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Rhythm and Blues

Chapter Eight

"Bah, I'm bored." Fuuko said as she stretched herself on the couch, yawning at the same time. "I've been here since noon and the others still haven't shown up yet."

However, a scribbling noise was the only reply she got.

"Ne, Recca" she called, "let's just play videogames. I'm dying of boredom here."

Once again, scribbling noises answered her.

Feeling a little irritated, she peered over Recca's shoulder to look at what the former flame-caster was doing. "What is this?" she asked, as she pulled out the sheet of paper Recca was writing on.

"Hey, watch it!" Recca exclaimed as he snatched the paper back. Strumming another chord on his guitar, he continued scribbling. Unsatisfied, he strummed another chord, and another, and another.

Fuuko felt her eyebrows rise.

The last time Recca felt this worked up was when he asked Yanagi out, officially. Sure, they were together right from the very moment Recca proclaimed himself as Yanagi's ninja, but the two have never uttered a word regarding their relationship. About a month or two post- Tendou Jigoku, Recca finally mustered all his courage and asked Yanagi to be his official girlfriend.

Despite the rest of the Hokage's assurance that Yanagi will agree to his proposal, Recca still ended up working himself up, trying to his best to make the day as special as day immemorial.

"Ne, Recca," Fuuko called, curiosity etched on her face. "This song that you're trying to compose," she peered over the sheet in front her and read it thoroughly, "are you going to propose this as one of our line ups?"

Recca placed his guitar down. "Honestly," he shifted his gaze from Fuuko to the lone sheet in front of him, "No."

"Then why are you so worked up with this song?"

Recca suddenly blushed like a tomato, "Well, you see.." his eyes darted downwards as if the old wooden floor was the best thing he has ever seen, "well, it's been a year since… since… you know.."


Not even a second later, Fuuko found herself face-to-face with a pillow, literally. "Damn it! I was right! You frickin' sap!" Throwing the pillow back out of reflex, she saw Recca's face blushed even further.

"Shut up, bitch!" Recca hissed, burying his face under the pillow.

"Oh sure, you love this bitch."

"Over my dead body, tomboy."

"HEY!" and she threw a punch at him.

"ITTAI! That hurts you grape-head!" Recca rubbed his sore arm, "Why do you always have to be so violent?" he mumbled.

Fuuko stuck her tongue out.

"Seriously though, Recca," Fuuko said, "I'm happy for you guys. I mean," she twirled a strand of her hair with her fingers, "Yanagi is everything a man could ever want. She's rich, nice, beautiful and smart. The perfect girl." Recca nodded in agreement. "While you.." facing Recca once again, Fuuko half pointed, half poked him, "well, let's just say that I'm happy that you guys managed to last a year.. No, scratch that. More than a year. Since.." a sly grin crept on her face, "you're the worst guy a girl could ever find."


Fuuko guffawed in reply.

Recca was about to utter something not nice when his phone vibrated. After reading through the SMS he just received, he place his phone back on the table.

"I guess we won't be rehearsing 'til later today."

Fuuko rolled her eyes. "As if we haven't been waiting for over three hours now."

Silence enveloped the two as Recca re-read his newly composed song and scribbled a little bit more before grinning widely – a sign that he has finally finished it.

"So," Fuuko started, "let's hear it."

"Hear what?"

"That song you just wrote, dumbass!"

Recca gaped at her. "This is NOT for you!"

"I know, baka!" Fuuko plopped herself back at the couch, "I just don't want you to mess it up like when you asked Yanagi out."

"HEY! I didn't—"

Fuuko laughed. "Sure, sure. Whatever. Just sing it. Think of it as a practice." She winked.

Recca stared at the lone sheet in front of him. 'I guess it won't hurt if Fuuko hears it first,' he thought as he grabbed his guitar, and checked whether the chords are still in tune. Giving himself one last check, he tapped the guitar to set up the tempo.

You know you're everything to me and I could never see
The two of us apart

Fuuko's eyebrows rose. 'Not bad.' She has known Recca for more than half of her life, yet this is the very first time she heard him sing. Well, at least seriously.

And you know I give myself to you and no matter what you do
I promise you my heart

As Recca's voice filled the room, Fuuko can't help but get goose bumps from it. The song is definitely filled with the sincerity and love that Recca feels for the only girl they all have risked their lives for.

I've built my world around you and I want you to know
I need you like I've never needed anyone before

I live my life for you
I wanna be by your side in everything that you do
And if there's only one thing you can believe is true
I live my life for you

Fuuko felt a little pang in her heart. From the very first day she heard of Sakoshita Yanagi, she knew that her feelings for Recca will never be reciprocated. Ever. However, she found herself smiling. Recca definitely fell hard for Yanagi and she can't help but be happy for her childhood friend.

