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Chapter 10: Back with the Guys

Adam and I stayed up really late, talking and kissing and just being together. It got to the point where he missed the last bus home so he had to stay over in the guy's dorm. I didn't mind this so much. He told me all about this summer and how he was really disappointed that I had to go home, and how Linda had introduced him to Bailey, and they just started spending time together. He told me that the only reason he even asked her out was because I was with Ben, and he figured he should just get over me. I told him all about how whenever I saw him kissing Bailey I got a huge knot in my stomach, and that's what made me realize that I really, really like him. And I told him how anytime Ben tried to move more forward I would feel really uncomfortable, because it just didn't quite feel right. Anyway, now its morning, and I'm picking out my clothes for school. I just pull out a pair of jeans and throw my Duck jersey on, I very quickly pull my hair back into a ponytail and look in the mirror. Perfect.

"Oh I see we're back to that," Janet nods, emerging from the bathroom. "Thank God!"

"What?" I look at her.

"Well, I'm sorry, but last night when Carl asked if I thought you'd be interested in a three way," she rolled her eyes, "I knew I needed my dowdy little room mate back." God, why does she go out with that guy?

"Well, I'm back," I smile. I rush out, I want to make sure I meet Adam for breakfast. While I'm rushing I bump into someone.

"Oh," Bailey stares at me, "You."

"Hi," I mumble, and walk past her. I do feel bad, I mean, I hooked up with her boyfriend a half hour after she broke up with him. It's sort of a nasty and dare I say it, skanky, thing to do.

"Are you going to dump Adam once you have sex with him too?" She says, I stop and turn around. "Make a big public scene about it. Is that what happened with Scooter too? Or he probably just got bored with waiting right? Ben said that you teased him a lot."

"I'm better for Adam than you ever were," I snap. "You don't know him, or understand him. And how pathetic are you? Spending months with a guy who you knew liked someone else."

"At least I'm not a boyfriend stealing slut!" She says stepping close to me, "You can put those old clothes on Julie, but everyone still knows. Everyone knows that this whole tom boy thing is just another pathetic ploy to get those guys to pay attention to you. It's always all about you right? I mean, you were Julie Gaffney, their cool hockey buddy, and when that wasn't enough to keep them around anymore, you had to become Julie Gaffney super slut, and now you're going back to the whole tom boy thing, because it turns out they don't like you like that either."

"Look, I'm sorry OK?" I look her straight in the eye. "Maybe if you tried being genuine every once in a while people wouldn't think you're such a bitch." I turn around and stamp off. There goes my perfect morning.

It is restored when I go to my locker and find a white daisy sitting in it. Adam is so super sweet. There's a note too.

I really want to kiss you but I know you hate it.

I smile and turn and see him down the hall. I wave cautiously. He laughs and waves back.

"You look way too happy," Connie says walking over. "I take it this isn't a make up present from Ben."

"Nope," I smile, "It's a I'm so happy we got together present from Adam!"

"Yay!" She squeals and hugs me. "And I'm super super sorry for what I said yesterday!"

"No its OK," I shake my head. "I needed the wakeup call. I was being someone I'm not. And you know what, it was stupid, I like me." She starts laughing.

"That was so cheesy!" She says, "But I'm glad. Come on we have history, and then you have to find a new Chem partner."

"Oh God!" I groan. I hadn't even thought about Chem. Although, with another partner, I'm thinking my grades would probably get better.

"Bailey alert," Connie hisses.

"No it's OK, we already had a run in before breakfast." I shake my head. "I think the just never talking to each other ever thing is going to really work for me and Bails." Connie nods.

"So, is Adam going to take you on Saturday?" She asks me.

"No," I shake my head again, "I can't bail on Tyler like that. But he is going to go, and we're going to hang out afterwards."

"Guy got a hotel room for afterwards," She giggles. "Anything in that family planned for you and Adam this weekend?" She winks at me.

"Connie, we just started going out yesterday!" I shake my head. "You're worse than the guys with the one track mind."

The weekend came way faster than any other event in my life. I made Connie go back to the mall with me and exchange the red dress for a completely different one. This one is a sort of sea foam green satin, it's full length not short, and it has these amazing criss cross straps in the back. It's totally classic. When Karen saw it she said it suited me because it was "way Kate Hudson!" I chose green because Adam said it was his favorite color on me. Which is so pathetic and girlfriendy of me, but I'm a pathetic girlfriend now, so I can get away with stuff like that. I'm sitting with the team, and Tyler obviously, who's being really super sweet about the whole, my boyfriend is also sitting with us thing. The whole situation isn't even that awkward. It was kind of awkward at the beginning, but we have this system, that system being Tyler doesn't dance ever, like Brandon Walsh, so if I want to dance, I have to dance with my boyfriend. I'm not sure if I buy the whole Tyler doesn't dance ever thing, but it's nice nonetheless. I finally met Tammy. She's really sweet, and very pretty, and like Connie said, she and Fulton are totally cute. When she found out that me and Adam were going out she like practically strangled me with a hug. She said that he'd been talking about how much he liked me "Since like, they got back from LA!" Wow, did everyone know about this but me?

"Can I just say," Adam says as we slowdance at the end of the night, and when I say slow dance I mean in that totally sweet old fashioned way, his one hand is in the small of my back and mine around his back and we're holding hands, "That I never in my whole life thought that this day would come."

"Whatever do you mean Adam?" I tease him.

"I mean, this," He says, with a smile. "Me slow dancing, with Julie Gaffney."

"We've slow danced before," I say quietly. And we have, this time last year actually. He asked me to dance while Scooter went off and smoked a joint with Rick Riley. I tell you I can really pick 'em!

"Yeah," he says, "But now I can do this," He leans down and kisses me. "I love you Julie." I smile and press myself close to him.

"I love you too," I say my head resting on his shoulder. I look over my shoulder and see the guys give me a thumbs up from across the room. I laugh softly and raise my eyebrows. I've never been happier to be one of the guys.