Something silly to do to Aang.

Disclaimer: They lead better lives without me making them miserable as I'm about to do... Now.

30 Ways to Annoy Aang

1. Call him a sissy.

2. Draw eyes on his eyelids in permanent ink when he's asleep.

3. Slap his butt at random yelling, "YEE-HA".

4. Show him pictures of Zuko kissing Katara.

5. Spy on him and make owl noises.

6. Burn his staff and blame it on Zuko.

7. Teel him Momo's manlier than he is.

8. Ask him if he needs to pee. In French.

9. Paint your face bright blue and scare him at night.

10. Paint his arrow tattoo pink.

11. Exchange his clothes with Toph's.

12. Bribe Zuko to kiss Katara in front of Aang.

13. Offer him a chilli dog at regular intervals.

14. Dance a war-dance around him while he sleeps, chanting "boohoohahah".

15. Tell Toph Aang is in love with her.

16. Tell Katara Aang let Momo tear her clothes.

17. Roast Momo on a spit.

18. Lose Appa.

19. Put ants in his pants.

20. Replace his clothes with shirts and shorts bearing the Pizza Hut logo.

21. Give him an onion for his birthday.

22. Peel it and make him cry in front of everyone on Avatar Day.

23. Name a porcupine after him.

24. Buy him a hairpiece for his 'receding hairline'.

25. Paint his face black and white like a skunk.

26. Shoot him with a catapult.

27. On the butt.

28. Stuff oranges down his shirt and take him to buy a bra.

29. Dump ice cold water on him for no reason.

30. Attack him with a spoon.