I dedicate my life to you, you know that I would die for you
But our love would last forever

Her mind slowly wandered to Raiha, that one guy who saved her lots of times from mere death and proclaimed himself as her prince. She can't help but ask herself all the things that could have happened if only he wasn't part of the Uruha, all the "what-ifs" if only he wasn't the enemy.

And I will always be with you and there is nothing we can't do
As long as we're together

The small flower vase in front of her made her think of Domon. It is true that they tried dating after the Tendou Jigoku incident, but no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't see Domon the way he sees her. It had been more of a one-sided relationship, and it just wasn't fair to treat Domon that way. Not even a month later, she broke it off with him.

I just can't live without you and I want you to know
I need you like I've never needed anyone before

Fuuko's mind then drifted to Tokiya. Sure, he might have been the most ruthless and insensitive member of the group, but that was just in the beginning. She knew that he had to make that cold front to avenge for his sister's death. Unfortunately, after his battle with his own grandfather he found out that Mifuyu died because of the Ensui and Meguri Kyoza. However, as they fought together, she got to know him a little bit more, and noticed the great change in Tokiya. He is talking a lot now, he smiles (though not as frequent as them), heck, he even calls them to hang out too!

I live my life for you
I wanna be by your side in everything that you do
And if there's only one thing you can believe is true
I live my life for you

Fuuko casted a glance on the singing man and felt her heart swell, both with happiness and envy. Happiness because despite of what they all have been through, Tokiya still decided to stick with the group. Envy because she is fully aware that Tokiya only decided to stick with the group because of Yanagi.

I live my life for you

Suddenly, flashes of her last encounter with Tokiya made her face warmed up. She couldn't really tell whether it was just a dream or if it was real. She was really exhausted when Tokiya walked her home, and might have just been hearing things. Plus, he was gone the second she turned around to ask him about it.

She shook her head to dismiss her thoughts. Impossible. He's deeply inlove with Yanagi. There's absolutely no way he could've said that.

…or so she thinks.

I live my life for you


Tokiya's eyebrow twitched.

Instead of making use of his free time filling up university applications and sleeping, he was stuck in the school's conference room with the rest of the Student Council to just watch a frickin' video?

He casted a glace towards his Vice President.

Year 3, Class B. Ichigawa Masato.

Ichigawa Masato was one of the students who have been consistently involved with the Student Affairs since Year 1. He was also supposed to run as President during the filing of candidacy, but withdrew after learning that Tokiya has just filed his candidacy as President. Instead, Masato ran as a candidate for Vice President in which he won.

Speaking of which, Masato is also found inside the conference room, eyes glued to the TV screen in front of them.

Tokiya felt his eyebrow twitch again. He so wanted to kill his Vice President for ruining his supposedly happy moment with Fuuko last night.

"So… tomorrow at your place?" the purple-head said in inquiry, in which a nod came in reply. "See you then," she muttered as she turned her heel and headed for the door.

"I can't wait."

He didn't know what came up to him for him to say those words aloud, so he ran away before the said grape-head could even ask him questions. Despite the seemingly embarrassing act, a wide and warm smile was spread across his face.

…until he got a call from Masato, saying that the Student Council needs to hold an emergency meeting the very next day.

Tokiya's train of thoughts was suddenly put into a halt when Masato turned the TV off and said, "That was a clip of Ruiteki's audition yesterday. As you have seen," casting a glance at Tokiya, "Nozomu Yoji played as the band's bassist." He then took a sheet out of his bag, "According to the rules of the Student Council, no officer is allowed to participate in any competition that he or she was assigned to handle. Isn't that right, Sakoshita-san?"

Yanagi only muttered a faint "Hai."

Readjusting his glasses, Masato continued, "As we all know, we asked Sakoshita-san and Mikagami-san to withdraw from this project as they, too, are part of one of the bands who joined for this event. Consequently, the project was passed to Nozomu-san; however he, too, was found participating in the competition."

A round of voices were heard all over the conference room.

"If you are to give the project to someone else, then to whom?" Nozomu Yoji asked from the other side of the room.

"Oh right," one of the board members said, "there's no one else here who's good enough to handle big events such as this other than Nozomu-san and Sakoshita-san."

Another round of voices were heard all over the boardroom until another board member raised his hand.

"To be fair, how about we ask Sakoshita-san and Nozomu-san to withdraw from their respective bands and let them handle the event?"

The mere suggestion was replied with nods and affirmative answers.

