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Rhythm and Blues

Chapter One

"Minna-chan! Look at this! Look at this!"

The Hokage gang all turned their heads to the running Yanagi Sakohita, who was holding something that they thought of as a roll of paper, followed shortly by the campus-crush, Tokiya Mikagami, who has his hands in his pockets as he walked .

Yanagi stopped on her tracks just exactly beside Recca and bowed down a little to gasp for air. It took her quite awhile before she straightened up and said excitedly, "Look at this minna-chan!" as she unrolled the paper for them to take peek on the poster she was holding, "It's the annual 'Battle of the Bands' of our school!"

There was a big silence from the group until..

"Hehehe.. so what does it have do with us?" said Recca that made him earn a glare from Yanagi.

"Of course, it's part of our work from the SC, right Mikagami-sempai?"

Tokiya just nodded at the acknowledgement of his presence, thanks to Yanagi.

"My.. you really are serious with your Student Council work, eh Hime?"

"Of course I am!" Yanagi said with a wide smile on her face. True, she and Tokiya are part of the Student Council for this year. As expected, Tokiya won as President even without breaking a sweat, thanks to his growing fan club in school. Yanagi, on the contrary, gained the position for Batch Representative, thanks to the Hokage who threatened their batchmates' lives if they won't vote for her.

"Sorry guys, I'm late," said a purple haired girl in the form of a Fuuko Kirisawa, "got into a small trouble with my locker. Boy! When will guys learn what to and not to put inside a student's locker," she added, as she took a seat beside Tokiya and opposite Domon, dropping more than a handful of letters on the floor. All eyes widened when they realized that all of it are love letters from Fuuko's fan club.

"Fuuko here, sure is competing with our own Mikagami, eh?" Recca teased as Tokiya glared at him, "hehehe.. Easy there, Mikagami-sempai! It's just that—"

Yanagi cleared her throat when she realized that the gang's attention is not at her anymore.

"As I am saying, there will be an annual 'Battle of the Bands' wherein each band will play at least five original songs."

"so what does it have do with us, Yanagi-chan?" asked a very curious Domon, who is secretly peeking through Fuuko's short skirt.

"Well, we were assigned to work on pairs, in the SC. I mean, so it's Mikagami-sempai and I. The work is about this!" and she lifted one index finger and used it to point to the poster she's holding.

"wait wait wait… we're not getting your point Yanagi-chan," Fuuko said as she scratched her head after blowing a punch to Domon, who flew far, far away.

"What I'm saying is that I want the gang to join the Battle of the Bands!"

Silence once again engulfed the group until everyone burst out laughing, well except Yanagi who's entirely clueless and, of course, Tokiya.

"Y-you're actually asking u-us to j-j-join th-that?" Domon said in between his laughter

"Yeah! I mean, Hime, you're not actually forcing us to join that, are you?" said Recca as he put an arm over Yanagi's shoulders

"I am," Yanagi said, a sweet smile plastered on her face, "in fact… I already signed us up."

That's it. The gang immediately stopped laughing and froze. "NANI!?" everyone screamed in unison, even Tokiya.

"I'm serious," she answered, and put an index finger on her chin, "and I don't think anyone of you doesn't know anything about music, right? Domon-kun can play drums, Recca-kun can deal on the bass, Mikagami-sempai will be on the guitar and I will be on the keyboards."

"This must be a joke Yanagi-san," said Tokiya, "we were together the whole time and I didn't even see you go to the bulletin board and signed us up there."

"Uhmm.. I knew you guys are going to protest. So.. When I told Mikagami-sempai that I was to go to the restroom, I didn't. Instead, I signed us up there." Yanagi answered as-a-matter-of-factly.

'Oh shit.' was written all over their faces. When Yanagi is up to something, she really will do everything. Even forcing her friends to do the most unlikely things.

"Hey," a feminine voice came from behind, "and what about me?" Fuuko asked as she pointed her index finger to herself.

"well, Fuuko-san," Yanagi started, her eyes hidden behind her bangs and grinned widely. Everyone forced a gulp in their throats and prayed that it Fuuko wouldn't be…

"You are our dear VOCALIST."

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