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Set 092

Fuji never knew that kissing can be quite adventurous, if not, difficult to obtain.

When he was with Saeki, Saeki gladly bends down to capture him in a fierce kiss. Saeki was always willing to bend down just so that he could reach Fuji's lips.

In short, Saeki was the giving type.

However, it was difficult in Tezuka's case.

Not only Tezuka is a bit taller than Saeki, Tezuka is also one stubborn man to begin with.

Fuji always finds it difficult to stand in tiptoe just so that he could reach Tezuka's lips.

Those kisses were short, brief and too casual.

Tezuka hardly ever bends down when they kiss, and if Fuji would clearly describe it, Tezuka was awkward whenever it happens.

Of course this frustrates the tensai.

But Fuji has plans to have his way.

Set 093

Tezuka looked at the small yet visible mark on Fuji's neck.

It didn't look like an ordinary insect bite or simple case of rash.

It was more of a…

"Is that a kiss mark?" Tezuka asked to himself as he suspiciously eyed the thing on Fuji's neck.

It would be too much uncomfortable to ask Fuji about it.

Asking about it could of course lead to some issues both of them chose to ignore over and over again.

Fuji seemed to be oblivious as he fixed Tezuka's tie while happily telling the conversation he had with Inui regarding some concoctions the latter had invented.

Tezuka bent down to have a closer look on the mark. Inevitably so, Fuji's broke into a huge grin as he pulled down the back of Tezuka's head and gave him a sweet intensifying kiss Tezuka never experienced before.

He blinked after comprehending what happened.

"Got you now," Fuji murmured his smile sending jolt on Tezuka's chest. And Tezuka bent down again to kiss Fuji.

Set 094

"I guess, I walked at the wrong place and at the wrong time huh," the guy murmured, pushing his glasses upward. Saeki eyed him warily, his clothes slightly askew. Fuji looked down as if the act itself would hide his face from humiliation.

The guy walked towards them and smiled. "You've found your lover?" Saeki gave a questioning look. "You—"

"I'm looking for Tezuka. This is III-A's booth, right?" Oshitari asked to confirm. Fuji flinched at the mention of the name.

"He's not here," Inui's voice came out, holding a frying pan. He then called Fuji to come towards him. The latter obliged and stood behind Inui.

"Where is he?" Oshitari asked.

"Somewhere around the faculty room, I sent him there for an order."

"I see, well then…thanks," Oshitari replied curtly and walked out of the scene leaving Saeki, Inui and Fuji to talk another matter.

"Fuji, resume your work," Inui said, his voice serious and his face unreadable. Fuji had a blank look on his face but chose to follow Inui than talk to Saeki.

"Fuji and I are still talking," Saeki complained, his eyes flashing directly at Inui. The latter was unfazed though, as he walked closer to Saeki.

"Fuji is not romantically involved with you," Inui spoke and Saeki was taken aback. The guy in front of him seemed to know more than he looked like.

"But I still love him," Saeki insisted.

"He loves someone else now," Inui answered.

"But that guy doesn't love him!" Saeki bellowed, his knuckles turning white from gripping the thing he was holding, a gift, apparently for Fuji. Inui sighed, his glasses reflecting the ray of the sunlight.

"Oh but he does. Tezuka does."

Set 095

"The sales are rapidly increasing by six percent every ten minutes. I can't believe how genius I really am," Inui said almost gloatingly. Tezuka looked at them from the counter.

"Inui take charge of the cashier. I'm going out there." Tezuka said as he looked darkly at the boy flirting with Fuji.

"Tezuka I'm the one in charge at the kitchen." Inui reasoned out obviously enjoying wearing the frilly apron Ishida made for him.

"Inui…" Tezuka said in a deep, threatening voice his eyes darted out on Fuji's figure. He spotted two, three, five…six man drooling over him.

Tezuka got out of the cashier's place. It only took one look for Oishi to stop him.

"What?" Tezuka said witheringly when Oishi blocked his way.

"Tezuka, put those knives on the kitchen."

Set 096

Fuji looked at the man sitting on the table with little interest.

"Why are you here?" he asked. Tezuka looked up to him.

"I'm a customer, basically."

Fuji narrowed his eyes but take his pen and paper.

"What's your order then?"

"Can I order a take out?" he asked, locking his eyes on Fuji's.

"Yes you can," Fuji replied shortly. Tezuka grabbed Fuji's hand that moment. Fuji visibly stiffened but chose to ignore it.

"What's your order?" Fuji asked, unperturbed.

"I want you."