"You can't do that!" Yoji shouted. "It was written in the rules that those who participated in the first screening will be the band's final line up."

"Then I guess we have to make an exception" came from the other end of the table. All eyes turned to Masato. "Either withdraw from the band or we'll cancel the entire event." Turning to face Yanagi, he added, "Same goes with you, Sakoshita-san."

Yanagi turned her gaze to Tokiya, then back to Masato, she nodded.

Sensing the panic from Yanagi's eyes, Tokiya spoke up, "I suggest we give Sakoshita-san and Nozomu-san a week to decide." After earning nods from almost everybody in the room, he gathered his stuff and stood up. "Meeting adjourned." And he walked out of the room.

Tokiya cursed inwardly. Masato almost took over the entire meeting. He is supposed to be the president, not him! Heaving a frustrated sigh, he started rambling his brain on how to keep the band without Yanagi. Everything has been going smoothly until Yoji messed it all up.

'They do have a point though,' another part of his brain said, 'If the project was given to Yoji then he shouldn't be participating in the competition as well.' Letting out another sigh, he continued walking.


Tokiya stopped on his tracks, twisting his head toward the now-approaching Yanagi.


"It's okay, Yanagi-san," he said, "We'll deal with it. Right now though," he glanced on his watch, "I'm pretty sure the two monkeys are fuming right now for making them wait." He let out a smirk. "I heard Gorilla-san didn't show up too."




Tokiya rubbed his ear, "Why don't you say it again, Kirisawa? I don't think the neighbors heard you."

"I am their neighbor," Fuuko deadpanned.

"Let me rephrase it then." Tokiya cleared his throat and rolled his eyes. "Why don't you say it again, Kirisawa? I don't think the rest of Japan heard you."

Tokiya cocked an eyebrow when Fuuko abruptly got up from her seat and walked towards him. He even felt a shock of electricity run through his body when he suddenly felt Fuuko's hands wrapped around him from behind.

'W-what is this monkey up to right now?' he thought as he felt all eyes on them. Tokiya forced himself to frown to keep himself from blushing (as well as to keep his amusement to himself). Even more when Fuuko slowly inched her face towards his ear.

Hokkaido, Japan. Around the same time.


"Woah, slow down Fujimaru-san! Misora-san made a lot of food for us today." Saicho said as he reached for his chopsticks.

"But we haven't had this much food in a while," Fujimaru said in between munches, "I was gonna ask what's the occasion today, but gotta fill my stomach first." His eyes roamed around the table, and spotted his prey. "Ah! Misora-chan also made Ika Sho—Aree?!"

The other Ku members stood in alarm too.


Back in Nashikiri…

"DAMN IT YOU MONKEY!" Tokiya shouted as his rubbed his battered ear.

Fuuko stuck out her tongue.

"Okay, break it off kids." Recca said, seemingly unaffected, "let's get back to the topic."

"Right," Domon casted a glance at Yanagi, "so does this mean you won't be playing with us anymore?"

"I'm really sorry," came Yanagi's weak reply.

"Yo Mii-bou. Can't you bend the rules a bit? You're the president after all."

Tokiya sighed. "Those rules were written even before I became the Council President," unaware of the surprised looks the others gave him, he folded his arms in front of his chest, "as much as I want to, we have to comply to the rules."

Fuuko inched towards Domon and Recca and hissed, "He didn't notice he just shouted at us, did he?"

"Apparently not." Recca whispered back, and Domon nodded.

"I can read lips, you fools." Came another shout from Tokiya.

Yanagi sweatdropped. 'Some things will never change.' Considering the upcoming banter between the four, she cleared her throat to get their attention. "Anou.. Mikagami-sempai gave us one week to decide, so.." she trailed off.

Wrapping an arm over Yanagi, Recca cheerfully said, "It's okay, Yanagi, really. We'll just work twice as hard, just like we did during UBS." Yanagi only blushed in return.

"Well, isn't that the sweetest thing ever," Fuuko threw a pillow at them. "You two make me wanna throw up."

Recca threw the pillow back. "Urusai!" A sly grin slowly formed in his face, "if you're that jealous of me and Yanagi, why don't you ask Mii-bou to wrap his arm around you too."

"Why does it have to be Mii-bou?! I'm here! I'm here!" Domon exclaimed as he started to reach out to Fuuko, only to meet face-to-face with her fist.

Fuuko secretly glanced at Tokiya and felt her face warmed up.

Tokiya cleared his throat, "back to the topic. If Yanagi-san decides to withdraw from the band, as the sea-monkey has said, we need to work twice, or even thrice, as hard."

"What do you suggest we do then, Mii-bou?"

"We're gonna have to reshuffle the band."

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