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Set 1

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" Fuji asked the bespectacled guy seating in the corner of the cafeteria. Tezuka looked up to see who dared to interrupt him in eating. He recognized the smiling boy and continued what he was doing. Fuji cleared his throat.

"I'm asking you, is this seat on your table taken?" Fuji repeated the question slightly irritated at Tezuka's lack of responsiveness.

"There's no one sitting there, obviously it isn't taken," Tezuka replied with a little hint of sarcasm. Fuji's eyebrows raised a little after hearing Tezuka's answer but chose to remain silent as he slid himself on the chair and settled his tray in front of Tezuka. The tray squashed a quarter of Tezuka's sandwich. Immediately after seeing what Fuji had done to his pitiful sandwich he glared hard at the smiling guy in front of him. Fuji however was oblivious to his surroundings.

"Your tray," Tezuka said in a dangerously low voice. Fuji looked at Tezuka quizzically, obviously not knowing he had done something to irk the bespectacled boy. Tezuka sighed in defeat as he hurriedly fixes his things and left Fuji by himself.

Set 2

"Class I'm returning your Literature Test today please step forward upon hearing your name," Tezuka looked at his desk, thoughts far away from the class. He was sure he had done an excellent job on their preliminary exams in Literature. He ought to have an excellent mark.

"Tezuka Kunimitsu," the teacher called upon his name. Tezuka stood and walked towards the teacher's outstretched hands. He looked at his own paper and surely, he got 87-mark on it. He didn't smile but felt happy inside.

"Fuji Syusuke," the teacher called on. Tezuka didn't mind the other names being called as he focused on his own paper.

"Fuji Syusuke," the teacher repeated. Fuji was nowhere to be found inside the classroom. The teacher sighed in dismay as he let the test paper lie on his table.

Fuji's test paper got the perfect score.

Set 3

"S-Saeki…m-more," Fuji panted in between their passionate lip-locking and tongue clashing activities in the library near the Science Section. Fuji was pressed on the shelves as Saeki explored his body using his skillful tongue.

"What do you want Fuji?" Saeki asked in his ragged breath, his eyes fiery. Fuji looked at him with his lust-covered sapphire eyes.

"You," he whispered rubbing himself on Saeki's warm body. Saeki jerked off by Fuji's sudden movement, slightly wincing at how hard he is.

"Very well then," he replied holding one of Fuji's thighs and entering him slowly, bringing Fuji to the edge of his sanity.

Set 4

Tezuka checked the piece of note in his hand. He was looking for a certain book he needed in his Chemistry class. He checked each section he walked into and noticed the Science Section at the far end of the library.

"There it is," Tezuka mumbled to himself, sighing in relief. As he walked closer to the Science Section Area, he remembered Inui already having the book that he needed. He decided to call on Inui's phone to confirm if he was right.

Tezuka was one step closer to the Science Section Area when Inui answered at the other end of the line.

"I have the book,"

Tezuka didn't take one more step and retreated back to get his student passbook at the librarian's desk.

Set 5

"Outsiders are not allowed inside the school premise without permission," Fuji said as he re-do the buttoning of his disheveled shirt. Saeki zipped up his pants and picked up the belt lying on the floor.

"I know," Saeki replied as bent down to pick the bag of both him and Fuji's. Fuji stood in tiptoe in front of Saeki buttoning his shirt for him.

"You know your way out right?" Fuji grinned and gave Saeki a peck on his cheeks.

"Shouldn't you be more worried that having sexual activities inside the school premises are also not allowed?" Saeki questioned the smaller guy as he held the back of Fuji's head with his right hand. Saeki pulled Fuji's head closer to him and gave him a real kiss.

"Mou, Saeki, you make me want to do it again,"

Set 6

"Is this seat taken?" Fuji asked Tezuka once again having no choice at all since almost all of the tables are now occupied. Tezuka looked up to see Fuji, much to his dismay. Tezuka reluctantly fixes some of his scattered things on the table to give way to Fuji's "destructive tray". Fuji smiled at Tezuka's act and settled himself once more to the chair in front of Tezuka. The bespectacled boy continued doing his paper works on the table while chewing his croquette bread. Fuji stared at the guy in front of him and grinned.

"Really, he's much more stunning seeing him upfront," he mentally noted to himself taking a closer look at Tezuka's face. Tezuka was indeed handsome beyond compare, his cold, indifferent attitude adding more volume to his irresistible appeal. Fuji unconsciously licked his lips. Fuji leaned closer to Tezuka and whispered something on his ears.

"Ne, Tezuka are you taken?"