A/N: Made for the 10whores community on LJ! The concept is simple: pick a couple themes, pick a character. Then make a different pairing for all ten themes. And since I have whored out my little Nami-chan before, I figured now's as good a time as ever for me to whore her out again. I only do it because I love her, I swear.

Theme for this first one was without a name, and the pairing is Repliku/Naminé. Have fun! Please read and review if you like; it's fun!



without a name

The days she does not feel sorry for Sora are the days she feels sorry for him.

His entire existence is flawed; he's just a stand-in for the boy who almost took his place. This is what the Organization wanted, she remembers, this is what they were hoping for. They were hoping for pretty Riku with his heart eaten away by darkness to become one of their own. And instead they have to settle with a puppet, obsessive and demanding and loud against the stark quiet white of Castle Oblivion's walls.

There are a lot of things he's missing but there is one that scares her most of all.

"Do you want a name?" she asks one day, uncertain how to bring it up. Later she realizes that it sounds far too blunt, and uncaring, like she happens to have names in her pocket that he can try on, because he needs to have a name to be important, needs to have a name to be somebody. It breaks the silence, even shatters the scent of it.

She bites her lip when he looks at her, pale pink lips slightly upturned. His eyes are glassy, his skin is pale porcelain. Suddenly he seems so breakable.

And she's afraid of that: he promised to protect her, but will he be able to? Will he still be her knight without a name?

"I don't need one, Naminé," he says, hand curling into hers. He squeezes, but she does not squeeze back.

"I've got you," he reminds her. "That's what matters."

Naminé knows she would wither away without her name, because she would just be known as a witch. Without a name, he is simply replica, but there's one difference: he's content with that.

She's not.