and how much I thought she loved me. But 3 days after I pulled into port, she sent me her final letter. It was then that my heart broke.

I've kept the pictures, but I hide my feelings so no one knows.

I looked at every photo. Her face smiled at me. I knew that anyone else would have ripped the photos up. But I kept them safe. I hid them from the world, so that no one knew how I felt. They all thought I'd moved on, thought that I'd forgotten. But when I closed my eyes I could still hear her heart close to mine.

Oh sure my friends come around, but I'm in a crowd and on my own.

Yes, I went on with life. I went out with friends. But why, when so many friends surround me, do I still feel so alone?

It cos you're gone now, but your heart, still remains

The letter, it fell through my door. I'd picked it up. Sully, it had said. I recognized the writing it was hers. I'd run out to see her, but she was gone. She was gone forever. But it didn't matter how hard I tried, when I closed my eyes I could still feel her soft lips against mine.

And it'll be here if you come again.

Every time I read her words, I still felt a tiny glimmer of hope. Maybe she'd come back to me. Although there seemed no chance, that hope still lingered on.

You see, I'd heard all the rumours, I knew before you let me know

I'd suspected something before, but I always hoped I was wrong. Everyone said you were meant to be together. But I never wanted to believe it. When she wrote she didn't talk about anyone else. It made me wonder what was happening.

But I didn't believe it, not you

But I never let my mind wonder to long. I always thought she'd still be there when I got back.

Seems I was wrong, but I love, I love you the same.

But it wasn't that easy. She'd hung on for a while. But I was too far away, for too long. And even though she'd gone, I still loved her in the same way.

And that's the one thing you can't take away but just remember…

She could take herself away from me; she could take away her love. But she could never stop me loving her.

If leaving me is easy

Going back is harder

She'd found it so easy to leave me, but if she ever wanted me back, I was sure it would be harder. I left the next day, I pulled out from port. I left the letter behind, left it at the docks.

Dear Sully

I know that you are back and I know you want to see me. But that would make things awkward. You see, I waited for you to come back. But you were too far away. I needed someone who was here for me. Booth was there for me. You see I'm marrying him tomorrow. I know I should have told you, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I know you loved me Sully, but you weren't here. I'm sorry if this hurts you.

Best regards,


If leaving me is easy

Going back is harder